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“Digital Transformation: Going Beyond Buzzwords” - ConveyUX Boston 2019 Keynote by Jaime Levy


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Digital Transformation is not about applying the latest trending technology to your company’s value proposition out of fear of falling behind. Instead, it’s an overarching strategy with measurable milestones for reshaping the way that the business runs in order to provide a better customer experience. This requires senior leadership, product owners and cross-functional teams to evolve their corporate culture into one where collaboration, rapid experimentation, and process optimization is the norm. This talk provides a theoretical foundation along with practical techniques for the implementation of real Digital Transformation.

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“Digital Transformation: Going Beyond Buzzwords” - ConveyUX Boston 2019 Keynote by Jaime Levy

  1. 1. “Digital Transformation: Going Beyond Buzzwords”
  2. 2. Thirty years of evolving resume job title updates… eaker, author, UX Strategist! interaction designer, UX desig esigner, information architect, st, interface designer, interactiv @JaimeRLevy
  3. 3. A year ago, I got an inquiry about my UX Strategy consulting services @JaimeRLevy
  4. 4. During the Skype call, I noticed that this VP had badass tattoos @JaimeRLevy
  5. 5. He worked for a human data science company in the healthcare sector @JaimeRLevy
  6. 6. He then offered me a one-year Digital Transformation project 1. Predominantly remote, 2. 20 hours a week, 3. for $250 an hour!!! TERMS PROBLEM: But WTF is DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION? @JaimeRLevy
  7. 7. So like a good American, I started watching TV commercials @JaimeRLevy
  8. 8. Wait, it gets worse @JaimeRLevy
  9. 9. And then it gets all dystopian @JaimeRLevy
  10. 10. We can even go to a Digital Transformation conference! @JaimeRLevy
  11. 11. I even got a certificate in it by completing a 47-minute online class. @Jaime @JaimeRLevy
  12. 12. Conversion of analog or physical information to digital format. Let’s start with how the term evolved Digitization @JaimeRLevy
  13. 13. Use of digital technologies to enable or improve business models and processes Then came this… Digitalization @JaimeRLevy
  14. 14. Coordinated digitalization change efforts at scale, diffused through all aspects of the business And now we are here… Digital Transformation @JaimeRLevy
  15. 15. And then I did a deep dive into books on DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION @JaimeRLevy
  16. 16. And there were so many books, I just read the ones with blue covers @JaimeRLevy
  17. 17. But this one by author Lindsay Herbert is the BEST book of the batch!My first favorite: Lindsay Herbert’s book @JaimeRLevy
  18. 18. Bridge the gaps between your company, the people it’s meant to serve, and the changes happening around it. Lindsay Herbert’s BUILD framework: Stage 1 @JaimeRLevy
  19. 19. Uncover your company’s hidden barriers, useful assets, and needed resources to plan and prioritize it’s routes to transformation. Lindsay Herbert’s BUILD framework: Stage 2 @JaimeRLevy
  20. 20. Iterate in short cycles, test with real users, and improve as you go to know which innovations can scale. Lindsay Herbert’s BUILD framework: Stage 3 @JaimeRLevy
  21. 21. Leverage successes to access greater resources, influence, and space to scale new solutions, ways of working and the innovation mind set. Lindsay Herbert’s BUILD framework: Stage 4 @JaimeRLevy
  22. 22. Disseminate new innovations and ways of working systematically to make thriving in changing environments the new business as usual Lindsay Herbert’s BUILD framework: Stage 5 @JaimeRLevy
  23. 23. For Digital Transformation, three areas have to be tackled 1. Business model: How revenue is generated, and how customers are acquired and retained 2. Customer experience: Core products and services, and the processes by which customers transact and engage with you 3. Internal processes: Ways of working, operations, analysis, and decision making @JaimeRLevy
  24. 24. Types of Processes that could be Optimized: 1. Functional: Processes that facilitate internal operations and external transactions 2. Decision Making: The rules and methods used to trigger and make decisions 3. Ways of working: The approaches used to produce any output @JaimeRLevy
  25. 25. But this one by author Lindsay Herbert is the BEST book of the batch!My other favorite: David Roger’s book @JaimeRLevy
  26. 26. @JaimeRLevy
  27. 27. Digital Transformation Case Study @JaimeRLevy
  28. 28. @JaimeRLevy
  29. 29. @JaimeRLevy
  30. 30. Value proposition differentials (Netflix) 1. No late fees 2. Easy access (product comes to you) 3. Wider choice 4. Personalized recommendations @JaimeRLevy
  31. 31. @JaimeRLevy
  32. 32. Value network differentials (Netflix) 1. Subscription pricing model 2. E-commerce website 3. Data assets and recommendation engine 4. Warehouse and mail distribution system 5. No retail costs! @JaimeRLevy
  33. 33. @JaimeRLevy
  34. 34. @JaimeRLevy
  35. 35. @JaimeRLevy
  36. 36. So back to my story about badass tattoos and a Digital Transformation project opportunity @JaimeRLevy
  37. 37. #1 - Build out a UI component library and UX template framework * For confidentiality reasons, this above example is actually from Smashing Magazine’s story on General Electric @JaimeRLevy
  38. 38. #2 Look across all product offerings for overlapping customer goals ONLINE RESEARCH STUDY 1.Create provisional personas based on different job roles using assumptions gathered during the workshop. 2.Recruit professionals from LinkedIn who match the personas and interview them via video conferencing. 3.Validate (or invalidate) if the customer segments have overlapping needs and goals with respect to the software they frequently use (especially with data). @JaimeRLevy
  39. 39. #3 Create rapid prototypes with futuristic concepts and technologies * For confidentiality reasons, these examples are USC student prototypes used with their permission @JaimeRLevy
  40. 40. #4 Bench-mark both direct competitors and “challengers” at a PLATFORM-LEVEL @JaimeRLevy
  41. 41. Low BuyerValue D rug D iscovery Pre C linicalTrials PatientR ecruit& TrialO pt Pharm acovigilanceM anufacturingM arketA ccess R egulatory Subm ission Launch R eadiness Sales Forces D igitalM arketingM edicalLiason C om pliance ServicesA dverse Events R ealW orld Evidence High #5 Look for opportunities for disruptive business models across the value chain @JaimeRLevy
  42. 42. #6 Create a rollout plan for scaling innovations with an iterative team model @JaimeRLevy@JaimeRLevy
  43. 43. But Digital Transformation requires an organizational CULTURE SHIFT @JaimeRLevy
  44. 44. Successful Digital Transformation examples @JaimeRLevy
  45. 45. Are you interested in moving beyond product design work? @JaimeRLevy
  46. 46. People in Boston with “Digital Transformation" job titles @JaimeRLevy
  47. 47. “Digital Transformation" jobs currently listed in Boston @JaimeRLevy
  48. 48. Sample job description (notice the overlap with UX strategy and design) Essential duties and responsibilities @JaimeRLevy
  49. 49. Who knows if today’s buzzword… @JaimeRLevy
  50. 50. …will be your next job title?! @JaimeRLevy
  51. 51. “Digital Transformation: Going Beyond Buzzwords” #ThankYou