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Petaluma Community Guild Guild Glyphosate Forum — Krupnick: Green Alternatives to RoundUp


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Slide presentation from Wendy Krupnick, SRJC Sustainable Ag Instructor, about green alternatives to Roundup / glyphosate use. Delivered at the Petaluma Community Guild's public forum — Glyphosate: Health Impacts & Green Alternatives; March 9, 2016 at the Petaluma Seed Bank

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Petaluma Community Guild Guild Glyphosate Forum — Krupnick: Green Alternatives to RoundUp

  1. 1. Alternatives to RoundUp in the Home and Urban Landscape
 Wendy Krupnick 2016
  2. 2. Alternatives can: • Be beautiful • Provide habitat • Sequester carbon • Absorb and retain rainwater • Be edible • Improve soil
  3. 3. Get to know your weeds Integrated Pest Management (IPM) 1. Identify 2. Monitor 3. Evaluate options 4. Use cultural controls 5. If needed, use least harmful material controls 6. Prevention
  4. 4. 
 Consider allowing “good” weeds to grow, at least for a limited time.
 Edibles – Eg. chickweed, Miner’s lettuce, lambsquarters

  5. 5. Soil building weeds – harvest for compost; roots loosen soil
 Eg. mustard/wild radish, mallow, Blooms can feed beneficial insects Eg. fennel

  6. 6. Alternative herbicides (kill plants): • Vinegar (horticultural strength – 10-20% acidity) • Hot water (not recommended) • Biosafe (fatty acids) • Ecosmart (2-PEP + clove oil) • Avenger (orange oil)
  7. 7. Alternative practices to kill weeds: • Flaming • Blasting • Hand pull or hoe • Machine tilling/disking
  8. 8. Weed suppression • Corn gluten • Mowing, weed whacking, grazing (especially for grasses)
  9. 9. Weed prevention – Mulches, non-organic: Durable woven fabric.
  10. 10. Mulches NOT recommended: Plastic, weed barrier, small rock
  11. 11. Weed prevention - Mulches: Organic materials – Must be several inches thick and renewed periodically. Recycles carbon, adding it to the soil and increasing water retention.
  12. 12. Leaves – Can mow to chop up Wood chips
  13. 13. Weed prevention – Ground covering plants
  14. 14. Several manzanita & ceanothus varieties spread widely
  15. 15. ‘Bees Bliss’ salvia can spread 20’; Creeping thyme spreads a few inches
  16. 16. Municipal programs: • City of Santa Cruz – Goats, mowing, flaming, mulching, targeted drip irrigation (no watering weeds), ground cover plants, rock hardscapes. • Santa Cruz County banned RoundUp for roadside weed control in 2005 • Portland began Pesticide Free Parks in 2004 • Seattle began maintaining 14 parks without pesticides in 2001; currently 22 parks use no pesticides • Boulder CO banned RoundUp in public places in 2011
  17. 17. Resources for more information: Managing Healthy Sports Fields: A Guide to Using Organic Materials for Low Maintenance and Chemical Free Playing Fields, Paul Sachs The Wild Wisdom of Weeds, Katrina Blair Non-toxic Weed Control - Weed ID - weedkey.html How to Hand weed effectively! weedhand.html