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National parks investigation report


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National parks investigation report

  1. 1. Year 8 Society & Environment
  2. 2. The Task Write a report on National Parks in Western Australia.
  3. 3. Writing A Report  Reports are written to inform the reader about a particular topic.  Unlike an essay, information is sorted in reports using headings.  Reports may also use images, as well as text.
  4. 4. Headings for your report • Why do we have National Parks? • Who is responsible for National Parks in Western Australia? • What can and cannot be done in National Parks • And then for the final heading, select one of the parks below, and highlight it’s features and provide a map of its location. Geiki Gorge Karijini Kalbarri Leeuwin-Naturaliste Purnululu
  5. 5. Note making & Referencing  It is very important to know where you have gotten your information from.  For every website you visit, or book you read, write down the address of the website or the title & author of the book.  Underneath this, take notes of the key points that will be used in your report.  A copy of your notes must be handed in with the report.  You may work in pairs to do your research but you must have separate notes and a separate report.