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great books for coaching: coaching, communication, influencing, manipulation, family therapy, codependence, writing fairy tales, dating, ...

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Jaimelavie’s bookstore 201304

  1. 1. Jaimelavie’s Bookstore http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Jaimelavie A select choice of books Compiled or written by Dean Amory PART 1:Books in English and Spanish
  2. 2. GUIDE FOR PERSONAL COACHING AND SEWhether you are considering life coaching as a career or for self coaching, Dean Amorys Complete Life Coaching and Personal Coaching Course is your best guide for coaching your coachees and yourself towards maximizing your life potential and achieving a happier and more fulfilled life. Part 1, “Personal Coaching” is about what Personal Coaching is and offers a survey of the most popular models for Coaching. Part 2, “Techniques for Personal Coaching and Self Coaching” introduces you to the most powerful coaching techniques in use. Part 3, “Essential Knowledge for Personal Coaches”, is a practical standard reference work highlighting the indispensable knowledge and skills anybody who is considering life coaching as a career or as a serious self coaching process.
  3. 3. INTRODUCCION AL ARTE DE COACHING DE VIDA por Antonio Gallego, Emilio González, Yolanda Vergara, José Manuel Badía, Marina Gómez, Edu Lopez, Susana Lemonche Y otros. – Compilado por Dean Amory Este documento es un recurso práctico y conciso dirigido a cualquier persona interesada en el arte del coaching personal. Explica los principios y modelos básicos asi que las herramientas y técnicas más populares del coaching pesonal. En este documento se tratan cuestiones como: ¿Qué es el coaching personal? ¿Qué son las heramientas y técnicas básicas del coaching? ¿Qué son las preguntas potentas para impulsar una persona en la dirección correcta? ¿Cómo funciona ? ¿En qué puede ayudarte el coaching de vida? ¿Te imaginas lo mucho que mejoraría tu rendimiento y tu grado de éxito si contases con una persona que te entrenara personalmente para la vida? ... aunque, en realidad, con el aporte de un buen manual, esa persona pueda ser tú mismo
  4. 4. HOW TO INFLUENCE, PERSUADE AImagine just for a moment how important it is to each of us to improve our ability to influence others: to make friends and inspire them, to win other people for our standpoint or to make business contacts and reach positive agreements with them.What if you were even only slightly more successful in this art? Just imagine the possible benefits for your personal life, your love life, your career, your social life, your personal happiness, your financial position!One of the main reasons why excellent people do not advance in their careers or fail in life, is because they dont realize the enormous importance of networking and communication. Knowledge and personal capacities are not enough to be successful. You need influencing skills to make it in this life! So get up, and get these skills now!
  5. 5. MANIPULATIONUnlike people who are trying to influence, persuade or convince others, manipulators work with unfair means to get what they want. They do not respect the personal rights of their victims. They violate the victims integrity, work with hidden agendas and deliberately use dishonest tricks like faulty reasoning, coercion, blackmail and lying in an attempt to control the victims actions.Manipulation is about suiting the manipulators advantage or purpose only, often at the expense of the victim. Yet, it is often difficult to know when you are being manipulated: manipulators do all they can to convince you that you are the one who is to benefit most from their actions and that they are acting in good faith.If we were aware that we are being manipulated, would we allow ourselves to fall victim to it - and how would we defend ourselves against it? That is where this book comes in handy: it explains the tricks manipuators use and teaches you how to best defend and protect yourself.
  6. 6. NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION We are all living our lives the best way we can, trying to fulfill our needs as good as possible, trying also to do this without hurting others. And yet .... Often we feel miss interpreted, not understood, talking to walls, finding it impossible to convince others of our good intentions. Thats where Marshall Rosenberg steps in with his longtime famous, but always very needed theory of NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION.
  7. 7. Elementary Workout Schedules For Office- And Home Workers SITTING IS KILLING YOU!I selected a series of workouts that you can easily do at the office or at home, a lot of them even while you are working or talking on the phone.The variety of schedules allows you to pick a different schedule every day and skip any exercises which you might not like or feel are unable to do at any given time.The intention is not that you should read this manual as a book, nor that you should execute complete lists of training exercises one after the other, but rather that you single out a couple of exercises every day and actually do them.It might be a good idea to mark the exercises as you make your way through the manual, and indicate which exercises you find helpful at home or/and in the office.REMEMBER: AT ANY GIVEN TIME, ALMOST ANY MOVEMENT IS BETTER THAN NO MOVEMENT!
  8. 8. HOW TO PLAN AND ORGANIZE EVENTSPractical Guide Practical Guidewith step to step with step to step checklist for checklist for planning and planning and organizing organizingsuccessful fund successful fund raising events raising events and charity and charity benefits benefits
  9. 9. MIND READING A PRACTICAL INTRODUCTIONIt takes love for people and willingness to study their psyche, culture, habits and trends to become a good mind reader.Yet Mind Reading is a skill, and like with all skills, training and exercising are required in order to become good at it. To the individuals that do make the effort however, the rewards are numerous: Mind Reading enhances our observational talents and our insight in what makes people tick, it improves our communicative capacities, makes us used to being in the spotlight and requires that we learn to handle its seducing powers.A good mind reader therefore is much more than just that: hes also a good communicator, a good coach and teamleader, a good mediator and sales person.Above all that, my wish to you is that your newly acquired powers will also make you a better person, a better partner and lover!
  10. 10. EXIT INTERVIEWS Exit Interviews are traditionally "conducted with employees leaving an organisation. The purpose of the interview is to provide feedback on why employees are leaving, what they liked or didn’t like about their employment and what areas of the organisation they feel need improvement. Exit interviews are one of the most widely used methods of gathering employee feedback, along with employee satisfaction surveys. More recently, the concept of exit interviewing has been revisited and expanded as a knowledge management tool, as a way of capturing knowledge from leavers. Rather than simply capturing human resources information, the interview also aims to capture knowledge about what it takes to do the job.
  11. 11. HOW TO WRITE A FAIRY TALE Complete course on writing Fairy Tales, compiled from information freely available on the world wide web, completed with "some salt and pepper from my own storehouse".
  12. 12. THE LITTLE BOOK OF SUCCESS AN Great books have been written about how to become more happy and successful in life. From a practical standpoint, we dont always need all the beautiful words and big ideas. Often, having a little book close to hand with just the right words is of much greater practical value. That is exactly what this little book will do: Get You Started To Enhance Your Quality Of Life
  13. 13. THE LITTLE BOOK OF BACK PAIN 80% of all people will suffer from severe back pain at one or more moments in their life. Reason enough to investigate which behaviour is responsible for most cases of back pain, what we can do to to prevent it and how we might heal it. The information in this book was found on the internet in various public domain articles. As I hold no medical degree, nor have any experience in training, and as furthermore each case of back pain is unique in some aspects, please do not start exercising without explicite approval of your GP or attending medical specialist.
  14. 14. In Depth Guide To SuccessfulFlirting, Approaching and DatingThis THREE-IN-ONE volume includes two of the authors bestselling books:"The art of hypnotic seduction", about the incredible and magical power of words and"What to say after you said hello", about making conversation when dating.The third section, "Elementary flirting and dating" has been added as a free bonus.It contains the best information on the subjects as found in free domain publications on the internet.
  15. 15. WHAT TO SAY AFTER YOU SAID HESo you walked up to her and said "Hi!"... and now : what ? This is a book about starting up conversations and keeping them going.Contrary to what you may have been thinking, finding the perfect opening line need not be a problem at all: You can say almost anything you want as long as you do so in a friendly way.If a girl is interested in you, she wont care much about your first line. Its what comes next, that matters!
  16. 16. La Vulnerable Transparencia de la Pasión Esta colección de poemas románticos nos invita a compartir una busqueda apasionada de amor. Nos sumerge en un develar constante de emociones y ritmos edificados en torno de la soledad existencial, los anhelos de amor total y de felicidad. En los poemas encontramos la pasión, la melancolía, el éxtasis y la agonía que empujan al autor a expresarse. Cada fragmento de texto está lleno de vida y deseo, y aspira una atmosfera profundamente erotica. El autor construye un mundo poético pintando escenas de sentimientos que impregnan cada actividad de su vida. Celebra y canta la vida, pero llora también el dolor, la soledad, la fugacidad y la relatividad de nuestra experiencia terrestre, dando prueba entretanto de su gran alegría de estar vivo. Nos cuenta sus sueños más íntimos, sus ansías y esperanzas. Reconoce y afirma también los sagrados lazos que comparte con familiares y personas queridas y sus vinculas particulares con la naturaleza.
  17. 17. AN INTRODUCTION TO FAMILY THERAPY• Compiled by Dean Amory• Paperback: € 26.36 – E-book: Free• Ships in 3-5 business days• Reference guide with detailed information about all important facets of family therapy: schools and methods, strategies used, structure and content of family therapy sessions, stages, basic techniques, influential people, history of family therapy, …• Cover illustration from Zirta, Mexico: www.zirta.net email : beatriz@zirta.net
  18. 18. CODEPENDENCEDr Irene Matiatos says : "Some of the nicest people I know are codependent.They always smile, never refuse to do a favor. They are happy and bubbly all the time. They understand others and have the ability to make people feel good. People like them!"... and then she and a series of other specialists in the field explain you why this attitude is in fact very destructive to relationships, what its origins are and how you can overcome it.If you value your relationship and you have the feeling that the giving - taking part is not always in balance, than this is the one work that you should read !
  19. 19. THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF WORDS The present workbook is based on the techniques for meta communication as used by Milton Erickson and in NLP. It lists ten indispensable and infallible stepstones for successfully applying the art of influencing people. In fact, by using only these ten ingredients, your success rate in such fields as selling, convincing and seducing will soar dramatically
  21. 21. FREE DOWNLOADSBe sure to checkhttp://www.lulu.com/spotlight/JaimelavieAs a lot of the information gathered in the published books has been collected in public domain publication and has been made available for free download