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Q wireless presentation - version 2.0


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For Telecom companies Q-Telecom Product which has prebuilt KPI'S

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Q wireless presentation - version 2.0

  1. 1. Interactive Telecom AnalyticsReadymade Telecommunications Reporting/Analytics Solution on QlikView Platform A.Rajendran Team Team
  2. 2. Executive Introduction• Readymade Templates• Dashboards / Analysis / Reports for Multiple Telecom Functions• Map to the existing data• Unified Telecom Data Model• Telecom Data Dictionary• Integrates various Telecom Data Sources• Cost per report is kept low – Even for new reports• Very short time to deploy - Quick Wins2 Team
  3. 3. Typical Telecom Business Information Needs …• View of customer behavior o Large subscriber bases make it very complex• Maximize Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU) from top customers• Improve Accuracy and Timeliness of information o To focus only on profitable products & customer segments• Deeper and integrated Insights (single version of truth)• Lower the cost for Compliance and MIS Reporting o Cost per report is too high 3 Team
  4. 4. Information Visibility Challenges• Reports o Too many Reports, too much time, too expensive  How can we reduce time and cost?• Accuracy?  How can we make it more accurate and more reliable?• Future Visibility? o What IF analysis, evaluating different scenarios4 Team
  5. 5. Telecom Framework– Customer Life-Cycle – Marketing – Leads, Sales – Activation, Recharge – Customer Service– Usage Profiling – Voice, Data, SMS – Value Added Services Videocon Business Flow– Distribution – TPD Performance Modeled based on – Sales Performance TM-Forum Information Model– Integrated Analytics – CEO & Functional Dashboards 5 Team
  6. 6. Architecture• 4 Tier Architecture – Extraction, Unification (UDM), Business Rules (QDM), Visual Applications• Common Data Dictionary (CDD) -> Unified Data Model (UDM) -> Q-Wireless Data Model -> Predefined Templates with KPIs• Unified Data Model – Pre-processed – Cleansed – Connected Snow-flake schema• Can directly populate into a Warehouse Platform – No expensive ETL solution required6 Team
  7. 7. Q-Wireless Components ADS/LDAP Authentication Q-Marts Templates MIS MetaData Mgmt [$] Sales Reporting [Free] Sales Dashboard Users Accessing through Various Access DevicesNetwork Marketing Marketing Dashboard Reload Optimization Customer Service User Access Portal Data Dictionary Dashboard Unified Data Cust. Service NLD DashboardEsstel Repository Delivery Finance Dashboard (QVDs) Extract [$] Mgmt Dashboard NLDFinance Analytics Customer Profiling Finance & Churn Analytics UserAccess Mgmt [$] Mgmt Ops [$] Authorization User Access DB Team
  8. 8. Quality In-BuiltChallenge• Report / Metric Specs change -> Change Management -> Ensuring QualitySolution• Templates have built-in Control Reports• Validation of reports after changes - an easy processBenefit• Saves hours and hours of effort• Helps Business users to validate rather than overloading IT users8 Team
  9. 9. User TypesQ-Wireless Modelers Q-Wireless Admins- Map source systems into the Extraction - Q-Deployer administrators Deploy / remove Common Data Dictionary applications, new versions etc- Transform and create the Unified Data - Create / Modify / Delete users Model - Assign access rights to users vs.- Trustees of the Integrity of the Unified Data applications Model - No need for QlikView development skills- Existing DBAs and Functional Consultants - Can be performed by existing IT play this role AdministratorsQ-Wireless Developers- Trained on QlikView and Q-Wireless Unified Q-Wireless Business Users Data Model - Access the applications through Q-- Create New Dashboards/Reports/Analytics Deployer from QDM - Slice & Dice and View- Cannot change data in QDM, but can add - Create new charts / graphs, bookmarks further processing - Collaborate - Share Bookmarks, Objects- Very quick creation of new reports / with other users analytics / scorecards / dashboards 9 Team
  10. 10. Enterprise Aspects • SSO Integration to ADS/LDAP • Q-Deployer - available as a front-end for user access • Integration with Portals - Sharepoint, Websphere • Distribution of Reports / Analytics / Dashboards - Interactive and Static • Clustering - of production servers • Development, UAT and Production environments • Version Management and Deployment Management Process Defined • Standardized Directory, Table and Application structures • Theme-based Enterprise wide Interface Standardisation • Approval based deployment process (being added in Q- Deployer)10 Team
  11. 11. Successful Customers In Telecom Domain Using QlikView - India Positioning Q-Wireless to more Telecom Companies in India Ready to take to other geographies - worldwide11 Team
  12. 12. Large Data Experience: Our Insurance Customers12 Team
  13. 13. Large Data Experience: Other Financial Services Customers India Infoline City Union BankA Total of over 160 customers across various verticals Team
  14. 14. Team Offerings – To Partners• Implementation Services: Best Practice CMM Certified – Particularly for large enterprises with long term – Phased Approach• Remote Production Support:(20/40 hours per month) at exceptional prices• White labeling of above services (customer is owned by partners)• Readymade Industry Solution Frameworks: Insurance and Telecom (More to be added)• Training / Workshops: For Partners and Partners’ Customers at our offices in San Mateo, New Delhi and Mumbai 14 Team
  15. 15. Team - A Profile• 1800+ Customers• 20 Years in operations• 1500+ Employees• 32 Locations in India. 2 Locations in US• Systems Integrator• Infra Supply, Infra Support and Info Services• Info Services: QlikView + Google15 Team
  16. 16. Team - QlikView Practice Profile• Customers:140+ in India, 12 in US• 10,000+ Licenses - 700+ QV Apps Built & Deployed• Best New Comer in Qonnections 2006 [Philly]• CMM Level 3 Certified - QlikView Methodology• 20 Installations with100 to 2500 licenses• 80+ Consultants Currently (adding)• As Master Resellers pioneered QlikView in India• Presence in India and US – Team Computers in India – Team Business Solutions LLC in US16 Team
  17. 17. RecognitionsJust Received ISO 9001:2008 certified CMM Levl 3 Certified for Qlikview ImplementationData Quest - 2011Business Intelligence – CHAMPS Data Quest - 2010 (Success in Videocon Telecom, IFFCO TOKIO Best Automated Managed Service Provider Insuranceand Crompton Greaves [SAP]) Best Solution Provider Lenovo Partner Award - 2010 Best Turn Around Business Partner (North) Channel Partner Program - 2009 APC Best SI Partner Award --------------------------------------------------------- Data Quest - 2007, 2008, 2009 Best Solution Provider, Best Service Provider, Best Service Integrator --------------------------------------------------------- Data Quest - 2008, 2009 Most powerful channel partner of the year --------------------------------------------------------- HP IPG - 2007, 2008, 2009 A Rajendran Mr. Amitabh Highest Growth Partner Director Chaturvedi -------------------------------------------------------- Team Reliance Capital 2009 IBM - Most Valued Partner Acer - Most Valuable VAR CRN Xcellence Awards Most Reliable Vendor Award from Reliance Best System Integrator North Zone 17 17 Team Computers Pvt. Ltd.
  18. 18. Team Progress• US operations – Direct Sales and Collaborative working with QT and other partners – 7 Consultants added. 1 Sales + 2 BDM• Key Wins – Bloomberg, Molecular Devices (Danahauer Group), Enphase Energy, Esurance• Delivered to 150 Customers worldwide – Marquee names in India and US• Added Consulting Layer from January – Revenue Enhancement solutions – Marketing, Loyalty as focus• Collaboration with Rob Wunderlich and Matt Feyling (NxGen)18 Team
  19. 19. Thank youQ&AContact:K.Jaikumar +91 9310977186 19 Team