The Magic Power Of Mental Images


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José Ortegay Gasset was so impressed by the power of metaphors that he compared them to a tool for creation which God forgot inside of us when he created man.

When I asked myself where metaphors get this tremendous power from, I realized that mankind has an even much more powerful tool at its disposition: Mental Imagery.

Mental Imagery is the key to achieving our goals and the internal screen on which we project our dreams. It allows us to simulate procedures; familiarize with environments and situations before we get to know them in "real life"; It helps us to relax, but just as well will arouse us or prepare us for future actions. With the help of Mental Imagery, we can build confidence and readiness, stimulate healing and recovery, change our behaviour or literally borrow the mind of a genius.

How to learn and implement this power and benefit from its many advantages, is what this book is all about.

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The Magic Power Of Mental Images

  1. 1. MMAAGGIICC PPOOWWEERR OOFF MMEENNTTAALL IIMMAAGGEESSTTHHEE VVIISSIIOONN OOFF TTHHEE TTIIGGRREESSSSCCoommppiilleedd bbyy DDeeaann AAmmoorryyWhat Is Mental Imagery And How Does It Work?Mental imagery, also called visualization or mental rehearsal, is an experience that resembles aperceptual experience, but which occurs in the absence of the appropriate stimuli for the relevantperception.Mental images have the power to change your life. The mental images that you often visualizeaffect your life, whether you are aware of this or not.If you visualize negative situations, difficulties and problem, and continue doing so, your moodswill gradually become negative, you will alienate people, you will close your eyes toopportunities, and your self-esteem will go down. How can you achieve success if you are sonegative?On the other hand, successful people attract success, because they constantly imagine and expectsuccess
  2. 2. What Can Mental Imagery Do To Enhance Your Life?Mental images are like a movie or still pictures that you see in your mind. If you watch themagain and again your subconscious mind will ultimately accept them as you reality.Through Mental Imagery you can affect your thinking, behaviour and world. If you visualizewhat you really and truly desire and how you will achieve these goals; if you replace self limitingthoughts by inspiring and motivating thoughts; negative habits by positive habits; prepareyourself mentally for challenging and difficult situations and picture yourself as the happy,healthy and successful person you want to be, you will improve your skills and become morehappy and successful in your life!How To Use Mental ImageryPractice Daily.Use short visualizations during your daily activities and longer visualizations whilerelaxing and prior to meeting specific challenges.Use visualization boards as a computer wallpaper, sleeping room decoration or at placeswhere they will regularly remind you of what is important to you.Use Different Techniques of Mental Imagery for Different PurposesMental Imagery is an excellent way to• Manifest your Dreams and Desires• Reduce Stress• Create a Mental Safe Place• Define Priorities and Strategies• Get Rid of Stumble Blocks• Eliminate Negative Behaviour• Perfectionalize your Skills• Improve Problem Solving and Decision Making• Clear your Mind from Emotional Clutter• Find Balance• Let Go and Break Free
  3. 3. Some Of The Things You Can Do With Mental Imagery1. Manifest your Dreams and Desires• Dreams do come true, but first you have to dream them, Right?• If you aim at nothing youll hit it every time.• Goals are dreams with deadlines: If you don’t set priorities, if your short term goals don’tserve a long term vision, if you don’t select strategies, and don’t take action: how will youreach your goals?Prepare Success!• Achieving your goals, being successful and being who you want to be and living the lifeyou want, is best visualized by mentally rehearsing the positive outcomes of futureactions and events and by picturing the destined future stage.• Envision yourself achieving your goals vividly to remind yourself of your objective andwhat you need to do to reach it. Many athletes, actors, and singers "see" and "feel"themselves performing a routine, program, or play perfectly before they actually do it.2. Reduce StressReduce stress by visualizing yourself in peaceful natural scenes, by descending an imaginarystaircase towards your sacred safe place, by becoming a leaf that travels the waters of a lovelycreek, by pulling the plug and draining all your stress away or by imagining how you let loose onan imaginary punching bag…3. Get Rid Of Stumble Blocks• Confront and eliminate irrational believes, fears and internal conflicts and turn yourstumble blocks into stepping stones• Take responsibility for your own emotions and actions:– Recognize that neither another person, nor an adverse circumstance, can everdisturb you. Only you can.– Replace “must” by “strongly prefer”
  4. 4. 4. Eliminate Negative BehaviourUse Covert Sensitization:Imagine engaging in some behaviour you wish to change, say, an addiction. Have this quicklyfollowed by imagining a highly unpleasant event. Thus, the addictive behaviour becomes pairedwith a highly aversive event and therefore is less likely to occur in the future.Next: imagine how your life will be without the negative behaviour.5. Perfectionalize your SkillsSystematically visualize the desired correct coping behaviour and its benefits for you.This technique has seen much use in sports.Seeing yourself perform skills at a high level, the way you want to: confident, accurate, focused,… is a good way to build confidence and a feeling of readiness prior to a challenging task (publicpresentation, important meeting, …) or competition.6. Improve Problem Solving and Decision MakingChoose an image to focus on to help you through a troublesome period.Visualize yourself as a superwoman who can easily scale the highest skyscrapers or a marathonrunner who outruns all of his competitors.Put your problems inside a carton and imagine it getting smaller and smaller until it can easily fitinto your pocket. Youll discover that your problem is easier to carry inside your pocket than theheavy weight of it sitting on your shoulders.Or, you can visualize your problems magically disappearing before your eyes. There are nolimitations in your visualizing. It can be magical.When you are struggling with making a decision between two different options, try visualizingyourself involved in the two scenarios and imagine the results of your decision. This visualizationexercise should help you in making the right decision.7. Clear your Mind from Emotional Clutter• Too many thoughts and mental pictures can convolute the mind• Choose images that erase, filter, or organize your thoughts. Much like de-cluttering acloset, you can use visualization to reduce mental clutter.• There are three causes of mental clutter: Avoidance, Indecision, and Procrastination.Don’t avoid them. Confront them Now!
  5. 5. 8. Find BalanceUse visualizations to help you ground and find balance. Because our energies are always in flux itis important to "check in" with our bodies routinely to adjust and centre ourselves.• If you find yourself stubbing your toes or bumping into things, you are not in balance.• If you are experiencing mental confusion or are all over the place emotionally, a centringvisualization can help return you to calm and better focus.9. Let Go and Break FreeAre you having difficulty walking away from a toxic relationship? Or do you tend to dwell on thepast instead of moving forward in your life?Choose images in your visualization sessions which will allow you to break free fromproblematic people and move past personal regrets.We cannot change the past, but we can create our futures. Begin a new way of living byvisualizing it first!10. FamiliarizeMental imagery can be used effectively to familiarize yourself with the surroundings before anevent, such as an interview, an important meeting, a sales conversation or negotiation, a publicpresentation, a competition site, a racetrack, a stage or a difficult play or routine prior to acompetition ...11. Do a Run-ThroughMental Imagery can be used as a cognitive technique to plan strategies, rehearse procedures orgame plans, affirm what you want to occur, or as a coping skill strategy to stay calm andcomposed under pressure.Athletes and performers often do a complete mental run through of the key elements of theirroutines. This helps them focus, eliminate some pre-performance jitters and be more comfortable.It also serves as a warm-up or mini rehearsal.
  6. 6. 12. Build Confidence and ReadinessSeeing yourself perform skills at a high level, the way you want to: confident, accurate, focused,… is a good way to build confidence and a feeling of readiness prior to a challenging task (publicpresentation, important meeting, …) or competition.13. Stimulate Healing and RecoveryRepetitive use of positive visualization allows access to the mind-body connection. This lets themind and body work together to foster the healing process of the body on a physical level.Visualization puts your intention of what you want to work. The more specific the intention, themore specific the results. Remember whatever you believe is what your body will do14. Help You To Emulate Your Role Models• An important key foundation in Neuro-linguistic Programming is modelling. To model,you emulate those who have already achieved success. You observe, analyze and thenreplicate the factors that contributed to the outstanding performance.• While there is no 100% guarantee that you can reap the same results, modelling helps youshorten your learning curve. You learn to avoid common mistakes and apply the essentialsteps and strategies that have helped your role model succeed. The idea is that it is mucheasier to follow a previously proven path to success.15. Give You Access To Your Totem Power• Animal totems contain a natural power that can allow you to see and love and know moreof the earth, life and especially yourself.• Animal spirit guide totems hold power and knowledge that we can use to be one withnature - all that is and will be and use the power of nature to achieve our goals. Manycultures of the past understood and used the power of animal totems.• Totems can be particularly useful in todays society where it is easy to forget the essenceand true spirit of life and love in the midst of high technology.• Use your personal animal totem to awaken the natural balance with nature that youalready possess. You can be healthier and happier physically, mentally, emotionally, andspiritually in understanding and honouring your animal totems.16. Borrow The Mind Of A Genius Or The Powers Of Your HeroThe truth is that you can be anything that you want to be—but you do have to work at it.
  7. 7. If you want to find out more about how you can use the magical power of mental imagery toenhance your life, visit my bookshop at : go to :