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Mobile Den and Micros Media Release


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Gruden and MICROS Australia are pleased to announce the official launch of Mobile Den, a digital retail platform and integrated tool for retail brands to link digital customer loyalty campaigns and mobile payments directly with their retail operations.

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Mobile Den and Micros Media Release

  1. 1. Mobile Den and Micros Media Release New digital platform transforms retail marketing  Launch of Australia’s first digital retail platform with web, mobile and point-of-sale integration  Guzman Y Gomez (GYG) and Starbucks Australia first adopters  Starbucks Australia app wins at 2013 Australian Mobile Awards Gruden and MICROS Australia today announced the launch of Mobile Den, an integrated tool for retail brands to link digital customer loyalty campaigns and mobile payments directly with their retail operations. An Australian industry first, the platform will enable retailers – initially Quick Service Restaurants – to roll out branded mobile and web apps that connect directly with MICROS point-of-sale (POS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Mobile Den is the result of a partnership between Sydney-headquartered digital agency Gruden and enterprise-level technology solutions provider MICROS, and was developed on ground breaking Australian projects for Starbucks Australia and Guzman Y Gomez (GYG). GYG initially used Mobile Den to digitise its card-based GOMEX loyalty program, embedding the function directly into the GYG app for iOS. GYG customers can now scan their phones at the MICROS point-of-sale terminal throughout all stores to earn customer rewards and keep track of loyalty points. With a growing loyalty base, GYG will soon launch mobile ordering within its iOS app. GYG customers will be able to avoid busy queues by ordering and paying in advance using the app. Starbucks Australia has used Mobile Den to trial its unique ‘digital wallet’ and customer loyalty initiative. It allows customers to set up and charge their account directly via the Starbucks app and pay at the counter of Starbucks Australia stores using their smartphone. This app also allows customers to collect loyalty points for future use and it recently won the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards for Online Shopping and Payments. Designed and perfected over the past 18 months, Mobile Den offers an extremely cost effective and quick to market solution for restaurant chains using MICROS or brands looking to implement new systems. Gruden CEO Todd Trevillion said: “The retail and hospitality industries have generally been late adopters when it comes to harnessing the power of digital. Thanks to our partnership with MICROS, we are now able to offer a revolutionary new platform that will help brands connect with their customers in new and exciting ways. “We’ve put the hard yards in at the outset to develop a product that can now be implemented in six to eight weeks – something we think is a compelling offering for the industry. With Starbucks Australia and Guzman Y Gomez already on board, and with many more known brands
  2. 2. under development, we look forward to evolving the platform further with more of Australia’s favourite F&B brands.” While MICROS develops the POS and CRM system integration, which looks after the back-of- house operations, Gruden’s digital expertise offers core features that enable brands to deliver a comprehensive digital experience for customers on both online and mobile. These include GPS mapping, digital menus, augmented reality features, gaming, integrated social media, and publishing options. Brands will also be able to reach out to customers directly with unique and engaging marketing campaigns through mobile push notifications and alerts – creating a new form of direct marketing. As a white label product, Mobile Den can be set-up in a fraction of the time it would take to develop a new integrated retail marketing platform. Managing Director of MICROS Australia, Christopher Adams said: “Mobile Den is based on two market-leading sets of competencies: our back-end system knowledge and Gruden’s digital expertise. MICROS offers an open platform that allows us to deliver the innovative solutions our customers require. Mobile Den adds a new element to the mix, offering retail and hospitality brands the ability to provide a fully integrated engaging and exciting mobile and online experience, which links directly to customers paying at the till. It’s a unique proposition that helps brands wanting to roll out digital marketing strategies quickly, effectively and on a major scale. “It’s a first for MICROS Australia and it’s the future of retail marketing.” Core Features of Mobile Den:  Digital Loyalty Cards – tightly integrated into Loyalty / POS  Mobile Ordering – orders integrated to POS  Points / Purchase History – showing last transactions and points accrued  Offers / Promotions – Push targeted promotions / offers, location based  Digital Wallet / Charge & Gift Card – top up via CC payment and make payments  News and information – news and video content  Store Locator – nearby and all store contact details  Social Media Integration – Share on social channels and see brands feeds & comment  Augmented Reality – Advertising, marketing and gaming platform  Loyalty Gaming Engine – Game with points and win (scratch’n’win)  Passbook Able – Easily integrate with Passbook and emerging wallets Source: