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Neusource operational control


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How we Control Our operations at Neusource

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Neusource operational control

  1. 1. Project Management : The Neusource WayTarget: Controlling Operations
  2. 2. How we MeasureQuantifying the Assignments & Determining Statuses
  3. 3. Content Layout1. Workflow at Neusource2. Control Mechanism - Instructions & Information3. Why it is Important for our clients & us4. How it improves our control over assignments5. Operational Hierarchy within Neusource6. Results being delivered
  4. 4. Workflow at Neusource MarketingOur workflow consists of all logical sequence of connectedsteps in different processes within every Project at Client Scan desk ServiceNeusource. This concept is implemented to removeoverlapping tasks of single resource. Emphasis is given on Workthe flow paradigm, where each step follows the precedent Flow Accounts Operationswithout delay or gap and ends just before the subsequentstep may begin. For control purposes, workflow may be HRviewed as virtual representation of actual workload.
  5. 5. Work Flow at NeusourceAs far as Execution is concerned our workflow takes care of  Apportioning Assignments to different Managers  Job disintegration to Executives at different client locations  Real time Status update on different assignments, activities to clients/ Control office at neusource  Automatic transfer of jobs to subordinates  Calculation of efforts & efficiency putted on jobs
  6. 6. Workflow Control Vs Management Control reducing process variation & enhancing predictable outcomesWork flow control is considered as Management Control aims tooperational controls at Neusource. It accomplish organizational objective &aims at achieve maximum client satisfactioncontrolling, directing, monitoring & through;measuring; V s Operational processes  Fast communication of Instructions Operational Cost  Timely Decisions Organizations resources  Thorough Analysis of reports Resource efficiency  Timely feedback
  7. 7. Instructions & InformationCrux of whole Neusource Operations Control lies in these 2 words; Instructions Information
  8. 8. Instructions & InformationAppropriate Instructions comes from accurate & timely Information.Information comes from appropriate follow-up of Instructions.We believe that “Digital Internal Communication”is key to “Client Satisfaction”
  9. 9. Why workflow is Important for ourclients & usIncreased Control over AssignmentsReal Time Reporting of Resource PerformanceDatabase of Inputs & OutputsDigital trail of CommunicationAnalyzing unproductive activitiesTime bound Execution of Project Descriptions
  10. 10. How it improves our control overassignments
  11. 11. Operational Hierarchy within NeusourceSenior Manager Manager Executive ClientAssignment distribution Planning to execute Performing Activities in Observing status of & Management Assignments Due Time AssignmentsGuiding to Managers on Guiding to Executives on Taking Guidance from Observing status of problems in operation problems in Activities Manager Activities Generating ComplaintQC of Done Assignments QC of Done Activities Reporting Daily Progress Tickets Recreating repeated Control overdue Commenting on Assignments Assignments Progress of AssignmentsControl on Client Visit of Control over daily report Managers of Executives Coordinating for inputs with clients
  12. 12. Operational Flow: Our Control Mechanism Project Assigned to Client Service ClientRequirement Disintegrate Project intoAnalysis Team Assignment Client Assign Sr. Service Manager & Controlling Project Outcomes Sr. Assign Manager & Manager Controlling Assignment Manager Activity transfer to Executive
  13. 13. Reporting Flow Weekly Assessment of All operations Team Visit Report of •Assignments Progress Managers •Client Comments •Comment on Executives •Executive Team Results Daily Report of •Comment on •Co-ordination issues Executives Assignments •Activity Progress •Client Comments •Time Involved
  14. 14. Changes we ExperiencedA step forward towards organizational goals...
  15. 15. Results being delivered Better Fine Lower Staff Increased Online Analysis of Control System of efforts & Client Attendance Trendsover Staffs Reporting Cost Satisfaction
  16. 16. Planning for next level … Attendance Single task Automatic break- through biometric assignment forup of Assignments machine at all executives at a remote locations time Making SOP for Executions Reducing each Individual through Inbuilt discretionary jobs Activity Software at all levels standardizedAutomatic (Mail/ Removing SMS) Alerts to Auto Circulation Unproductive Executives & of MIS Activities at all Client levels
  17. 17. When Technology meets requirementChange brings positive results