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Lunch & Learn: Providing Long-term Access to UNCW-Produced Publications


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Denise Jones' presentation.

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Lunch & Learn: Providing Long-term Access to UNCW-Produced Publications

  1. 1. F O R Y O U A N D F R O M Y O UD E N I S E J O N E SS T A T E P U B L I C A T I O N S C L E A R I N G H O U S E L I A I S O NM A Y 2 1 , 2 0 1 3North Carolina StateGovernment Information
  2. 2. North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources
  4. 4. State Library of North Carolina
  5. 5. Government and Heritage Library Collects and maintains NC and state governmentinformation for public access Permanent depository of North Carolina state agencyproduced publications – including UNCW publications Librarians and staff are experts in government, historicaland genealogical research Rich print AND digital collections
  6. 6. State government publications collection Print and digital formats spanning more than 200years 250,000+ state publications in the print collection 13,000+ state publications in the digital collection Includes born digital publications and digitized olderpublications - some as old as 1817
  7. 7. Collecting state publications G.S. 125-11 states that state agencies are required tosend copies of all paper and digital publications 10 copies of free publications and 5 for paid publications April 2013 90 paper titles received by Clearinghouse 303 digital titles received by Clearinghouse March 2013 91 paper titles received by Clearinghouse 340 digital titles received by Clearinghouse
  8. 8. State Publications Clearinghouse Collects state agency publications – paper and digital Catalogs the state publications – records used by libraries,legislative library, other state agencies, OCLC Maintains and makes available collection of state publicationsat GHL Digitally preserves and makes available the digitalpublications through Distributes the paper publications to the Library of Congressand the North Carolina depository libraries
  9. 9. NC State Government Publications Clearinghouse
  10. 10. State agencies AND the Clearinghouse Only by working together can state agencies and theClearinghouse ensure that vital governmentinformation will be available to all North Carolinians UNCW publications will NOT be available at otherNorth Carolina libraries, unless publications are firstsent to the Clearinghouse Help ensure accessibility of state publications
  11. 11. Sending your publications Email the URL or PDF Mail paper publications (10 or 5 copies) to:State Publications ClearinghouseState Library of North Carolina4643 Mail Service CenterRaleigh, NC 27699-4643
  12. 12. Searching
  13. 13. Search results
  14. 14. UNCW Magazine
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  16. 16. Will always link to UNCW Magazine collection