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At the airport_English_Class_8


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This content is applicable for secondary students to develop English Language Skills.

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At the airport_English_Class_8

  1. 1. Class : EightSubject : EnglishUnit : OneLesson : OneTime : 40 minuteDate : 23/01/2013
  2. 2. ObjectivesStudents will be able to………. Read and understand text. Tell the meaning and use of ‘lounge’,‘immigration’, Thailand, London Use Present Continuous indicatingFuture. Use Start + V- ing
  3. 3. VocabularyLounge :A sitting space
  4. 4. VocabularyImmigration :The act of entering a countryfor permanent settlement
  5. 5. Bangkok :The capital of ThailandVocabulary
  6. 6. London :The capital of England and the Great BritainVocabulary
  7. 7. Make Sentences in pairLoungeImmigrationLondonBangkok
  8. 8. SILENT READING1.Why is Mita excited?2.Why aren’t Mita’s parents going with her?3.What does an immigration officer do at theairport?Read the passage in Section B silently andanswer the following questions.
  9. 9. GRAMMARThey are waiting in the lounge.Present Continuous TenseSub + am/is/are + V - ingPresent Continuous Tense isused to express what we aredoing and what is going on now.You are watching TV.You are learning English now.Think about some more Examples.
  10. 10. GRAMMARThey are flying by Bangladesh Biman.Think about the difference of these sentences2nd Example indicates FutureThey are waiting in the lounge.They will fly by Bangladesh Biman.Present Continuous Can be used toindicate near Future
  11. 11. StructureThe two cousins start planning what they would doonce they reach BangkokSub + Start + V - ingMita, Zara and her parents start filling in the formsWe use ‘Start + v-ing’ to indicate the startingpoint of present continuous tensePresent continuous
  12. 12. Writing
  13. 13. Home workSuppose you will travelsomewhere in the next vacation.Write a short composition onyour preparation.