Daily Prayer


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Sunday to Saturday daily prayers. Prayer for each day of the week.

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Daily Prayer

  1. 1. Sunday  <br />If one prays with a single wish at a time in his mind and works hard towards its achievement then there is all probability of his wish being fulfilled. <br />What one wants or wishes will happen, rather whatever happens is only because one wishes it. <br />This is simply so because one makes or shapes himself and nobody else. At the most what others can do is to influence. <br />One alone is responsible for whatever he does and whatever he is. Therefore never blame others for failure.<br />
  2. 2. Monday-Morning<br />Mother, father, teacher, elderly, holy men and saints are all good people. My loyalty and faith shall be with them. They are my ideals. I shall conduct my self, keeping them before me as role models.<br />I am pained to see people who are miserable, sinners and cruel. I pity them. I shall try to guide appropriately the people who have strayed from the right path, even if they may despise and ignore me.<br />
  3. 3. Monday-Afternoon<br />I shall always be nice to the people irrespective of what they say about me and how they behave with me. <br />I shall not have any ill feelings towards others. <br />I shall not act with the feeling that I am any different from the others. <br />Please keep me uplifted so that I could encourage others. <br />I shall try to take every one along with me.<br />My behavior will be appropriate, balanced and holistic towards all. <br />My journey shall be away from bad and evil but towards good. <br />
  4. 4. Monday-Evening<br />Oh God, please keep me away from vices and make me righteous. <br />Let me get What ever I need by my wholehearted efforts and by benevolence of those who can grant my needs but not by dishonest means. <br />Please bless me with sweetness in my speech. <br />My honest longing is for the well being of the whole universe and friendship with all. <br />God grant me strength to overcome hatred with love. <br />Let me use my knowledge of love in my conduct. <br />Let my behavior not be extreme in anything.<br />
  5. 5. Tuesday <br />I shall ever be determined. I shall never be distractible.<br />I will be just myself and do what I enjoy doing.<br />Service and sacrifice shall be my motto. <br />My help to anybody shall be willingly. <br />It will never be with a feeling of bestowing a favor or with disrespect to any one.<br />I will not be selfish and jealous.<br />I will not make any one feel low or inferior.<br />I will work without any expectation of return, reward or honor.<br />I will not use force for getting things done.<br />I will do nothing with an intention of cheating any one.<br />I will never try to copy others. I will not try to show off.<br />I will hold the hands of those above me and climb up <br />I will give the hand to those below me and bring them up. <br />
  6. 6. Wednesday               <br />I will never eat unless I am hungry. <br />I will eat only so much as to satisfy my hunger. <br />Eating more than required is sin. <br />I shall sleep for bare minimum and necessary period. <br />For, more sleep can cause negligence, laziness and drowsiness. <br />All things that bring drowsiness must be avoided. <br />I shall not use and keep anything more than I  &apos;really need&apos; for that excess may be useful for others. <br />I shall be economical and simple.<br />
  7. 7. Thursday- Morning <br />I shall have full control over my senses. Initially this may cause some discomfort but gains are bound to follow. I will be enabled to win over unfavorable situations. My endurance will increase, will power will improve and mental abilities will be strengthened. Physical exercises improve body resilience and strength. <br />Mental and physical strength together will enable me to discharge my duties easily and successfully.<br />My work is my duty. It will be carried out in a prescribed manner and as per rules. It will be carried out sincerely without shirking responsibility, without hypocrisy and pretence.<br />
  8. 8. Thursday-Evening<br />Fruits of labor so reaped, be it joy or sorrow will be accepted as divine blessings. I get caught in the onslaught of joy and sorrow, sins and virtues, good and bad. May I have the strength to bear whatever comes my way? My intellect shall deem pleasure and pain to be of the same importance. My life shall be free from joy and sorrow and ups and downs. Let me not whine and whimper over things beyond my control.<br />The happiest people need not necessarily have the best of all. They simply appreciate what they find on their way.<br />May I be fully aware of my strength and weakness? <br /> May I have the power of discrimination? <br /> May I recognize good from bad?<br />
  9. 9. Friday - Morning<br />Oh God, let me grow at an appropriate pace. I do not understand how from nothing I came into being. Let me therefore not attempt to comprehend as to how I shall fade back into nothingness. Please make me go as clean as you created me. <br />Days and nights are there, all the seasons are there, births and deaths are there, and living and non-living things are there. Every thing in the world is there and exists because of you. <br />I thank you God for enabling me to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of your creation. You are the all knowing one. You are complete. You are without beginning and end. You are infinite and incomprehensible. It is impossible to know you and see you without divine vision. Please grant me such a vision oh Lord.<br />
  10. 10. Friday - Evening<br />O God, nothing is impossible for you. You conquer enemies. In order to destroy the ones perpetuating evil, you incarnate on earth again and again.<br />God you are merciful, compassionate, kind hearted, and protector.  God you are a friend of miserable and poor, destroyer of pain and sorrow, giver of happiness and joy. Please vanquish my difficulties, sufferings, toil and pain. May I be blessed with joy, happiness and prosperity? Please ensure that good luck comes to me.<br />
  11. 11. Saturday<br />In this world whatever is complete and perfect is God Himself. Every other thing is only a part of that divine whole. Man himself is a part of God. <br />My life too belongs to Him. I dedicate to Him my life, which already is His. I am here to do His will. <br />O Lord, you are great but I am small. <br />I pray to you, worship you and submit to you. <br />I bow down to you and prostrate before you. <br />Please uplift me.<br />