Universal music social media plan


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Yrals Approach to REAL world ROI on Social Media.

Six Steps to Social Media Success

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Universal music social media plan

  1. 1. Universal Music India Social Media SolutionAugust 10, 2012
  2. 2. Where are we currently? Current Status Industry Std PAGE LIKES 70,800 For a page this size • Total • Average Monthly Growth 800 1400 • Growth Rate 1.1% 2% TALKING ABOUT • Total 1400 5600 • Active Ratio 2% 8% AVERAGE DAILY POSTS 5 3-8 FOLLOWERS 1059 5000+ AVERAGE DAILY TWEETS 3 5 KLOUT 40 60+
  4. 4. What we can do1. Create Awareness:Optimize Ads & Targeting This would involve us creating a variety of ads to bring people to the page, we can have different ads based on gender, interest etc.2. Build Reach: Post Timing + Sponsored Stories Even simple strategies such has what time a particular post should go up makes a difference3. Engage: Updates & Category Anaylsis Once this is done we need to analysis what has been the feedback with respect to our engagement levels
  5. 5. What the community can do• Engagement CreatesViral Reach Engaged Users create viral stories for the friends via likes, comments, re-tweets. This creates Viral Reach among these friends, creating an opportunity for the community to expand• Viral Reach Viral Engagement Viral Reach to this EXTENDED audience can create Viral Engagement. This creates the second layer of Viral Ripple. This has a secondary effect of Viral Reach, albeit to a smaller effect
  6. 6. What more can we do 3 Steps: INVOLVE, REINFORCE, REWARD1. Build more RICH CONTENT that builds INVOLVEMENT & furthers Virality2. Create Experiences that deepen RECALL as a ‘Destination for International and popular Music’ and Heighten Virality3. Converting Engagement toEARNED LOYALTY
  7. 7. Create Content1. Rich Short Form Videos: – Music Videos – Back-stage – Web Jockeys / U-Music Channel / Web Radio – Live Web-casts2. Pop Music related Memes: Building Formats that viral1. Personalized Content via Customization Apps (UGC)http://experience.mtvnhd.com1. Light Games and Challenges
  8. 8. Content Idea:Pop-star Meme Convert our content in to Viral Internet Memes
  9. 9. Content Idea: Artist News & Gossip Rihanna collaborates with her ex, Chris Brown! Whatcha think, good move?
  10. 10. Rich Content Idea: Quirky Music Reviews Create video content on the Most Top Music News, Virals& Web Discoveries Content could be used to: Cover Parodies | Gossip | Making o | Live Events & PartiesCreative Ref: Ray William Johnsonhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL56NP5d96Q
  11. 11. Engagement Idea 1: Light GamesFace Off Game Who has the best Voice? Rihanna AdeleConcept: A Popstar vs. Pop-star Face-off for the TrueFansBenefit: Scalable to Artists,Tracks, Albums, Photos,Videos & More
  12. 12. Engagement Idea 2:Light GamesTwisterConcept: Word Jumbles withan image clue. Answerscould be album or tracknames
  13. 13. Engagement Idea 3:Light GamesRate MeConcept: Users play the everpopular RATE ME, feeding thevoyeuristic emotion of fansBenefit: Content can scaleacross Artist names, Albums,videos & more
  14. 14. Involvement Idea 1: Sound Bytes• Create viral video series called “Sound Bytes” for Video Conversations with Various Artists & Music Celebrities
  15. 15. Involvement Idea 2: Social GameSocial AntakshariContest Name: FuntakshariConcept: The real game of Antakshari goes digital with usersplaying with friends. It allows multiple generations of music,track sharing (with video), and competitionBenefit: Familiarity of concept, Virality, contentconsumption
  16. 16. Recall Idea 1: U-Music PlaylistIdea: Allows users to hear tracks on the playlist, watch curatedvideos clubbed for different moods & Favourite tracksThe Catch: For each favourite the user must invite a friendLong Term Benefit: App can be a feature for users to seek theUniversal Music page without invocation / ads
  17. 17. Recall Idea 2: Real Life “Likes!”Idea: Give readymade “Like” buttons to college students to giveout to their friendsEach “Like” button has a serial number, users enter onlinemaking their page like Track-ableUsers with most referrals become On-Ground Ambassadors withExclusive Access to U Music Events, Concerts and other Benefits
  18. 18. Loyalty Idea 1: More Content Comic Strips More Videos Games Updates Merchandise
  19. 19. Loyalty Idea 2: Stay Tuned• Most Active Fans (Top Fans): Likes, Comments & Shares• Play All Games (Win / Collect Points)• Most Page Visits• Set Movie Reminders• Create User Generated Content (ex: Own Bieber Badge)
  20. 20. Loyalty Idea 3: Invite2Win• Users Invite Friends to Earn Rewards• Users Tag Friends to Page Photos / Posts• Users Share New Release Info• Share Character Content
  21. 21. The Plan• Retainers: – Social Media: INR 80, 000 / month This includes: • Fan Acquisition 5000 Fans per month • Content Generation for Updates 5 x 30 Updates / month • Content for Tweets & ATS 5x 30 Tweets / month • Creative Design 1 / Month • Video Views 2000 Video Views / Month • Standard Applications (Yrals’ Engines) 1 / Month – Digital Content & Partnership Mgmt: INR 30,000 / month This includes: • Creating Standard Backstage Artist Bites Videos (Up to 2 No.s / month) • Handling Content Partner Relationship on behalf of Universal MusicProjects: Other Apps& Media to be Executed on Request and at an Addl.Cost