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User Experience Strategy for Lean Startups & UX Designers - London Tour April 2013


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User Experience Strategy for Lean Startups & UX Designers (London, England)
Lecture tour by Jaime Levy, a User Experience Strategist based in Los Angeles, CA USA

With the surge in online startups, entrepreneurs and their teams need a User Experience Strategy to differentiate their product from the competition. Through business cases and current work samples, students will learn to how to conduct a UX Gap Analysis (on the online marketplace), perform Guerilla User Researcher (for your MVP), and scope a product's feature set using a Feature Value Matrix. This class will expose how online success can be achieved by focusing on disruptive innovation coupled with a customer acquisition strategy. Google cloud-based spreadsheet templates will be made accessible so students can implement these techniques immediately in their daily practice.

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User Experience Strategy for Lean Startups & UX Designers - London Tour April 2013

  1. 1. April 2013 Schedule of Jaime Levyʼs London Lecture Tour + Lean Startup Machine Mentoring1. Thursday, April 18 | 2pm @ Royal College of Art (Open to all RCA students)2. Thursday, April 18 | 7pm @ General Assembly (Open to general public)3. Friday, April 19 - Sunday April 21 @ Lean Startup Machine London (General public workshop)4. Monday, April 22 | 5:30pm @ City University of London (Open to School of Informatics students)
  2. 2. So you might be wondering...Who the hell is this chick andwhy should I believe anythingthat she says?
  3. 3. BW(before the web - 1994)
  4. 4. 1993 - Disk Magazines (KCET)
  5. 5. 1993 - Billy Idol Disk (MTV)
  6. 6. 1.0(1995 - 2000)
  7. 7. 2.0(2003 - present)
  8. 8. Site Maps
  9. 9. Wireframes
  10. 10. Wireframing for Mobile
  11. 11. Stakeholder Interview Findings
  12. 12. Feature Value Matrix
  13. 13. The Feature Value MatrixIt is a technique to help everybody (stakeholders and theteam) align on what are the most essential product features.It is a tool that prioritizes features by weighing businessgoals, user goals, and design/dev costs to build a product.It helps your team distill your Minimum Viable Product(MVP) and informs your productʼs roadmap.
  14. 14. User Experience Strategy Briefs
  15. 15. What is User Experience Strategyand why is it crucial?
  16. 16. What is a Mental Model?User Goal: “I need to get cash to pay the babysitter!”
  17. 17. UX Strategy = Business Strategy +Value Innovation + Validated UserResearch + Killer UX Design
  18. 18. User Experience StrategyBusinessStrategyValueInnovationValidatedUserResearchKillerUXDesign
  19. 19. Case Study of AwesomeUser Experience StrategyAirbnb
  20. 20. User Experience StrategyBusinessStrategyValueInnovationValidatedUserResearchKillerUXDesign
  21. 21. Business strategy is the identification ofguiding principles for how a company willcompete in its industry and where it shouldinvest to achieve business objectives.BusinessStrategy
  22. 22. Competitive Analysis
  23. 23. Competitive Analysis (cont)
  24. 24. Value innovation is created when acompanyʼs action can increase itsvalue proposition to users whilesimultaneously reducing its coststructure by eliminating waste(i.e. unnecessary features/services).ValueInnovation
  25. 25. ValueInnovation
  26. 26. Value Innovation for Digital ProductsIt offers a distillation of features from both competitors andrelevant existing alternatives.It provides a "slice" or a twist to a value proposition fromexisting larger platforms.It consolidates formerly disparate user experiences into onesingle solution (1-stop shop for a user task).
  27. 27. ValidatedUserResearchValidated User Research is when the proposedproduct is approached as an "experiment" thatneeds to be validated by user feedback. Theprocess requires "getting out of the building"to find your hypothesized customers who haveyour hypothesized problem and who wouldactually pay to have it solved!
  28. 28. The Lean Startup methodologyBuild-Measure-Learn
  29. 29. How Eric Ries defines an MVP
  30. 30. Killer UX Design is accomplished when aproduct allows its users/customers to easilyaccomplish their goal with little resistance.In a word, Killer UX design enables anexperience that is FRICTIONLESS!KillerUXDesign
  31. 31. Killer UX Design = better conversion funnels!$$$ / happycustomers
  32. 32. * Dave McClureʼs “Pirate Metrics” - AARRR
  33. 33. User Experience StrategyBusinessStrategyValueInnovationValidatedUserResearchKillerUXDesign
  34. 34. Questions?Feedback?Follow me @JaimeRLevyAnd visit JLR Interactiveto access the tour photos,tools, and SlideShare withaudio of this lecture!