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The Pumpkin Life Cycle


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Pumpkin life cycle

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The Pumpkin Life Cycle

  1. 1. The Pumpkin Life Cycle
  2. 2. Stages of a Pumpkins Life 3. FLOWER 2. PLANT 4. GREEN PUMPKIN 5. ORANGE PUMPKIN 1. SEEDS
  3. 3. First we plant a pumpkin seed.
  4. 4. Then the seed begins to grow into a pumpkin sprout.
  5. 5. The sprout grows into a pumpkin vine.
  6. 6. Then the vine grows yellow flowers.
  7. 7. The yellow flowers turn into small green pumpkins.
  8. 8. The green pumpkin grows and grows and turns orange.
  9. 9. When we cut our pumpkin open we can keep some seeds to plant, so we can have more pumpkins to pick next fall.
  10. 10. Five Little Pumpkins <ul><li>Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. The first one said, &quot;Oh my, it's getting late.&quot; The second one said, &quot;There are witches in the air.&quot; The third one said, &quot;But we don't care.&quot; The fourth one said, &quot;Let's run and run and run!&quot; The fifth one said, &quot;We're ready for some fun.&quot; Then &quot;OOOOOO&quot; went the wind and out went the lights, And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight ! </li></ul>