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  • A small percentage of people like a drama film to end tragically and ours will. We will do our best to try and fit a twist into the end.
  • There is definitely a lot of actions and emotions in our film which the audience want, however death is what they least want. But, we don’t want to change the death in out film because we want to shock the audience and finish with a dramatic ending.
  • A high majority of the audience want young adults to be in the film and just a few want over 25. our initial target audience was within the 18-25 year group which is what the majority of the audience want.
  • Our film will have a lot of high drama moments or emotional moments
  • We will work on maybe having a good twist in our film. We don’t know if we can bring in any comical lines because this film is based on a serious and horrible eventWe also don’t know if we can fit romance into it. If we did the film would be ruined!The film will already be very emotional
  • The majority want their main character to be male which our main character is.
  • Survey Monkey - Audience feedback

    1. 1. 1. What kind of ending is most dramatic? Percentage80.00% 72.70%70.00%60.00%50.00%40.00% 36.40%30.00% 27.30% Percentage20.00% 9.10%10.00% 0% 0.00% Cliffhanger Emotionally Happy Twist Tragic disturbing ending
    2. 2. What elements do you expect to be in a drama film? Percentage 9.10% Emotions 45.50% 72.70% Action Arguments Death 36.40%
    3. 3. What age group would you like your actors or actresses to be in? Percentage90% 81.80%80%70%60%50% Percentage40% 23.70%30%20%10% 0% 0% 15-18 years 18- 25 years 25+
    4. 4. 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 The Mentalist Taxi driver Kickass 1 1 1 1 The Lovely Bones 2 Crash 1 Titanic 1Social networking 1 Atonement 1 Any Response count and why? 1 Dont know What is your top favourite drama film Response count
    5. 5. What makes a bad drama film?• Crap stage directions• if it drags on and no actions or twist to the story• Boring storyline• A really stupid plot• Having a typical storyline so that as the audience are watching it they can pretty much assume the events to unfold or the ending.• Too much crying• Bad acting (x2)• Being too cheesy• Over reaction, too serious all the time• Very few emotional/high drama moments
    6. 6. What makes a drama film enjoyable?• A good twist• If something happens we never expected to see• Good storyline• Dramatic lighting, the setting and special effects and twists.• The mix of characters and the plot itself• Action and romance• A few comical lines• Tension• Emotional• Where the actors play their characters very well, and with real conviction of emotion.
    7. 7. What traditional elements of a drama film would you like to see?• Dramatic irony• bad ones are always defeated at the end of the film• Batman The Dark Knight• A happy ending• Conflict for the main characters or a sort of dispute.• Romance• A huge problem should occur, or several problems• A very dramatic turning point or ending• Thought provoking issues about real life human issues.• Emotions Intense conflict Big Climax• Based around a family
    8. 8. What would you like to see different in a drama film?• More action• If something new happens at the end• More genres• Time travel• Varying storylines and different, unexpected twists.• Nothing• A conversion with the action genre• not a happy ending• More twists on films, more Asian people• A break from stereotypes - the bad person doesnt always have to be the poor or Black person; the victim doesnt have to be a woman - reverse the roles.• Something scary
    9. 9. How would you like the film to start? Percentage 50.00% 45.50% 45.50% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% 9.10% 10.00% Percentage 0.00% 0% Tension Tension to from the Flashbacks gradually Other start build
    10. 10. What ethnicity or gender would you like the main character to be? Percentage 27.30% 54.50% 81.80% Male Female 54.50% 54.50% 36.40% Black White Asian South Asain