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The Pythia dances for you and speaks in mysterious language about past, present and future ....

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  3. 3. 3 PPyytthhiiaa Oracle Priestess Dean Amory
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  10. 10. 10 PYTHIA Pythia , Pythia , Why are your words thus incomprehensive? Are you in trance Or is this mere intoxication? Do I hear your voice in this twilight cave? Do I hear the gods, or is all of this An echo only of my own thoughts ? You frail body appears, disappears , Dissolves in smoke, Totally lost in trails of mist Your feet are ruffling up the paves. Between the rocks resounds The promising blowing of pipes Eos will not wait much longer now, To deliver us from this ordeal.
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  12. 12. 12 Helios' glow is quickly turning to orange All that Selene disguised all night Beneath her soothening cloak. In White and yellow magic splendor I see how new life is dawning. Beads of sweat fall down meanwhile From your raven black hair. Sticking your wreath of tresses Like a goddess' crown against your forehead. Their glistening unctuous cascade down In a hundred oiling streams That reveal the jewel your body has always been. Suddenly all motion halts You stand crucified . Gently rocking back and forth . Do you hear the gods whisper now ?
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  14. 14. 14 Nereid , Hesperid, Naiad or Echidna , Do I see any of you Or do I see Aphrodite ? Aphrodite ! Aphrodite ! Is this you, or is this Pythia ? In this place, reigned by Dionysos, Momus is playing tricks on me. And with Morpheus He's mocking at my sleep. Athena, Apollo, do you want Me far away from here ? Or will you come And talk to me through Pythia?
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  16. 16. 16 Pythia , Pythia , How you flame and shine In this early morning hour! For you Prometheus Stole the fire from heaven. Once, Zeus himself may have lost His heart and head to you. Ganymaedes, come on man, Fill my cup! Ganymaedes, fill my cup again Or no, send Hebe to serve me! Nereid , Hesperid, Naiad or Echidna, Do I see any of you Or do I see Aphrodite ? Aphrodite ! Aphrodite ! Is this you , or is this Pythia ?
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  18. 18. 18 Through my teary eyes I see the smoke disappear. In the cave Pythia, stiffens again Her lungs are toiling. Then, al of a sudden The gods take possession of her, Or so it seems: She startles, she jerks and trembles , Her dark eyes wildly turn around And with her cramped hands Grabbing in her own flesh, Her feet start beating the floor again. Seeing her sway and swing And stamp her feet this way, Makes me suffer her pain In my own skin and bones. Cold chills run down my spine My handpalms are sweatening.
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  20. 20. 20 After some exhausting minutes, Peace again descends into the cave. In the distance, Aeolus' wholing fades away While here, the gods' presence can be felt. Hermes , Iris , ... Who is whispering To the petrified Pythia? Clotho , Lachesis , Atropos? Whivh Moire decides my destiny? Which daughter of the night Is secretly laughing now? Will I ever fathom this mystery? Nereid , Hesperid, Naiad or Echidna, Do I see any of you Or do I see Aphrodite ? Aphrodite ! Aphrodite !
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  22. 22. 22 Pythia kneels down to the ground, Then slowly leans back. She waves her long hair, Stretches - hands in the neck, Then bends down and kisses the ground, Rises, hands akimbo And sways rhythmically back and forth . In her big eyes shine tears , Her glorified face is shrouded in vague sadness. Her lips tremble, her members shake But when she finally speaks, Het voice sounds strangely warm and deep: It was Eris who brought me a message for you! She asked why you haven't been listening last night? And wants you to know that She, whom never anyone is listening to, Has so many wonderful things to convey!
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  24. 24. 24 Yet, I barely hear what Pythia says. Eurynome gave birth to Euphrosyne, Thalia and Aglaia, But I 'm here, and befor me shines Pythia. She surpasses in beauty All I ever dreamed. She combines mystery, grace and lust With the sweetest loveliness. Nereid , Hesperid, Naiad or Echidna , Do I see any of you Or do I see Aphrodite ? Aphrodite ! Aphrodite ! Is this you, or is this Pythia ?
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  26. 26. 26 Mnemosyne was loved by Zeus. Now Pegasus trots through the skies For nine muses. Eros embraces Psyche. Selene loves Endymion. But today, when the smoke cleared, It was Eris who sent me a message. Fortunately, that is a concern for later Because here I am - and before me is Pythia. Is she Artemis - Diana? Am I hunter, prey or satyr? Pythia, beautiful Pythia, Too late, I recognize your snake hair. Too late I know: you 're Medusa! Hera, Hestia, Hymen, help me please! Persephone - you : depart from me!
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  28. 28. 28 Here, take my robe and also Pythia's! Hephaestus, be cautious with that file For already the blaze is scorching The bearskin upon which I will make love to Pythia. Pythia, Oh Pythia , The land that reflected through your eyes, Tell me: Was it Olympus that I saw? Parnasus maybe? Or was it perhaps Tartaros? Are we sailing to the Elysian Fields? Is this Lethe or are we floating down the Acheron? Kiss me, Pythia, kiss me now For life is a labyrinth From which I find no way out, Unless you agree to be my Ariadne.
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  30. 30. 30 Pythia, Pythia, I don't like Belladonna , And neither do I eat from skulls! Come on, stop uttering oracle language! When will you leave this dismal cave with me? When will we go and live with the people again? Nooooo, don't dance for me! And sip less from that wine! Oh, Pythia , Pythia ! Who are you? Tisiphone ? Alecto ? Magaera ? Io maybe? Are you Hecate? or Ate in reality? Nereid, Hesperid, Naiad or Echidna , Do I see any of you Or do I see Aphrodite? Aphrodite! Aphrodite! Is this you, or is this Pythia ?
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  32. 32. 32 Momus, do not play tricks at me. Still, Dionysos is king, And I, by Zeus, know of no sleep yet! Athena, Apollo, if you want me away from here, Why then is Pythia still caressing my vanity? Why can I feel my pride growing Every time her smoky eyes Strengthen my manhood? Achhh , let me - let me now : Already I am living in Pythia And only in her warmth Do I hear you talk!
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  34. 34. 34 But ..., Pythia ! Why are you crying now? Have I then expected too much divinity? loved too much the goddess maskerade And been blind all too often for The unsecure and tender woman underneath?
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