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Programme evolution through nps


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Programme evolution through nps

  1. 1. Programme Evolution through NPS
  2. 2. Top Quality Issue of AIESEC India according to NPS Job Description Logistics (Accommodation/Reception ) Integration of Intern into AIESEC and Local Committee
  3. 3. Job Description Solutions Specific Defined Job Descriptions for each Learning Network SubProduct JD Feedback Forms to Clients ( LC Based )Exchange Participant Selection Process ( Exchange participant askingJob Description in interview and as TN Takers we promoting it )
  4. 4. Specific Job Roles : - While Raising all Local Committees need to take these forms asSample Job Descriptions*One it will promote what kind off Companies we Partner with and alsohelp companies to define Job Roles better which ideally will improvethe Quality of Internships and the problem of trust of Companies inAIESEC*
  5. 5. Logistics Solutions The Basic Problem that interns face over here in India in Logistics is“Lack of Resources “ and which happens mainly because of Lack ofenough Stipend provided to them .So we evaluated top 4 Countries in iGIP and one growing country in iGIP Country Average Salary Our Average Salary Needs to China 675$ Increase fromAnswer Germany 850 $ this to a Turkey 450 $ Standard Nominal Salary Indonesia 375$ as it is quite low India 275 $ right now
  6. 6. iGIP Summit Output :- We divided the Local Chapters into 2 Clusters according toPerformance and the level of living in those Cities Cluster A Local Chapters Minimum Salary Ahmedabad 300 $ Local Chapters Minimum Salary Baroda 300 $ of forms Chandigarh 300$ Bangalore 400 $ Indore 300$ Chennai 400 $ Kolkata 300$ DI 400$ Jaipur 300$ DU 400$ Jalandhar 300$ Hyderabad 400$ Lucknow 300$ Mumbai 400$ Navi Mumbai 300$ Pune 300$ Surat 300 $
  7. 7.  All the Forms need to follow this minimum Salary by 20th January Only forms above this criteria would be promoted by AIESEC India Overall through Discover India Wiki, Deliver 200 After 20th January the forms below the criteria would be rejected under not qualifying Minimum Quality of forms of AIESEC India
  8. 8. Integration of Intern into AIESEC and Local Committee Implementation of Elements of Global Learning Environment in theLocal Chapters .Elements such as Mentoring , Conference & Seminar ,Virtual Spacesregularly Participation of Exchange Participant in Local Committee Meeting Trainee Dinners for Interns bi –Weekly
  9. 9. Other Activities to improve QualityReception Kit:It should contain->Minimum Quality document,-> Discover India Wiki,->Maps, Transport, Current Cost of Living, Contacts, Meals, Basic Translations, Touristplaces,-> Pictures & details of all the trainee flats.