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user story


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trello description

Published in: Business
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user story

  1. 1. Problems Biz devs PM v 1.2 Frozen Features Design Mobile Server - Not well defined stories - Docs are not shared - Back & Forth without context - Duplicated trello cards
  2. 2. Solution v 1.2 - cards in Milestone are the master - status : design/mobile-1/server/mobile-2/qa - mobile / server / web references the master - major discussions are done in master - explicit about whom to talk to - user stories with some docs attached - Everyone is happy because of transparency server mobile design biz QA
  3. 3. User Stories Title (one line describing the story) Narrative: As a [role] I want [feature] So that [benefit] Acceptance Criteria: (presented as Scenarios) Scenario 1: Title Given [context] And [some more context]... When [event] Then [outcome] And [another outcome]... Scenario 2: ...