Guideline To Happiness


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tips for a happier life

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Guideline To Happiness

  1. 1. guidelines for a happier life
  2. 2. Dare to make changements and dare to change
  3. 4. Focus beyond the self. - Reach out to those in need
  4. 6. Nurture your spiritual self
  5. 8. Move your body - sound minds reside in sound bodies
  6. 10. Give your body the sleep it wants
  7. 12. Give priority to close relationships
  8. 14. Plan better: Take control of your time. Happy people feel in control of their lives.
  9. 16. Find out what makes you feel good, then try to feel great and have a good time all the time
  10. 18. Enduring happiness does not come from success or wealth alone
  11. 20. For amazing things to start happening in your life, you must first eliminate all negativity from it
  12. 22. Keep a gratitude journal : pause each day to reflect on some positive aspect of your life
  13. 24. Act happy: be optimistic, show high self esteem, smile. IT DOES HELP
  14. 26. Mirror happy people Spend time with happy people Then become more like them
  15. 28. Define what happiness means to you And what you can do to live a more fulfilling life.
  16. 30. Define what specific situations, actions, places and people you want to AVOID in order to feel happier
  17. 32. Ask yourself: What makes happy people happy ? What would make me happier ? Then plan your happiness : What actions will you take ? Draw a timetable Go through your planning at least one time each day Evaluate – Rethink – Reshedule – Learn from failures Act – Act - Act
  18. 34. Doing good makes one feel good
  19. 36. Decide to be a Happier Person Make happiness your goal and let it guide and direct your decisions.
  20. 38. Take time to enjoy beauty in nature, architecture, art, movies, poetry ...
  21. 39. Keep on track : be flexible in your approach, but firm in your goals
  22. 40. Accept people like they are, not like they should be. Learn to relativate
  23. 41. We bring much of the unhappiness in our lifes on ourselves. That’s good news : if we can cause it, we can change it !
  24. 42. Don’t allow yourself to get isolated
  25. 43. Search for new horizons : read - travel – participate - learn
  26. 44. Never be afraid to love
  27. 45. Seek tasks that challenge you without overwhelming you.
  28. 47. HAPPINESS is a journey, not a destination
  29. 49. What makes happy people happy ? What would make you happier ? What are you going to do about it ? When ?
  30. 52. A timetable will not make a great difference the first day But you can’t imagine what becomes possible when you work in a structured way toward a given goal DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY
  31. 56. Collected for you by : [email_address]