Evaluation 5 final


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Evaluation 5 final

  1. 1. How did you attract and address your audience?
  2. 2. The competition will hopefully grab a lot of attention as the prize is a new Dre beats headphones. As teenagers now have the need to have new tech’s, this could be a great way to attract them to buy the magazine. The 3D effect used for the main image will attract a lot of people as it is something they have not seen before. I have challenged the convention of having a normal picture with a 3D effect picture as I feel young people will be fascinated by the effect. Recently there has been a big buzz about 3D after the film avatar, there was also a 3D music video made. By having this effect I will be able to gain a wider range of readers not just hip hop fans. The magazine also contains other articles which feature well known celebrities. This will attract the readers as they want to know the latest news about these celebrities. Having well known celebrities will mean readers will have there money’s worth as they may still be unsure to buy this new magazine. The big bold title will attract the audience as it is eye catchy and grabs the readers attention immediately when they first see it. The font of the title I used was inspired by old computer games and comic books. This is associated with geek’s and nerd’s therefore I felt it fit well with the concept of geek. Most magazine I have analyzed are priced at 4/5 pounds, however as my magazine is new I will have to lower the price in order to get more readers. This will attract my audience as they will be reading articles about well known celebrities with low cost. The Blue and red colour scheme used for the 3D effect can attract a wider range of audience as fans from other genres could also like the effect and think its cool. As I have used a young rapper on my magazine front cover and feature article I will be able to address a lot of young people who may want to become a rapper or interested in new upcoming rappers. They will be able to relate to his issues he had as they will roughly be the same age.
  3. 3. I have added the Features, reviews, regulars which will be in the magazine this will attract the readers as the articles can be related to them. For example articles on fashion, technology and cars are some of the areas which will interest them . The sub heading are big and bold and easy to understand. It clearly states what the section is about such as reviews will include Dr Dre headphones. The contents page has a clear and simple layout which can be easily read and understood. This will attract the readers as they not be confused with to many articles and page numbers. I have added page numbers next to the image this will make it easier to readers to navigate. The picture of the Dre beats could attract tech geeks as they want to know as much as possible of the new headphones which has been a success. The sub heading ‘Nerd attack‘ makes you readers think who is he attacking. We would not associate nerd hurting or attacking anyone therefore the readers will want to read on and find out more about the article.
  4. 4. Bold title with different fonts as well as bright red in order to attract the readers attention. Introduction for the article in a conventional manner but also in red to make it stand out. Main Image takes up a lot of space and grabs the readers attention as he is screaming out rather than just posing. Large graphics in the background to make page more interesting to look at and keep readers attention. Quotation from the article which will make people want to read the rest of the article. Page numbers in order to make it easy for readers to navigate through the magazine. Second image matches the quotation in order to have more impact. Interview questions are blue and answers are in white in oder to make it easier to read. Artist is wearing the latest fashion and gadget such as the Dre Beats headphones and Ray Ban sunglasses which the readers will relate to.