Pan American Development Foundation Haiti..Adarsh Kumar Jain


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Pan American Development Foundation Haiti..Adarsh Kumar Jain

  1. 1. The Pan American Development Foundation, 1889 "F" Street N.W., 2nd Floor Washington, D.C. 20006. Tel: +1-888-624-3128, Fax: +1 702 674 4343Name ADARSH KUMAR JAINAgreement Date: 15.06.2010Resumption Date: 06.07.2010Designation: PROJECT MANAGEMENT/OPERATIONS.
  2. 2. Salary: $17,500(Seventeen thousand five hundred United States Dollars) This is to certify that the Pan American Development Foundation Haiti.Has hired the above named person. In Haiti for a Five (5) years contract.You are therefore required to print out the last page of this employment bond, fillthe gaps, sign and attach a copy of your passport size photograph on the spacegiven, scan and send a copy back to us for Notarization of your appointment. All non US resident employees are expected to procure a Criminal HistoryRecord (CRH) / Police certificate, from the United States FBI /Criminal Justiceoffice of the United States Federal Bureau of investigation department of Justicehere in the United Sates by department of Justice to expedite the procurement oftheir work visa from the US Immigration Service by employer on behalf of theemployee for this is an indisputable policy of the American Government migratorylaw and it’s also in line with sub-section 12.3 Article11.42 of the Pan AmericanDevelopment Foundation Haiti. Constitutional policy and code of conduct,which you must ad here to. In conclusion, this will go a long way to enable theCompany prove to the US government that you are of good character and thatyou have never been convicted for any criminal offence in the US or elsewhere. Furthermore, it is also pertinent that you procure your Police certificate, as youwill be coming in contact with vulnerable adults and Children alike during yourservice in Haiti. On the presentation of your Police Certificate, the company shall subsequentlyreimburse you any amount spent in the process and send you your visa, flightticket, work and resident permit papers. Your two-month’s upfront salary will alsobe sent to you as well as other entitlements to enable you take care of your localexpenses before embarking on your trip to the US.All recently hired employees who do not reside in the US at present and who donot possess a valid US work and resident permit are advised to present theirCriminal History Record (CRH) / Police certificate, from the United States FBI/Criminal Justice office of the United States Federal Bureau of investigationdepartment of Justice here in the United Sates on or before the 24 of June 2010,through the assistance of the below office:Contact Name: William CypherDesignation: Senior RegistrarE-mail: OR
  3. 3. Employer shall employ employee for a period of five (5) years from theeffective date hereof. This letter agreement shall be automatically renewed forsuccessive additional One (1) year term unless notice of termination is given inwriting by either party to the other party at least thirty (30) days prior to theexpiration of the initial term or any such renewal term. Personal interview will not be conducted for we develop individuals through aportfolio of training and development courses, which is designed to help make thebest of your abilities and talents. We also have an active program of in-housetraining, as well as external training for all our Medical Doctors and otheremployees occupying delicate positions, which last for two months before thecommencement of duty-personal interview may also be necessary.Employee shall hold the title appointed to him/her and shall perform suchservices regarding the operations of Employer as are appropriate for the positionand as the Board of Directors, or senior management, may from time to timerequest.The Company reserves the right to assign you to duties of a different natureeither additional to or instead of those referred to above, it being understood thatyou will not be assigned duties which you cannot reasonably perform.Employee shall at all time faithfully, with diligence, and to the best of his ability,experience and talents, perform all the duties that may be required of and fromhim pursuant to the terms of this letter agreement. In consideration of the work and other services that Employee performs forPan American Development Foundation Haiti. An American Green Card andmuch more. Plus respect for a job well done Hereunder, Pan AmericanDevelopment Foundation Haiti. Shall pay Employee the following: (a) SALARY: ($17,500) your salary will be paid on a monthly basis. You willbe entitled to commission to be paid on a monthly basis one month in arrears,specific details on quota targets and achievement incentives will be as discussedwith your manager and as provided separately in a Sales Incentive Plan.Salary payments will be made on the (26th) twenty-sixth day of each month.Performance reviews will be carried out once in a 2 month period; The firstmonthly salary shall be paid in advance before employee embarks on journey toassume duty, this is to enable employee settle all domestic needs localexpenditures incurred as a result of readiness before travel, as no excuses will beentertained on assumption of duty relating to default.
  4. 4. This is in accordance with the United States of America Union expatriateFinancial Statutory law. (b) ACCOMODATION: Pan American Development Foundation Haiti. hasprovided a suitable Accommodation in the forms of self content (applying tosingle employees) and family sized accommodations (in the case of marriedemployees) in the Pan American Development Foundation Haiti. ResidentialEstates. Services of Chauffeurs, gardeners, stewards and butlers are availableupon request by employees at the expense of Pan American DevelopmentFoundation Haiti. Privacy rights are strictly observed and will “NOT BEVIOLATED”. (c) AUTO ALLOWANCE: Employee is entitled to an official car in addition tothe monthly allowance; Employer shall pay $7,020 per month for Employees useof his personal automobile on behalf of Employer. Such auto allowance shall bepayable in accordance with Employers normal payroll policies, not subject towithholding for federal income tax, and local taxes; (d) INSURANCE: Employer will provide Employee with life insurancecoverage, Hospitalization and major medical insurance at no cost to theEmployee. Such Employees dependants may be covered under such insurancepolicy, subject to the terms of such policy, at the expense of Employer. (e) HOURS OF WORK: Your normal hours of work are 40 hours in a five-dayweek exclusive of lunch breaks. The core office hours are 8.30am to 6.00pm,however the times are negotiable with your manager. You may be required towork additional hours from time to time. The Working Time Regulations 1998 ("the Regulations") impose a limit onthe hours which employees can be required to work, and this limit is a maximumof 48 hours over a 7 day period, averaged over 17 weeks. The Regulations give some workers entitlement to rest breaks. Certainparts of the Regulations may not apply to certain workers or workers in specialcircumstances. Unless you are a worker who is not covered by or who is excludedfrom the Regulations or some parts or provisions of the Regulations, you will havethe following entitlements:(i) An entitlement to 11 hours rest between each working day;(ii) An entitlement to 24 hours rest in each 7-days period;(iii) An entitlement to an uninterrupted break of 20 minutes rest if youwork continuously for more than 6 hours (it is likely that this will be covered byyour lunch break).
  5. 5. We expect you to take the rest breaks to which you are entitled. If for any reasonyou encounter any difficulty in taking your rest breaks, you should contact theHuman Resources department immediately.You must obtain the consent of the Chief Executive officer and President beforeyou become engaged or employed in, or provide services to, any other businessor Organization. Even if you obtain such consent, you must only work such hourswith all employers so that you enjoy all entitlements you may have under theRegulations.In addition to statutory public and bank holidays, you are entitled to 22 workingdays annual holiday in each calendar year, paid at your normal basic rate of paysuch vacations/holidays shall be taken at such time, or times, as shall not bedisruptive to the business of Employer. Scheduling shall be accomplished with theExecutive Committee.Employer will pay for travel expenses (flight tickets) and travel allowances ofemployee.Vacations/holidays must be requested using the Companys official holidayrequest form that must be properly authorized and then handed to HumanResources for filing.With the exception of an employee taking maternity or parental leave, anemployee on unpaid leave of absence does not accrue holiday during any suchperiod. An employee must work more than half the days in a month to be eligiblefor holiday to be accrued in that month.If you are from work due to sickness or other medical incapacity the Companywill continue to pay your normal salary ("N.G.O Sick Pay"). Your entitlement toN.G.O. sick pays increases with length of service and is subject to yourcompliance with the Company’s sickness reporting procedures set out below.COMPANY sick pay entitlement in any period of 12 months is as follows:Length of Service Company Sick Pay Entitlement (Workingdays)----------------------------------------------------------------------Less than 1 year5 days1-3 years10 days3-5years 15days5 years and above20 daysThereafter you will be entitled to statutory sick pay subject to the normal limits.
  6. 6. To qualify for sick pay a COMPANY certification form must support any period ofabsence. For periods of absence of 5 working days or more, medical certificationfrom your GP must be provided.If your attendance is unsatisfactory because of frequent or continuous sickabsence, whether medically or self-certified, your suitability for continuedemployment may be reviewed. No payments will be made in respect of periods ofunauthorized absence from work.You must ensure that the COMPANY is informed by telephone as early aspossible on the first working day of your illness. The COMPANY printed sicknessform should be completed and sent to the Human Resources Director no laterthan 7 days after the first day of absence due to illness.It is your responsibility to notify the COMPANY at the earliest opportunity of theanticipated duration of absence and in the case of a longer term absence, it isyour responsibility to ensure that the COMPANY is kept informed at least once aweek of your progress and likely date of your return. Employee acknowledges that in the course of employment by Employer,Employee will receive certain trade secrets, confidential information belonging tothe Employer/patient, which Employer/patient desires to protect as confidential. For the purposes of this Agreement, the term "confidential information" shallmean information of any nature and in any form which at the time is notgenerally known to those persons engaged in business similar to that conductedby Employer. Employee agrees that such information is confidential and will notreveal such information to anyone other than officers, directors and employees ofEmployer. Upon termination of employment, for any reason, Employee shallsurrender all papers, documents and other property of Employer. Sub 1: Employer may terminate employment of Employee under this letteragreement if any of the following occur:(a) The death of Employee; or(b) The Employee breaches any material provision of this agreement; or(c) For a period of 120 days or more in any period of 6 consecutive months beincapable of performing your duties hereunder by reason of ill health or otherincapacity (whether accidental or otherwise); or(d) The Employee fails, or refuses to perform any job duty resulting in substantialprejudice to employers business interests; or
  7. 7. (e) Be guilty of continuing unsatisfactory conduct or poor performance ofyour duties, after having received a written warning from the Company relating tothe same.In the event of a termination for cause pursuant to the provisions of this letteragreement, Employer shall give a written statement to Employee specifying theevent causing such termination, and the termination will be immediatelyeffective.Any delay by the Company in asserting its rights under these provisions does notconstitute a waiver.However, any of the provisions of this agreement relating to activities andconduct after the termination of the employment relationship between Employerand Employee shall remain in full force and effect, and is enforceable.Sub 2. In the event that Employer elects to terminate Employee fromemployment prior to the expiration of a One (1) year initial term, or renewalterm, of this Agreement for any reason other than termination for cause asexpressly provided for in (Sub1.) then, and in that event, Employer shall pay toEmployee, on the effective date of such termination, the following compensation:(1) A lump sum payment equal to six (6) months base salary.(2) A lump sum payment equal to six (6) months automobile allowance.(3) Shall continue the payment of premiums for Hospitalization and majormedical insurance for the lesser period of either three (3) months or the date onwhich Employee secures full time employment that affords equivalent medicalcoverage. You will be required to comply with the requirements of the Health and Safetyat Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work(Amendment) Regulations 1994 to take responsible care of yourself and otherpersons who may be affected by your acts or omissions at work. You must notmisuse or intentionally interfere with anything provided in the interests of healthand safety. You are required to devote your full time, attention and abilities to your jobduties during working hours, and to act in the best interests of the COMPANY atall times. You must not, without the written consent of the COMPANY, be in anyway directly or indirectly engaged or concerned in any other business or activitieswhere this is, or is likely to be, in conflict with the interests of the COMPANY orany Associated COMPANY or where this may adversely affect the efficientperformance of your duties.As inscribed above, you shall also be expected to start your job processes byacquiring your Police Clearance Certificate as a sign of readiness to enable you
  8. 8. receive all your due entitlements prior to resumption of duty and to enable yousettle all domestic necessities before embarking on project trip to forestall delayson your side.This letter agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with, and begoverned by, the laws of the United State of America. The second ministerialmeeting between American Union (AU) on terrorism, which was held in Brusselson 11th October 1999. Where regulations adopted on Immigration Reform andControl Act, you will need to present documentation demonstrating that you haveauthorization to work in United States.This letter agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties and all ofthe covenants and agreements between the parties with respect to theemployment.--------------------------SIGN BY:Dr. Mekashaty RedknappThe HR General Manager,Pan American Development Foundation HaitiEMAIL;
  9. 9. Employee Attach Passport Size Photo. Application Form: Employee; Fill BelowNAME:Adarsh Kumar Jain,ADDRESS: 19E, Ganesh Nagar Extension, Shakarpur, Delhi-110092 IndiaTELEPHONE:+919213375588/ +911122052233SIGNATURE:COUNTRY/ LOCATION:India/ New DelhiPan American Development Foundation Haiti
  10. 10. 6/15/2010