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From health persona to societal health uci 131202


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Personal life style plays important role in a person’s health. It is now possible to analyze and understand a person’s life style. Most people use phones with myriad sensors that continuously generate data streams related to most aspects of their life. By correlating these multi-sensory data streams, it is possible to create an accurate chronicle of a person’s life. By correlating life events with health related events, obtained using wearable sensors and other common sources of information, one can build health persona of a person. Health persona of a person is a long-term objective characterization of a person’s health. By using health persona for a large group of people, one can analyze and understand health patterns and causes of different diseases in a society. In this talk, we present a framework that collects, manages, and correlates personal data from heterogeneous data sources and detects events happening at personal level to build health persona. We use several data streams such as motion tracking, location tracking, activity level, and personal calendar data. We illustrate how recognition algorithms can be applied to Life Event detection problem and then build an objective chronicle for a person. We show how this could be combined with situation detection and help people in making decisions in their every day life. In this talk, we will present our ideas related to health persona, its impact on societal health, and its use in making decisions.

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From health persona to societal health uci 131202

  1. 1. 12/2/2013 1
  2. 2. We are Living in an Interesting Time.
  3. 3. Where do most Data Scientists apply their Magic? We live in a targeted world. Advertisers need efficient ways to sift through the volume of data.
  4. 4. For a CHANGE, should we think of using BIG Data to solve Big PROBLEMS?
  5. 5. Time for Disrupting the Undisrupted. Invented in 1816. Has not changed much since 1940.
  6. 6. Quiz • What does Cyber mean? • Who and when first used the term Cyber? • Was it intended to mean computing in cloud?
  7. 7. Communication and Guidance in: Machines Man (Animals) Societies
  8. 8. To get to your goal, you have to know where you are NOW.
  9. 9. Knowledge leads to Information which determines relevant action. Knowledge is a product of Data and Information. Knowledge Knowledge Information Data Data to Action Information Action
  10. 10. Computing the Future Astrology To Astronomical Volumes of Data 12/2/2013 10
  11. 11. We think differently in different situations. Scientific Theories Scarcity New Scientific Principle.
  12. 12. We think differently in different situations. Abundance Which one to select?
  13. 13. Correlation is Mother of Causality Correlation is Not Causality Correlation Causality (insight) Hypothesis Test Experiment Design
  14. 14. Disruption Time Until recently, you were a folder. Now You are Your Data.
  15. 15. Health = Genetics + Lifestyle
  16. 16. Topol: Creative Destruction of Medicine Wireless Sensors Creative Destruction New Medicine Mobile connectivity, Bandwidth Internet Genomics Social Networking Imaging Information Systems Old Medicine Computing Power, Data Universe
  17. 17. Continuous Monitoring and Contextualized Actions • Continuous sensors creating ‘health persona’. • Predictive techniques for preventive advice. • Quantitative measurements for better control.
  18. 18. Behavior Change is the Holy Grail of Health Care • Understanding personal actions in context. • Creating Personal ‘Good Health Habits’ in own eco-system. • Contextual persuasive pervasive feedback. • Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives.
  19. 19. Context = Environmental + Personal Ongoing Evaluation of Environmental Context Environmental Pollution Environmental Factors Social Factors Improved Public Health Data Tracking Network Prevention Sensors Ongoing Evaluation of Personal Context Personal Health Effects
  20. 20. Connecting People to Appropriate Sick People to Medical Resources Services effectively, efficiently, and promptly in given situations.
  21. 21. Information Connecting Aggregation Situation People Alerts and Detection CompositionAnd Queries Resources 12/2/2013 21
  22. 22. EventShop : Global Situation Detection Satellite Database Systems Data Ingestion and aggregation Situation Recognition Evolving Global Situation Environmental Sensor Devices Social Network Need- Resource Matcher Resources Data Sources Internet of Things Recommendation Engine …. Actionable Information Needs Personal EventShop Wearable Sensors Personal Situation Recognition Data Ingestion Calendar …. Database Location Persona Evolving Personal Situation
  23. 23. An actionable abstraction of spatiotemporal characteristics. 23
  24. 24. From Observations to Situations Observations Observed State(Situations) Real World Events
  25. 25. Billions of data sources. Environment for Selecting, and Combining appropriate sources to detect situations. Prediction for Pro-active actions Interactions with different types of Users Decision Makers Individuals 12/2/2013 25
  26. 26. 12/2/2013 26
  27. 27. SLN for Disaster Management Environmental Experts Social Sources Disaster Situation Assimilation and Control Users Internet of Things Resources and Historic Data Information Advice Governmental Agencies
  28. 28. Flood Shelter Classify (Flood level - Shelter) Twitter Flood Level Shelter 12/2/2013 28
  29. 29. 12/2/2013 29
  30. 30. Asthma (Allergies) 26 Million Americans, 300 Million Worldwide, have Asthma. Asthma is under-diagnosed and under-treated. The causes of asthma are not completely understood. Lifestyle changes help as much as medication.
  31. 31. Indoor Allergens Chemical Irritants Smoke Asthma Triggers Outdoor Allergens Air Pollution
  32. 32. Everyone’s Respiratory Health is Different Environmental Experts Social Sources Users Disaster Situation Assimilation and Control Internet of Things Resources and Historic Data Governmental Agencies All Users are not EQUAL.
  33. 33. What defines a person?
  34. 34. Persona: Turning Disassociated Data into Meaningful Information Activities AGGREGATED PERSONAL ANALYTICS Media Communications Sensors Persona 35
  35. 35. Explosion of FITNESS Devices CONTINUES 36
  36. 36. Wearable 2013: Data Data Everywhere, nor any Insight to Use.
  37. 37. Health Persona Framework: Humans Are Actuators. Logical Sensor Life Event Personicle Fitness Tracking Sensors Food Event Physiological Sensors Kinetic Event HEALTH PERSONA Physiological Event
  38. 38. In Chronicle Analytics, Time Matters. Events Matter More, however.
  39. 39. Life Event Ontology
  40. 40. Heterogeneous event streams
  41. 41. Drive Walk Walk Drive Personicle Moves Meeting in DBH room 3233 Meeting with trainer in gym Personal Calendar Activity Level Laleh at University Club Drive Meeting Work Walk Home Walk Foursquare Exercise Work Drive Eating dinner Personicle Time
  42. 42. Personal EventShop Platform Environmental Factors Personal Data Sources Event Streams** Nike Fuel Moves app Foursquare Raw Data Streams Input Data Manager Predictive Data Analytics Evolving personal situation Google Calendar Recom. Engine Actionable Information Asthma Attack Symptoms & Severity Profile Info. Asthma History Data Streams * Domain knowledge Persona Data Analytics Personal Data Warehouse Personicle * location stream, activity stream, motion stream, calendar stream ** life-event stream, motion-event stream, physiological-event stream, food-event stream 43
  43. 43. Scenario 1.0: Showing all three data sources: Google Calendar, Moves and Nike+ Moves Nike + Google Calendar
  44. 44. Scenario 1.1: Showing Personicle for walking for attending a class Personicle I took 832 steps to walk from APS to my Health Informatics class in SSL!
  45. 45. Question: What Triggers My Asthma? • Red: “Severe asthma attack”. Personicle Activity Stream • Orange: High or very high activity level.
  46. 46. Insight: Exercise Triggers My Asthma • Red: “Severe asthma attack”. • Orange: High activity level. • Exercise triggers my asthma! Personicle t1 Activity Stream t2 t3 t4 t5
  47. 47. Finding Insights • Blue: Shortness of breath. The lighter the color, the worse the symptom. • Green: Low air pollution. • Red to Purple: High and very high air pollution • Exposure to polluted air is a risk factor of asthma attack within X hour? Personicle case 1 Personicle case 2
  48. 48. UCI Allergy/Asthma App Triggers How Do You Feel? Recommendation Symptoms SHORTNESS OF BREATH CHEST TIGHTNESS OR PAIN COUGHING WHEEZING Stop Judging!
  49. 49. From Persona to Societal Health Disease Modeling Health Persona of different people Geographical location specifications Disease outbreak Environmental factors
  50. 50. Persona and Societal Health Use Objective Massive Volume of Personal Data for Building Better Disease Models. Use Disease Model and Personal Data for Better Quality of Life.
  51. 51. Smartphone is the Personalized 24/7 Recording Stethoscope Finally Entering 21st Century.
  52. 52. Target: Global Health Care Smartphones. 1.3 Billion Middle 3.8 Billion Bottom 2 Billion Middle of the Pyramid (MOP) – Almost Smartphones Next
  53. 53. Live EventShop and Collaboration • Live EventShop Demo – • Current Collaborators – Cyber-Physical Cloud Computing Project • NICT, NIST – SLN4MOP Project • Sri Lanka Farmers; Prof. Ginige in Sydney leading – Open Source EventShop • HCL – Traffic Analysis • Tsinghua University
  54. 54. Thanks.