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varanasi to hwh

  1. 1. RAIL RESERVATION SERVICEElectronic Reservation SlipRAILRESERVATIONSERVICEElectronicReservationSlip• This E-Ticket Will only be valid along with an ID proof. If found traveling without IDProof, Passenger will be treated as without ticket and charged as per extant Railway rules.• This E-Ticket Will only be valid along with an ID proof. If found traveling without IDProof, Passenger will be treated as without ticket and charged as per extant Railway rules.Transaction ID:200303333PNR No :2633688427Train No. & Name:2382 / POORVAEXPRESSDate of Journey:06/04/2010Class:SLDate of Boarding:06/04/2010From:VARANASI JN (BSB)To :HOWRAH JN (HWH)
  2. 2. Note: Departure time printed on the ERS is liable to change. New time table from 01-Nov-2009Passenger details
  3. 3. Sl NoNameAgeSexConcessionCodeStatus /Coach /Seat /Berth1SMUKHERJEE62MaleSRCTZNCONFIRM/S5 / 8 /Side_Upper2MMUKHERJEE50FemaleCONFIRM/S5 / 5 /Middle3TCHAKRABORTY24FemaleCONFIRM/S5 /24 /Side_Upper4MCHAKRABORTY28
  4. 4. Service Charges• IRCTC service charge:- Rs 10.00• Agents charge (in addition to IRCTC service charges) Rs.10/- for Second / Sleeper classper ticket and Rs. 20/- for higher class per ticketImportant• New time table will be effected from 01-Nov-2009. Departure time printed in ERSis liable to change. Customers are requested to check with Railway enquiry• Any one of the passengers booked on this ticket MUST present any of the five identitycards mentioned below in original, and the same shall be accepted as proof of identity:a) Voters Identity Cardb) Passportc) PAN Cardd) Driving Licencee) Photo Identity Cards issued by Central / State Government• It will be the responsibility of the passenger carrying any one proof of identificationmentioned above that all the other passengers booked on the same e-ticket are bonafidepassengers and are not travelling on someone else’s name.• If none of the passengers is carrying any one of the proof of identity as mentioned above,the passengers will be treated as travelling without ticket and shall be charged accordingly.• The accommodation booked is not transferable and is valid only if one of the ID card notedabove is presented during the journey. The passenger should carry with him the ElectronicReservation Slip print out. In case the passenger does not carry the electronic reservationslip, a charge of Rs.50/- per ticket shall be recovered by the ticket checking staff and anexcess fare ticket will be issued in lieu of that.• In case e-ticket is booked through an agent, please contact respective agent forcancellations.• Just dial 139 from your landline, Mobile and CDMA phones for railway enquiries. Contact us on:- 022-40996000, 022-23457000 or Mail To: railbooking@akbartravels.inOther Instructions• E-ticket passenger is permitted in the train against a berth/seat only when his name appears in the reservation chartfailing which he can be treated as a passenger traveling without ticket.• E-ticket cannot be cancelled after chart preparation through internet.• If train is cancelled, E-ticket can be cancelled through internet by the user upto 3 days from the date of departure ofthe train.• The compartment/cabin/coupe numbers for first ACC and first class will be allotted at the time of chart preparation.• For Train No. 2901 / 2902 (Gujarat Mail), Coach No. S2 to S6 will be attached / detached at Dadar.
  5. 5. ATO Ref# AO32522