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Mood of Mysql


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Bangalore Bar Camp - tech lash-event aug-25-2012

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Mood of Mysql

  1. 1. Mood of Mysql Vishnu RaoFlipkart Supply Chain - Platform Team
  2. 2. ● Music is the best way to express how one feels.● Well, Mysql has a soul too, it has a mood :)● Mysql can sing through each query(good/bad) it gets.● Every query, Mysql gets, is intercepted in and sent acrross to an MQ Server. Subscribers to the queue ,on receiving a message play a musical note depending on the query they get.
  3. 3. The symphony orchestra Subscribers to a Message Queue, who on receiving a message/query play a musical note S S S MQ DB Queries
  4. 4. Use case:Divide & Conquer General query log● Alternative to enabling general query log, which grows very fast in size and disk space becomes a concern on the master database.● The queries are sent out to a queue on an MQ Server and an army of subscribers who listen to the queue , log the query on receiving a message. ● The general query log can now be distributed (among the subscribers). ● More number of subscribers => smaller the log & easy to rotate.
  5. 5. Time to Sing :)Note:image is from
  6. 6. Thank you vishnuhr@flipkart.com