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Jai Maa Thawewali An Introduction


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Maa thawewali is a form of maa durga, she came Thawe from kamrup on the prayer of her true devotee Shri Rahashu Bhagat ji, Please visit for more details

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Jai Maa Thawewali An Introduction

  1. 1. Presents…..
  2. 3. About Thawewali Maa The Goddess Maa “Shakti" is the "Supreme power" which saturates the entire of the universe, and from which the Universe has emanated. There is nothing in the world, which is not “Shakti” in its essence. “Shakti” is the Great Mother of the Universe. Maa fights and vanquishes the evil forces to protect her Bhaktas (Devotees). She is always on the lookout for ways and means of helping her Devotee. Maa is very “Karunamayi”, “Kripalu” and “Dayalu” (Kindhearted). There are several names and forms of “Maa Shakti”. Bhaktas (devotees) worship her by many names in many forms, “Maa Thawewali is one of them. There are 52 “SHAKTIPITHAs” in all over India, this place also as like as "SHAKTIPITHA". The holy place of “Maa Thawewali” is situated in “Thawe” in Gopalganj District in Bihar, INDIA. Maa has arrived here from his another holy place Kamrup, Assam where she well known as “Maa Kamakhya”, on the prayer of her great devotee “Shree Rahshu Bhagat”. Maa also known as “Singhasini Devi”. “Thawewali Maa” is very “dayalu” and “bhaktavatsal”. No one has come empty handed from Maa’s temple. Maa has always answered the prayers of her devotees. Continue….
  3. 4. The time of Morning “Aarti” - between 5:00 to 7:00 am and in Evening 7:00 pm (depends on season). Devotees worship maa with “Laddo”, “Peda”, “Narial” & “Chunari”. Two days in week Monday and Friday are very important for worshiping to make pleased Maa. On these days Devotees gathered and worship Maa in large number in comparison to other days. The special “Mela” is organized during two times in year, in the month of “Chaitrya” (March) and “Ashvin” (October) on the great occasion of “Navratra”. Maa has given each one of her devotees what they deserve to get. Maa needs no expensive preparation from us. She needs few inexpensive and common things. Maa needs nothing from her devotees except few things like devotion (Bhakti), pureness (Pavitrata), and love. Greatness and miracles of Maa needs no description in words it is an invaluable experience of an individual who has to experience it in their own SHARDHA and BHAKTI. About Thawewali Maa
  4. 5. How to reach Maa The Temple of “Maa Thawewali” is situated in “Thawe”, in Gopalganj District in the State of Bihar, INDIA. This is only 6 K.M. from Gopalganj town on the Gopalganj-Siwan National Highway. By Rail There is a very good railway network that connects “Thawe” to the different parts of the state and other cities of our country. The nearest railway junction Siwan is directly connected to the four metro cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai. This is also well connected to other city of our country. Gorakhpur and Patna the major rail heads are also directly connected to “Thawe” via Siwan & Chapra. From National Capital New Delhi, many Express & Super fast Trains are available to reach Patna and Siwan via Lucknow-Mughalsarai and Kanpur-Varanasi, Lucknow-Gorakhpur respectively. Thawe also having railway junction. After arrival at Patna or Siwan one can reach Maa’s Temple very easily by train or Bus. Also Taxi service is available from Patna, Siwan, Gopalganj, Chapra & Gorakhpur through out the day By Road There is a good road network in the state that connects different places within state along with other parts of the country. Many National Highways pass through the state. Regular Bus and Taxi services are available from major cities of Bihar and East Uttar Pradesh (Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Varanasi etc.) through out the day. By Air Patna the Capital City of Bihar, is well connected to different cities of the country through regular flights. From Patna very good Rail and Road transport facility is available to reach the Maa’s Temple.
  5. 6. Distance from the nearest towns & cities is given below: From (City/Town) From (City/Town) 929 K.M. New Delhi 385 K.M. Lucknow 230 K.M. Varansi 120 K.M. Gorakhpur 174 K.M. Patna 94 K.M. Chapra 28 K.M. Siwan 6 K.M. Gopalganj Distance (in K.M.) From (City/Town)
  6. 7. Stuti of Thawewali Maa Om shailputri brahmcharini namostute | shri skandmata mahagouri pujat ganesh || om kanmanda kalratri namostute | shri chandraghanta dhyavat brhmavishnumahesh|| om katyani siddharatri namostute | shri mahakali tera rup anek || om singhasini bhavanii thawe wali namostute | satru sanharo mere nivaro dookh klesh ||   ***
  7. 8. Aarti Thawewali Maa om jai maa thawewali sumirau jo singhasni bhawani | kate-sankat deve karu, hone purn mansha man-mani || katara ghas ke dhan banawe,rahshuji jab lagawe dhyan | saat baagh daye jhare chawal, shakti sabne ma ki jani || om jai maa thawewali, sumirau jo singhasni bhavani | kamakhya,aami,ghodaghat, saat jagaha ko apni maa || mastak fadi nikali hath, bhakt rahshuji ki bani kahani | om jai maa thawewali, sumirau jo singhasini bhawani || manchaha fal pawe, jab man-mukh bole maa ki bani | om jai maa thawewali,sumirau jo singhasini bhawani || lijiye har sankat hamar, kijiye maiya svapan sakar | sabki jholi bharnewali, he maiya devi dani || ***
  8. 10. Mata Temple
  9. 11. Shree Rahashu Bhagat Ji
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