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Diseño 02---herramienta


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Desarrollo de productos

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Diseño 02---herramienta

  1. 1. Emprendimiento y Diseño Herramientas de Diseño Jairo Rodríguez Mera HIBtools Herramientas
  2. 2. Herramientas de Diseño Emprendimiento y Diseño [Osterwalder (2004) The Business Model Ontology]
  3. 3. El cambio es el proceso por el cual el futuro invade nuestras vidas -> Alvin Toffler
  4. 4. Primero que todo: cuales son SUS preocupaciones?
  5. 5. what are YOUR biggest issues and fears you face in strategic management today?
  6. 6. where do YOU see the largest opportunities to improve strategic management today?
  7. 7. sus expectativas para hoy?
  8. 8. Que es innovacion?
  9. 9. Digame algo de la mas importante innovacion que usted conozca
  10. 10. tipos de innovacion?
  11. 11. technology innovation
  12. 12. process innovation
  13. 13. product & service innovation
  14. 14. business model innovation
  15. 15. four rings of innovation business model innovation product & service innovation process innovation technology innovation
  16. 16. which one of your examples qualify as business model innovation?
  17. 17. “Business model innovation matters” and it is a top priority of CEOs
  18. 18. Operating Margin Growth in Excess of Competitive Peers compound annual growth rate over five years [Source: IBM, CEOs are expanding the innovation horizon: important implications for CIOs]
  19. 19. Benefits Cited by Business Model Innovators percent of respondents [Source: IBM, Global CEO Study 2006]
  20. 20. some examples
  21. 21. NetJets: Fractional Ownership
  22. 22. Peer-to-Peer lending
  23. 23. Bellum Concepts
  24. 24. why talk about business models?
  25. 25. how do you describe a business model?
  26. 26. without a common language
  27. 27. how do you communicate a business model?
  28. 28. 1% Strategy 18% 300% Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Cras in tortor. Sed posuere erat. Maecenas pulvinar nulla eu magna. Vivamus semper, risus ut egestas pulvinar, lectus ante feugiat quam, sit amet congue odio lacus ac ipsum. Aliquam suscipit, est ut volutpat vulputate, nulla felis pulvinar libero, non ornare libero ipsum tristique tortor. Fusce sed lorem vitae justo feugiat malesuada. Donec aliquet. Vivamus semper eros nec diam. Vivamus sem arcu, imperdiet nec, congue ac, scelerisque vel, nulla. Donec et mauris. Integer a nulla vulputate pede consequat euismod. Praesent molestie urna nec leo. Proin eros. Maecenas ac sem nec dui sodales tempus. Maecenas suscipit egestas velit. Suspendisse vel tortor. Proin imperdiet, sem nec aliquet ultrices, nunc est egestas eros, non hendrerit magna eros eget augue. Maecenas sed leo vitae leo faucibus vulputate. Proin dignissim eros at augue. Text Text Nam luctus nulla non nibh. Nam at lorem ac mauris laoreet viverra. In placerat consequat nunc. Donec rhoncus nunc ac urna. Integer vestibulum condimentum orci. Fusce velit turpis, malesuada quis, scelerisque ut, eleifend vitae, ipsum. Vestibulum eu erat. Vestibulum justo nisl, tincidunt et, semper vel, tristique quis, eros. Vestibulum tempus, massa vel consectetuer congue, erat magna consequat purus, a facilisis orci nibh vitae purus. Nam tincidunt venenatis ligula. Nunc orci nulla, ornare quis, lobortis viverra, dapibus at, turpis. Suspendisse sit amet nisl at enim tincidunt blandit. Curabitur augue est, suscipit sed, egestas sit amet, vehicula vitae, tellus. Maecenas nec metus vel nisi interdum pellentesque. Text Development plan • Quisque augue felis, commodo a, elementum id, faucibus id, sem. Aenean rutrum enim. Praesent pulvinar dignissim nisl. Cras a nunc. Donec tincidunt odio sit amet lacus. Pellentesque metus tortor, ullamcorper vitae, lobortis vel, euismod in, mi. Ut laoreet, tellus laoreet blandit mollis, massa purus posuere purus, quis molestie ligula massa eu metus. Duis placerat, nulla sit amet ornare interdum, neque nunc mollis leo, vitae porttitor mi orci sit amet neque. Donec at enim. In facilisis tellus gravida ligula. Phasellus ut lorem. Pellentesque ac tortor eget augue suscipit ullamcorper. Aenean eleifend porta orci. • Etiam at arcu. Vestibulum lacinia nunc in eros. Suspendisse potenti. Aliquam erat volutpat. Donec gravida. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Maecenas vel enim et metus semper fringilla. Donec ornare arcu. Maecenas faucibus ligula convallis nibh. Mauris dui quam, congue eu, commodo nec, tristique in, enim. Nulla auctor semper urna. Quisque a elit eu purus iaculis vestibulum. Aliquam dictum risus at odio. Fusce at lorem et elit faucibus placerat. Aenean velit. Proin elit odio, blandit et, scelerisque quis, pulvinar a, dui. Nunc magna dolor, bibendum ut, accumsan congue, tincidunt sit amet, neque. Proin consequat tincidunt lacus. In urna dui, congue nec, tincidunt sit amet, facilisis imperdiet, lorem. • Morbi sed nibh. Vivamus vitae dolor. Ut bibendum volutpat mi. Pellentesque quis magna non lectus elementum pretium. Aliquam quis est vitae arcu consequat fringilla. Cras magna risus, placerat eget, egestas consectetuer, ornare vel, felis. Nam ornare justo id orci mattis ultricies. Morbi luctus. Ut pretium odio ac libero. Nunc sollicitudin pharetra lorem. Aenean scelerisque, lacus eget ullamcorper scelerisque, ipsum urna viverra mi, eget viverra quam eros eget velit. Ut lacinia feugiat purus. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Etiam nunc nisl, aliquam blandit, luctus id, commodo laoreet, sem. Phasellus sit amet orci ut sapien vulputate pellentesque. Pellentesque dapibus purus et quam. Nam sit amet magna in neque dignissim sodales. Aenean non justo nec magna lobortis volutpat. 12% Words through inappropriate means
  29. 29. Ok Here Here CEOs 10° Managers 60° Staff 360°
  30. 30. how do you implement a business model?
  31. 31. with outdated methods
  32. 32. how do you measure the success of a business model?
  33. 33. we don’t
  34. 34. how do you change a business model and innovate?
  35. 35. we re-invent the wheel
  36. 36. what is a business model?
  37. 37. business model framework INFRASTRUCTURE PARTNER NETWORK CORE CAPABILITIES OFFER CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS VALUE PROPOSITION ACTIVITY CONFIGURATION COST STRUCTURE CUSTOMER CUSTOMER SEGMENTS DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS FINANCE REVENUE STREAMS a business model describes the value an organization offers to various customers and portrays the capabilities and partners required for creating, marketing, and delivering this value and relationship capital with the goal of generating profitable and sustainable revenue streams [Osterwalder (2004) The Business Model Ontology]
  38. 38. the process of designing innovative business models
  39. 39. the focus of the business model innovator & designer
  40. 40. user-centered
  42. 42. Nokia: Jan Chipchase
  43. 43. creativity & exploration
  44. 44. Googleplex
  45. 45. 70:20:10
  46. 46. API
  48. 48. continuous innovation
  49. 49. interdisciplinary approach
  50. 50. Grameen Phone Bangladesh
  51. 51. Grameen Bank customer relationships telecom operators micro-credit village telephony mobile telephony activity configuration phone ladies villager source of revenue Grameen Bank (billing) phone ladies billing telecom infrastructure mobile phone revenues
  52. 52. holistic design
  53. 53. Apple iTunes & iPod
  54. 54. content producers lifestyle brand hardware suppliers hardware & softw. dev. prod. & softw. design iPod iBook e-commerce multimedia rights mgmt content Apple stores dealer network multimedia downloads iTunes brand management hardware distribution content distribution hardware revenues cost structure multimedia revenues “high-end” consumer
  55. 55. strategic fit
  56. 56. the you know
  57. 57. Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3)
  58. 58. customer relationships partners product selection content management selling stuff on the Web mass customer warehousing & distribution Amazon S3 Internet API Web2.0 companies data services A9 product search Internet e-commerce sites distribution product search data grid selling stuff IT infra data storage fees marketing search engine revenues
  59. 59. the business modeler’s toolbox
  60. 60. co-creation
  61. 61. ideation
  62. 62. visualization
  63. 63. prototyping
  64. 64. the design process
  65. 65. 1. identify interdisciplinary stakeholders -> set-up team
  66. 66. do you have to get the IT team out of their cubicles?
  67. 67. 2. understand (business) environment –> frame problem
  69. 69. 3. suspend reality -> ideate
  70. 70. 4. bring back reality -> prototype
  71. 71. 5. chose suitable design -> decide
  72. 72. 6. sketch out projects & workload -> draw implementation plan
  73. 73. Area Value Proposition Distribution Channels … Project name Estimated workload Project V1 10 man/days Project V2 120 man/days Project C1 38 man/days
  74. 74. 7. outline key indicators to follow -> choose measures
  75. 75. Area Value Proposition Distribution Channels … Project name Estimated workload Project V1 10 man/days Project V2 120 man/days Project C1 38 man/days KPI (measure) Target level
  76. 76. 8. select the right teams and people -> make responsible
  77. 77. Area Value Proposition Distribution Channels … KPI (measure) Target level Project name Estimated workload Project V1 10 man/days Mr. Jan Project V2 120 man/days Ms. Tee Project C1 38 man/days leader
  78. 78. 9. execute the plan -> manage implementation & change
  79. 79. 10. evaluate, learn and redesign -> manage improvement
  80. 80. designing blue oceans
  81. 81. > market boundaries are not given > they are reconstructed by the actions & beliefs of industry players
  82. 82. RED OCEAN BLUE OCEAN • compete in existing markets • create uncontested markets • beat the competition • make competition irrelevant • explore existing demand • create & capture new demand • make the value/cost trad-off • break value/cost trad-off • align with differentiation OR low cost • align with differentiation AND low cost
  83. 83. differentiate your value proposition
  84. 84. working definition value proposition • a customer value proposition gives an overall view of a company's bundle of products, services and client advice. • it is the sum of the total benefits a customer is promised to receive in return for a payment (or other value transfer)
  85. 85. group warm-up what are the 5 most important competitive attributes that characterize a game console’s offer? (e.g. price, performance, design) attribute 2 e.g. price attribute 1 e.g. performance
  86. 86. 5 attributes 1 2 1. most important attribute 2. second most important 3. … 4. … 3 4 -
  87. 87. 1. … 2. … 3. … 4. … 5. …
  88. 88. draw a value proposition bank’s performance 5 - high 3 - medium 1 - low [Kim & Mauborgne (2002) Charting Your Company's Future]
  89. 89. live Excel
  90. 90. eliminate raise reduce create
  91. 91. strong & valuable approach, but limited view
  93. 93. examples
  94. 94. Goldcorp “geology prize” 500’000 $US exploiting mines CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS CUSTOMER SEGMENTS mining research DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS low costs through open exploration REVENUE STREAMS Goldcorp publicly shared all of its geological data and offered US$ 500’000 in prizes for determining where they might find the next 6 million ounces of gold
  95. 95. from copyright to creative commons
  96. 96. Skype “eBay” deliver voice & video quality website free VoIP & value added services global (non segmented) software development internet software development large scale low margin free voice-over-IP VoIP telephony & value-added services
  97. 97. 1291 Cityhomes low-cost hotel/rental in New York City young curious Swiss CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS apartment owners keep down costs renting out rooms low cost accommodation New York DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS find demand low cost rents the cost sensible
  98. 98. Tecnovate “import” young curious Europeans to India to work keep down costs ACTIVITY CONFIGURATION low cost CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS low-cost multilingual call center outsourcing DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS European corporations REVENUE STREAMS business process outsourcing “up-side down” in India
  99. 99. Netflix independent films large movie database ACTIVITY CONFIGURATION COST STRUCTURE profile (niche) movies over the Internet specialized clientele Web REVENUE STREAMS online movie rental (with large niche movie database)
  100. 100. from bloated head to the long tail
  101. 101. Alexander Osterwalder, PhD
  102. 102. all photos from Flickr under a creative commons license authors indicated in comment page of ppt
  103. 103. we co-create Nobody knows your business environment better than yourself. We co-design your strategic vision by building on your knowledge. Through group thinking we find the right answers to the right questions together we operationalize Having a great vision is not sufficient - implementation counts. We help you reconcile long term views with short term actions. We make strategy everyone's job by translating it into pragmatic and prioritized projects. we manage change Change does not happen accidentally it has to be managed. We help you align strategy, people and processes with respect to your organizational culture and values. we build knowledge When you stop learning, you stop competing. We scan the knowledge universe for you, across disciplines and industries. We transfer the best methods, tools and theory in business to your organization. we connect Specific problems require specific skills that you do not necessarily dispose of in-house. Through our interdisciplinary network we connect you with leading domain experts.
  104. 104. BIENVENIDOS al CLUB de los que QUIEREN CAMBIAR el MUNDO! 
  105. 105. Jairo Rodríguez Mera