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Adodis odc

  2. 2. What is ODC ?<br />Offshore Development Center or ODC are essentially a dedicated pool of specialized engineering and programming resources that acts as a virtual extensions of your own development teams of your country.<br />The purpose behind an ODC is to take advantages of the technological know-how availability in India, cost advantages and the reduced time to market.<br />Its like your own office, your own staff, your own brand but working in India in low cost for you dedicatedly with-out the benefits (Flex scheme, Voluntary benefits, Fringe benefits, other year end perks & many more..) which you are providing for your OWN country staffs.<br />
  3. 3. Why ODC ?<br />Currently all countries are facing economy slowdown.<br />Technology is getting replaced by newer versions rapidly.<br />Market place is filled with more and more competition.<br />Companies can survive with innovative development methods since service industry is becoming more competitive, more specifically web development industry is in very high peak of competition.<br />US and Japan are no more Ace makers in technology innovations as India is overtaking all in market with the expertise level and low cost for resources.<br />Growing cost of development which is the main fact in all the above.<br />
  4. 4. What madeAdodis ?<br />100+ technical experts/developers.<br />9+ years of solid experience in Web industry.<br />Founded and run by TECHNOCRATS.<br />International presence with many partners in USA, Canada, UK, Netherland, Israel, etc.,<br />800+ number of website development project experience.<br />Excellences in proven software life cycle.<br />World class project management methodology.<br />Global wise known tech-freaks in web development industry.<br />
  5. 5. How Adodis can be your ODC ?<br />Dedicated Development Team.<br />Established IT infrastructure.<br />Full operational control. We wont interfere with your ODC team at any time except the regular technology update meet.<br />Affordable cost plans with access to best talents in India.<br />Best known project execution process.<br />High Speed Internet facility.<br />Best support as a back bone for 365 days by 24/7 support.<br />Best Project Managers to manage your ODC team.<br />With assurity – “We take care of whole project execution & so you can concentrate more on your marketing strategies for more business”<br />
  6. 6. How Adodis’ ODC add more value ?<br />400% cost saving.<br />60% cost saving over existing outsourcing model to India.<br />Always ready for new web technologies.<br />Young and energetic R&D team who are all more thirsty for new technology.<br />Faster & smarter in Development which leads you to walk always ahead of your competitors in market.<br />Best infra-structure in industry.<br />Regular Technology updates for developers.<br />Best support and very transparent in all process.<br />
  7. 7. How to start Adodis’ ODC ?<br />Write to our Business Development Team –<br />After freezing the initial deal, talk with our project manager who are all very transparent always for you.<br />Then select your dedicated team of developers with help of our project managers.<br />Then our project managers will start working for you in executing the projects and you can concentrate on your marketing and client side rather spending your time in project executions.<br />
  8. 8. Thank you…<br />Adodis Technologies PvtLtd.<br />No:5, First Floor,<br />Saraswathamma Complex,<br />Akshay Nagar, TC Palya Main Road,<br />Dooravani Nagar Post, Ramamurthy nagar ,<br />Bangalore - 560016.<br />Email :<br />Phone (USA): +1-213-402-1779 <br />Phone (India): +91-080-64564142<br />Website:<br /><br />