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Trademark Search


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How to Conduct a Trademark Search
By Jaime Christine Perez
Intellectual Property
Full Sail University

Published in: Business
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Trademark Search

  1. 1. Trademark Search by Jaime Christine Perez Intellectual Property September 8, 2011
  2. 2. Trademark ™Endeavour InnovationsProduct Name“Sun E Sylk”
  3. 3. W he re to G o?http://uspto.govUnited States Patent and Trademark Office
  4. 4. Search St a rt Se aMarks rc h Trademarks
  5. 5. Search Option
  6. 6. Select
  7. 7. Li veSearch the Phrase M ar ks O nl y Search the Term Select the Exact Phrase Submit Query
  8. 8. Search Results#1
  9. 9. Double Check Refine the Search Term Select This Exact Phrase Submit Query
  10. 10. Search Results#2
  11. 11. W or d M ar“SYLK” k Would “San E Sylk” Infringe?
  12. 12. pr od u ct t yp eSimilar“SYLK” vs. “San E Sylk”
  13. 13. Search “Sun Silk”#3
  14. 14. Search “Sun E”#4
  15. 15. al g in ri O otN
  16. 16. e gl oo G ch arSe
  17. 17. h ac se n ai mdo
  18. 18. om .cTM
  19. 19. om .c LKSY
  20. 20. om .c LK SYE
  21. 21. s se es in us B ch arSe
  22. 22. Conclusion“San E Sylk” is not a name to use for aproduct or brand name.I would recommend trying to come up with aname that is more unique.It may be difficult to register the mark, and itwould be hard to market with too manysimilar named competitors.
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