Trovebox Entry Level Offering


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Trovebox Entry Level Offering

  1. 1. Platform SaaSEntry Level Model
  2. 2. SaaS Entry Level Fee• 12 month term• $10,000 / month• Total of $120,000
  3. 3. Restricted Users• Up to 500,000• Upload capability of 50 high res photos• Similar to “free” account for consumers
  4. 4. Unrestricted Users• Up to 8,000• Unlimited high res photo uploads• Token based sharing• Privacy settings• Public / private access to high res photos• Ability to hide a user’s site from search engines• Fuzzing of geolocation accuracy based on EXIF from photos
  5. 5. Upgradable Features• 3rd party imports• Facebook, Flickr & Instagram• Google Analytics/Adwords support• Custom top level domain• Not included in entry level package• Upgrading applies these features toUnrestricted users
  6. 6. Powered by Trovebox** required in entry level offering• Due to IP value around the Troveboxbrand, the entry level offering woulddisplay “Powered by Trovebox”• Branding can be removed for anadditional negotiated fee
  7. 7. Non-recurring Engineering• Integration includes new modules,custom APIs and UI adaptation tocustomer’s brand• Typical costs are $50,400• Average timeline is 2 months