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Bare metal restore.


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Published in: Technology
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Bare metal restore.

  1. 1. Bare MetalRestoreBMR USING STOREGRID
  2. 2. • Now StoreGrid Disk Image Backup is 3x faster than Acronis, StorageCraft, Asigara etc• Instant boot of image in virtual environment• File level restore from VHD file• P2V conversion and also Supports VMWare• Much Faster restore• Quicker Disaster RecoveryHigHLightS
  3. 3. • Bare-metal restore is a technique in the field of data recovery and restoration where the backed up data is available in a form which allows one to restore a computer system from "bare metal", i.e. without any requirements as to previously installed software or operating system.BMR
  4. 4. • StoreGrid uses VSS (volume shadow snapshot) to take image backup of the entire disk or specific partitions.• It backups the disk data into a file of format VHD• If Encryption and compression is disabled while configuring BMR backups, the VHD file can be booted directly into a Hypervisor like Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual PC, Virtual Server and Oracle Virtual Box.StoreGrid Features
  5. 5. • The physical image can be booted in Hyper-V machine as VM and can be converted into VMware supported format to boot it in VMWare server• Supports True Incremental. i.e, only changed data are backed up to the backup server• StoreGrid supports P2V• Direct Streaming of Disk Images• Synthetic Full Image backup in the backup serverStoreGrid Features
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