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     Springfield-­‐Greene  County  Libraries    


                   Table  of  Contents  

                                                                Situational  Analysis  

     Client  History  
We  found  that  married  women  are  generally  in  charge  of  charitable  giving  for  households.    Also,  those  wit...

     The  goal  this  yea...
     None  of  these  organizations  focuses  strictly  on  education,  which  has  become  a  strong  American  val...
Objectives  and  Positioning  
     The  Library  hopes  to  become  a  place  where  kids  of  all  ages  can  have  fun  while ...
Media/Creative  Strategy  
For  our  campaign,  we  fo...
the  front  of  the  magazine  fewer  times  a  year  than  to  have  ROP  ads  more  often.    Ads  will  gain  more  att...
     We  spent  a  total  of  $6,  637.44  on  newspaper  advertising.    The  newspaper  is  widely  ...
     We  spent  $3,450  on  transit  advertising.  Our  transit  advertising  will  cover  the  back  of...
     We  chose  to  use  almost  $12,000  of  our  budget  on  radio  advertising.    All  of  our  other ...
Other  Expenses  
Website  Renovation  
We  researched  the  costs  of  renovating  The  Library  Foundation  websit...
for  the  goody  bags.    We  will  also  hold  a  raffle  at  the  event,  and  parents  can  buy  raffle  tickets  in  t...

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Newspaper  Ad  

       The  Library  needs  your  help  to                                                               ...
Newspaper  Ad  for  Event  

          Solve this puzzle to find out more about an exciting family event happening on June...
Radio  Script  


     0:00      Are  you  a  mother,  a  father,  a  grandmother,  or  even  an  uncle?  Do ...
Website  Design  Example  Layout  

The  Library  Foundation  

Home                Who  We  Are                      What...
New  Logo  
     We  decided  to  re-­‐do ...

Station                                # of Spots         Cost per spot     Cost            CPP
KTTS(AM)  ...




       Budget         10%   12%                          417 Magazine
           8%                 ...
Pulsing  Schedule  

JAN                FEB      MAR     APR     MAY           JUN      JUL     AUG     SEPT       OCT    ...

Through  communication  with  Michelle  Creed,  we  know  that  The  Library  Foundation  currently  receiv...
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Springfield Greene County Library Foundation


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My first integrated marketing communication plan created during my Principles of Marketing class during Spring 2009.

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Springfield Greene County Library Foundation

  1. 1.                 Springfield-­‐Greene  County  Libraries     The     Library   Foundation                 IMC  Plan   January   December  2010        
  2. 2.                           Julie  Harke                              Sarah  Korsmeyer                     Mallory  Nolen                     Elysha  Swider                     Brooke  Taylor           1    
  3. 3.   Table  of  Contents     . ...3     .   .   Advertise .   Magazine  A .       ............................................................................................20   . .   .   .   .. ............24   .   ................................................................................26     . ......29   .     2    
  4. 4.   Situational  Analysis   Client  History     The  Library  Foundation  was  established  in  1933.  Leaders  of  the  community  noticed  that  The  Library  is  an  important  asset  of  our   future.    They  wanted  to  make  sure  that  The  Library  would  stay  current  with  trends,  technology,  and  conveniences  that  our   society  seeks.    Through  the  generosity  of  the  community,  The  Foundation  received  gifts  to  help  with  improvements  of  all  the   different  facilities.  In  2008,  The  Library  received  the  Eco ear  Award.    Also,  The  Library  raised   $53,000  from  1600  donors  in  their  current  database.  Primarily,  The  Library  is  funded  by  property  taxes.  Secondarily,  The  Library   has  generated  funds  through  The  Library  Foundation  creating  a  more  innovative  and  technologically  advanced  Library  System.         Current  Struggles     Lack  of  awareness  about  the  existence  of  The  Library  Foundation     Most  of  the  general  public  assumes  The  Library  System  is  sufficiently  funded  by  taxes   Lack  of  awareness  about  offerings  and  services  the  Greene-­‐County  Libraries  provide   Lack  of  personal  relevance  for  the  target  audience  in  regards  to  efforts  of  The  Library  Foundation     Through  a  focus  group  held  on  March  5,  2009  and  correspondence  with  the  community,  we  found  that  the  Greene  County   Library  System  is  far  from  top-­‐of-­‐mind  awareness  regarding  non-­‐profit  organizations.    Many  are  unaware  that  The  Library  is  a   non-­‐profit  organization,  and  others  assume  it  is  sufficiently  funded  by  taxes.    Our  goal  through  this  campaign  is  to  create   awareness  of  The  Library  as  a  non-­‐profit  and  in  the  process,  generate  donations  to  The  Library  Foundation.           Target  Market     Through  our  focus  group,  survey  findings,  and  MRI  data,  we  determined  the  target  market  for  donors  to  The  Library  to  be:   Married  Women   Age  35-­‐70  years  old   Household  income  of  over  $100,000       3    
  5. 5. We  found  that  married  women  are  generally  in  charge  of  charitable  giving  for  households.    Also,  those  with  a  household  income   of  over  $100,000  were  most  likely  to  donate.    People  35  years  of  age  and  older  are  most  likely  to  have  both  the  resources  and   the  desire  to  donate.    The  data  also  revealed  that  our  target  market  is   We  found  through  our  focus  group  that  our  target  market  lacks  a  general  awareness  of   The  Library  Foundation,  but  has  very  favorable  feelings  towards  The  Library  System  and  the  services  it  offers.  Our  general   campaign  will  be  to  focus  on  this  target  market  through  emotional  appeals  based  on  children  and  the  way  charitable  giving  to   The  Library  Foundation  can  e ibrary.    This  will  create  personal  relevance  for  any  of  the   women  in  our  target  market  who  have  children  in  their  lives.           Competitive  Assessment   Crosslines:     In  2008,  Crosslines  donated  over  a  million  dollars  in  goods  and  services.  They  serve  over  100  families  each  day,  and  survive  on   volunteers  who  donate  their  time  and  money.    Crosslines  is  affiliated  with  the  Council  of  Churches  in  the  Ozarks.    They  gain  much   of  their  awareness  from  churches  throughout  the  community.    Crosslines  does  not  rely  on  heavy  advertising  or  special  events  to   draw  support.       Boys  and  Girls  Club:     go  there  after  school  and  engage  in  educational  and  fun  activities  led  by  trained  supervisors.    The  organization  is  specifically   designed  to  help  children   Steak  and  Steak   Dinner.  This  year  their  guest  speaker  is  Roy  Williams  from  The  University  of  North  Carolina.  They  will  also  hold  a  silent  auction  for   dream  vacations.  The  donations  from  this  event  go  to  helping  fund  programs  at  the  Boys  and  Girls  Club.  This  dinner  is  sponsored   by  Metropolitan  National  Bank.  It  is  a  good  way  to  socialize  with  the  public  and  to  network  with  business  leaders.    Costs  are  as   follows:             4    
  6. 6.   availability)     The  goal  this  year  for  the  Steak  and  Steal  Dinner  is  $100,000.     The  Boys  and  Girls  Club  also  has  a  walkathon  to  help  raise  money  for  their  organization.  Last  year,  the  walkathon  raised  over   $12,000.       Victory  Mission:   Victory  Mission  is  a  Christian  organization  dedicated  to  spreading  the  word  of  Christ  while  helping  those  in  need  get  back  on   their  feet  and  successfully  integrate  into  society.  This  year,  Victory  Mission  has  partnered       Window  is  an  organization  that  collects/  raises  money  and  items  for  foster  children.  This  program  helps  foster  children  enter  the   system.    Their  goal  is  to  put  together  a  canvas  bag  of  items  to  be  ready  for  the  foster  children  as  soon  as  they  are  placed  in  foster   care.  Items  for  the  bag  include  clothes,  socks,  diapers,  baby  formula,  books,  and  more.    Victory  Mission  relies  heavily  on   communication  and  spreads  the  word  about  events  and  needs  through  monthly  newsletters  and  bi-­‐monthly  e-­‐bulletins.    Finally,   they  are  publicized  mainly  through  churches  in  the  Ozarks.    Many  of  their  donors  and  volunteers  are  members  of  these  churches.     March  of  dimes:   March  of  Dimes  is  dedicated  to  helping  pregnant  mothers  have  full  term  pregnancies  with  healthy  babies.     improve  the  healt March  of  Dimes  has  a  very   visually  appealing,  user-­‐friendly,  and  thorough  website  with  a  clear  link  allowing  visitors  to  find  out  exactly  how  donations  are   used.  March  of  Dimes  is  a  national  organization  that  partners  with  other  non-­‐profits  all  around  the  country  to  plan  and   implement  fund-­‐raising  events.    Their  events  include  a  wide  range  of  activities  such  as  walks,  golf  tournaments,  cooking  contests,   etc.         Conclusions:   We   -­‐of-­‐mind-­‐   many  of  them  focus  on  children.    Through  this  research,  we  found  that  events  seem  to  work  well  as  a  fund-­‐raising  tool  for  our   competition.    Our  focus  group  mentioned  that  dinners  and  silent  auctions  were  boring  and  that  they  preferred  an  interactive,   higher  energy  event.    From  this  information,  we  decided  we  needed  an  interactive  event  that  included  the  whole  family.    We   also  noticed  that  our  competition  has  a  much  more  defined  and  advanced  web  presence,  so  re-­‐structuring  our  web  site  is  also  a   5    
  7. 7. .     None  of  these  organizations  focuses  strictly  on  education,  which  has  become  a  strong  American  value  and  a  measure  of  success    is   versatile  in  its  reach.    Children  of  all  ages  and  of  all  incomes  are  welcome  and  encouraged  at  The  Library.    Children  do  not  have  to   be  under  a  certain  socio-­‐economic  level  to  benefit  from  The  L  nor  do  they  have  to  be  singled  out  because  they   are  from  a  lower-­‐income  family.    A  specific  focus  on  education  for  a  wide  variety  of  individuals  distinguishes  The  Library  from   these  other  organizations  and  by  association,  distinguishes  The  Library  Foundation.    A  donation  to  The  Library  Foundation  is  truly   an  investment  in  the  future.                                                         6    
  8. 8. Objectives  and  Positioning     Objectives     because  we  want  to  inspire  them  to  be  the  best  they  can  be.    Springfield  is  a  community  that  is  involved  in  the  education  of  our   youth.    Making  education  fun  will  attract  more  kids  making  it  easier  for  parents  to  get  their  children  into  The  Library.    Parents  are   likely  to  donate  to  organizations  that  will  improve  their    lives.    Our  campaign  gets  parents  excited  about  their  role  of       Objectives:   1.  Increase  the  awareness  of  The  Library  Foundation  so  that  we  can  increase  donations  from  $53,000  a  year  to  $150,000  by   2011.   2.  Increase  the  number  of  donors  from  142  to  426  by  2011  so  that  the  goal  profit  can  be  reached.   3.  Increase  the  excitement  of  T donate.    We  are  confident  that  by  raising  awareness,  it  will  greatly  help  the  results  that  come  from  our  campaign.   4.  Hosting  family  friendly  events  will  help  raise  awareness  while  raising  more  money  for  The  Foundation.    Our  event  will  not  be   weather  dependent  since  it  is  inside  The  Discovery  Center.     SWOT  Analysis/Positioning       Strengths:   n   organization  that  is  free  to  the  public.  Hosting  activities  for  all  ages,  The  Library  is  a  good  place  for  anyone  to  meet,  and  there  is   always  something  new  going  on  at  The  Library.    Without  political  or  religious  affiliations,  The  Library  has  a  positive  reputation   among  the  community,  and  The  Library  Foundation  fosters  positive  attitudes  as  a  reflection  of  The  Library  System.         Weaknesses:    a  poor  web  design,  lack  of  awareness,  and  lack  of  financial  support.  Since  The   Library  receives  a  small  portion  of  taxes  every  year,  the  community  feels  that  it  already  receives  enough  public  funding.     7    
  9. 9.   Opportunities:   The  Library  hopes  to  become  a  place  where  kids  of  all  ages  can  have  fun  while  enjoying  a  safe  environment,  and  The  Library   Foundation  wants  to  help  in  that  effort  as  much  as  possible.  We  hope  to  receive  enough  funding  through  community  events  and   sponsorship  to  expand  library  services  and  become  more  innovative.     Threats:   Threats  of  The  Library  Foundation  include  Victory  Mission,  Boys  and  Girls  Club,  Crosslines,  and  March  of  Dimes.  These   organizations  are  also  non-­‐profits  that  have  gained  attention  and  support  of  the  community.  Due  to  the  rough  times  in  the   economy,  the  community  is  less  inclined  to  donate  to  The  Library  Foundation  since  it  is  already  partially  funded  by  taxes  and   does  not  have  top-­‐of-­‐mind  awareness  in  the  community.         Overall,  we  want  to  send  the  message  that  The  Greene-­‐County  Library  System  provides  many  educational  opportunities  for   children  of  all  ages.    These  opportunities  are  free  to  the  public,  and  can   to  convey  the  fact  that  many  of  these  unique  opportunities  are  only  made  possible  through  monetary  support  from  the   community.          words.    By  asking  for  help,  this  message  creates   awareness  of  The  Greene-­‐County  Library  System  as  a  non-­‐profit  organization.    By  suggesting  that  we  help  the  children,  The   Library  Foundation  is  obviously  relaying  the  fact  that  The  Library  is  beneficial  to   .    This  creates  relevance  in  the  mind  of   the  potential  donor.                         8    
  10. 10. Media/Creative  Strategy     For  our  campaign,  we  focused  on  traditional  media  such  as  magazines,  newspapers,  and  radio  as  well  as  non-­‐traditional  media   such  as  transit  advertising  and  web  design.    We  also  used  some  PR/promotion  such  as  our  KY3  interview  and  our  special  event.     We  felt  using  all  of  these  areas  of  marketing  were  important  in  order  to  reach  our  target  market  in  multiple  ways.    We  chose  to   allocate  most  of  our  money  towards  print  advertising,  because  MRI  data  revealed  that  people  in  our  target  age  range  and   income  level  are  heavy  readers.    Survey  results  showed  radio  was  one  of  the  most  important  ways  to  reach  our  target  market,  so   we  allocated  a  healthy  amount  of  our  budget  to  radio,  as  well.    The  Library  Foundation  requested  a  website  renovation  so  we   spent  money  on  hiring  a  web  designer.    The  Library  Foundation  website  also  needs  to  be  renovated  in  order  to  compete  with  the   websites  of  other  non-­‐profit  organizations  in  the  area.      Finally,  our  focus  group  suggested  an  interactive  event  would  gain  their   attention,  so  we  included  a  high-­‐energy,  family  friendly  event  at  The  Discovery  Center.    Below  are  specific  details  about  each  of   our  promotional  purchases  and  the  reasons  behind  our  choices.             Magazines       We  spent  about  $8,056  on  magazine  advertising,  because  magazines  seemed  to  be  an  effective  way  to  reach  our  target  audience   based  on  the  survey  in  our  media  packet.    Magazines  are  also  effective  in  narrowing  the  market  and  targeting  a  specific  segment.     We  chose  the  following  magazines.     417:       We  spent  $6,237  on  advertising  in  417  Magazine  for  many  reasons.    417  has  seen  a  40%  increase  in  paid   subscriptions  since  2005.    Therefore,  it  is  rapidly  growing  in  popularity.    Readership  for  417  fits  very  well  with   our  target  market.    Almost  76%  of  the  readers  are  married  with  the  median  income  of  readers  just  slightly   below  our  target,  and  the  average  well  above.    Readers  invest  a  significant  amount  of  time  into  reading  the   magazine  and  over  90%  of  readers  report  having  taken  action  as  a  result  of  something  they  saw  in  417.    We   plan  on  running  three  different  ads  throughout  the  year.    Magazine  Ad  One  will  be  printed  in  January,   Magazine  Ad  Two  will  be  printed  in  February,  and  Magazine  Ad  Three  will  be  printed  in  March.    All  ads  will  be   bleed  ads  and  will  appear  on  the  first  page  of  the  magazine.    We  decided  it  would  be  best  to  place  an  ad  in   9    
  11. 11. the  front  of  the  magazine  fewer  times  a  year  than  to  have  ROP  ads  more  often.    Ads  will  gain  more  attention  in  the  front  of  the   magazine  and  help  to  create  more  awareness  and  interest  among  our  target  market.    We  feel  that  ROP  ads  would  get  lost  in  the   clutter  and  go  unnoticed.         Parent  and  Family:     We  spent  about  $1,820  on  advertising  in  Parent  and  Family  Magazine.  We  chose  Parent  and  Family  for  the  obvious  reason  that  it   targets  parents  who  are  involved  in  their  childre ibrary  itself  focuses  on  people  of  all  ages,  we  thought  this   magazine  would  be  a  good  way  to  reach  those  who  would  appreciate  The  Library  and  could  identify  with  the  need  to  support   The  Library  through  The  Library  Foundation.    This  magazine  is  also  distributed  through  schools  and  is  thus  associated  with   education,  which  is  a  value  of  The  Library.    It  is  also  very  affordable  and  serves  as  a  good  way  to  reach  our  target  market  while   conserving  our  budget.    Also,  all  advertisements  that  appear  in  Parent  and  Family  Magazine  are  also  posted  on  the  website  for   30  days.    Three  ads  will  be  printed  throughout  the  year.      Magazine  Ad  One  will  be  printed  in  May,  Magazine  Ad  Two  will  be   printed  in  June,  and  Magazine  Ad  Three  will  be  printed  in  July.    All  will  be  ROP  placements  in  the  magazine.    In  the  summer,   children  are  out  of  school  and  parents  will  be  interested  in  supporting  fun,  inexpensive,  and  educational  outlets  for  their   children.       Springfield  Business  Journal:   We  spent  $5,133  on  advertising  in  the  Springfield  Business  Journal.    We  felt  that  this  magazine  targeted   those  in  the  community  who  would  have  the  greatest  ability  to  provide  financial  assistance.    According  to   a  readership  survey  in  2003,  59%  of   readership  has  a  household  income  of   at  least  $91,000  per  year.    This  is  just  slightly  below  our  target  income  level.    Over  85%  of  the  readers  are   within  our  target  age  range,  over  80%  are  married,  and  most  are  college  graduates.    As  with  our  other   magazines,  three  ads  will  be  printed  in  this  journal.    Magazine  Ad  One  will  be  printed  in  September,   Magazine  Ad  Two  will  be  printed  in  October,  and  Magazine  Ad  Three  will  be  printed  in  November.    We   felt  it  best  that  these  ads  run  near  the  end  of  our  campaign  year,  because  awareness  will  have  been  increasing  throughout  the   year.    The  ads  will  gain  more  attention  and  instant  recognition  for  readers  of  this  magazine  who  may  value  successful  business   over  practical  uses  for  their  children.           10    
  12. 12. Newspaper     We  spent  a  total  of  $6,  637.44  on  newspaper  advertising.    The  newspaper  is  widely  read  in  Greene  County,  particularly  among   our  target  market.    We  chose  to  advertise  in  the  Springfield  News-­‐Leader  because  of  its  high  readership,  especially  in  our  target   market.    Over  half  the  total  market  for  the  News-­‐Leader  reads  the  paper,  and  over  half  of  those  35-­‐years  of  age  and  older  in  the   market  read  it  daily.    Daily  readership  also  encompasses  59%  of  college  graduates  in  the  market,  and  74%  of  the  population  with   a  household  income  of  over  $50,000.    Also,  survey  results  show  that  46%  of  the  people  in  our  target  market  think  newspaper  is   an  important  medium  to  reach  them.     ads  a  month  in  the  Friday  edition  of  the  newspaper.    At  the  beginning  of  every  quarter  (first  weeks  of  January,  April,  July,  and   October),  we  will  run  an  ad  in  the  Sunday  paper  instead  of  the  Friday  paper.    The  ad  will  be  the  same  all  year,  except  for  a  Friday   ad  on  June  4th  advertising  our  special  event  on  June  12th.               We  will  also  be  ordering  60,000  newspaper  inserts  to  be  distributed  in  the  News-­‐Leader.    This  insert  will  be  n  the  paper  the  week   of  June  1st  to  advertise  our  special  event.         Fliers     We  spent  about  $66  on  fliers.    Fliers  will  be  used  to  advertise  our  special  event,  and  will  be  hung  around  town  in  local  grocery   stores  where  moms  and  wives  will  be  shopping.    With  the  permission  of  schools,  we  will  also  hang  them  in  local  elementary  and   middle  schools  where  children  will  be  picked  up  by  their  parents.    Street  light  posts  in  local  parks  and  playgrounds  would  also  be   good  places  to  hang  these  fliers.    We  plan  on  ordering  10,000  fliers  to  hang  around  town  and  pass  out  at  schools  and  the   libraries.       *See  last  page  for  flier  example.               11    
  13. 13. Transit     We  spent  $3,450  on  transit  advertising.  Our  transit  advertising  will  cover  the  back  of  a  city  bus  in  Springfield  for  12  months.    We   chose  this  type  of  non-­‐traditional  advertising  to  supplement  our  traditional  advertising  and  to  catch  the  attention  of  our  target   market  as  they  are  driving  around  town.       Billboard           Our  billboard  was  donated,  but  we  budgeted  $1,200  for  production  costs.    We  chose  a  simple  design  with  a  simple  message  so   that  drivers  could  easily  read  and  comprehend  the  advertisement  in  the  short  amount  of  time  they  are  exposed  to  it.    Since  the   billboard  is  donated,  we  may  not  have  a  choice  as  to  where  it  is  located.    Preferably,  we  would  rotate  the  billboard  three  times   throughout  the  year  in  order  for  it  to  reach  drivers  in  four  different  locations.    Our  location  preferences  are  as  follows:   Battlefield  and  Campbell  (January-­‐March)   Many  upper-­‐income  families  live  near  Battlefield ch  members  of  our   target  market.    Campbell  is  on  the  way  to  the  Library  Center  so  drivers  will  see  the  billboard  while  they   are  in  the  area.       Glenstone  and  Sunshine  (April-­‐June)   This  corner  is  a  high  traffic  area.    Many  commuters  pass  this  location  going  to  and  from  work  as  well  as   during  lunch.   Chestnut  Expressway  and  Glenstone  (July-­‐September)   This  is  also  a  high  traffic  area.    Many  people  who  live  in  North  Springfield  pass  this  intersection  as  they   travel  to  and  from  work  everyday.   James  River  Freeway  and  Kansas  Expressway  (October-­‐December)   This  area  has  many  restaurants  and  places  to  shop.    People  in  our  target  market  frequently  eat  out,  so   many  of  them  will  be  traveling  in  the  area.    Many  upper-­‐income  families  also  live  in  this  area.    This  area   also  attracts  people  from  outside  the  city  limits.             12    
  14. 14. Radio     We  chose  to  use  almost  $12,000  of  our  budget  on  radio  advertising.    All  of  our  other  advertising  (except  for  the  KY3  coverage)  is   print  material,  so  we  decided  to  allocate  a  large  portion  of  our  budget  to  radio.    We  chose  to  advertise  during  the  morning  and   the  late  rush  so  as  to  catch  the  most  commuters  to  and  from  work.    We  chose  KTTS  and  KGBX,  because  those  stations  are  most   heavily  listened  to  by  our  target  market.        We  plan  to  run  one  30-­‐second  radio  spot  three  times  from  during  the  morning  rush   and  three  times  during  the  evening  rush  for  both  stations.    These  spots  will  run  everyday  for  8  days  straight  in  the  beginning  of   January  and  seven  days  straight  in  the  beginning  of  July  for  a  total  of  15  days  per  station.    We  decided  that  the  Library   Foundation  would  avoid  clutter  and  gain  more  recall  if  we  used  a  flighting  schedule  for  our  radio  advertisement  instead  of   spacing  out  single  ads  throughout  the  year.               KY3  Coverage     Jamie  Dopp,  the  Community  Relations  Director  for  KY3,  was  generous  enough  to  offer  The  Library  Foundation  free  publicity  in   the  form  of  an  on-­‐air  interview  in  preparation  for  our  special  event.    The  interview  will  be  at  6:00am  on  a  weekday  morning.                                 13    
  15. 15. Other  Expenses     Website  Renovation     We  researched  the  costs  of  renovating  The  Library  Foundation  website.      to  locate  The  Library  Foundation   from  The  Library  System  main  page.    We  would  suggest  that  the  link  be  more  prominent  on  the  website  so  that  visitors  could  be   aware  of  The  Library  Foundation  and  the  need  for  additional  funding.  This  is  an  issue  that  The  Library  Foundation  suggested   needed  renovation,  and  we  agree.    We  contacted  web-­‐designer,  Jesse  Nivens,  who  said  he  would  be  willing  to  re-­‐structure  and   re-­‐design  The  Library  Foundation  website  for  around  $4,000.  From  our  research,  $4,000  is  an  extremely  reasonable  price,  and   the  examples  on  his  website  look  clean  and  professional.    We  have  included  an  example  layout  of  our  vision  of  the  website.     Obviously,  Nivens  would  be  able  to  make  it  more  aesthetically  pleasing,  but  we  want  to  include  the  information  listed  in  the  tabs   at  the  top  of  the  page.    We  also  want  the  home  page  to  rotate  pictures  and  stories  of  families  who  utilize  The  Library.     Special  Event-­‐     Our  spec to  Discover  from  5:00pm  to  8:00pm  at  The  Discovery   Center  downtown.    Partnering  with  The  Discovery  Center  will  be  an  effective  way  to  spread  awareness  of  The  Library  System  as  a   non-­‐profit  organization.  The  Discovery  Center  is  a  non-­‐profit  organization  as  well,  and  is  very  willing  to  rent  out  their  facilities  for   events  after  hours.    Renting  the  facility  after  5:00pm  on  Saturdays  is  $2500.    We  plan  on  hosting  the  event  from  5:00pm-­‐8:00pm   and  inviting  parents  to  bring  their  children.    With  the  permission  of  local  schools,  we  would  distribute  fliers  asking  students  and   their  parents  to  participate.    We  also  plan  on  advertising  via  the  newspaper  and  KY3  in  the  Morning.  Tickets  to  this  event  will  be   $3  in  advance  and  available  for  purchase  at  any  of  The  Greene-­‐County  Library  locations.    Tickets  may  also  be  sold  for  $5  per   person  at  the  door.    This  price  is  cheaper  than  normal  admission  to  The  Discovery  Center.    Many  children  will  have  experienced   The  Discovery  Center  on  a  field  trip,  and  will  be  anxious  to  go  back.    Parents  will  be  excited  to  be  able  to  attend  with  their   children  and  watch  them  explore  the  different  exhibits.    Children  will  be  encouraged  to  experience  The  Discovery  Center  and   visit  stations  set  up  around  the  center  by  The  Library.    For  example,  The  L bags  will  be  set  up  and  events  bulletins  will  be  handed  out  at  the  door  so  parents  can  learn  more  about   The  Library  Foundation  and  the  wonderful  things  made  possible  by  community  donations.      Children  will  also  go  home  with  a  fun   goody  bag  filled  with  gifts  and  information  about  The  Library  Foundation.    We  budgeted  $2500  for  the  venue  rental  and  $1500   14    
  16. 16. for  the  goody  bags.    We  will  also  hold  a  raffle  at  the  event,  and  parents  can  buy  raffle  tickets  in  the  hopes  of  winning  donated   prizes.         Our  goal  is  to  have  at  least  200  families  attend  the  event.  We  would  like  to  sell  raffle  tickets  with  the  grand  prize  being  a  3  free   nights  and  4  days  in  Disney  World  for  a  family  of  four.  We  are  also  going  to  have  other  local  businesses  donate  gift  certificates   and  coupons  so  that  there  is  more  than  one  reason  to  win  the  raffle.    We  will  sell  the  raffle  tickets  for  $7  for  one  arms  length  and   $10  for  a  whole  wing  span  generating  approx.  $1,700.    If  half  the  families  pay  in  advance  we  will  make  about  $6400  on  the   tickets  to  get  into  the  event.  The  event  will  make  us  about  $8,100.    If  we  subtract  the  cost  of  renting  out  The  Discovery  center,   we  hope  to  raise  about  $5,600.                                       15    
  17. 17.             Advertisements                           16    
  18. 18. Magazine  Ad  One                                           17    
  19. 19. Magazine  Ad  Two                                           18    
  20. 20. Magazine  Ad  Three                                           19    
  21. 21. Transit  Ad                                                                 20    
  22. 22. Billboard                           21    
  23. 23. Newspaper  Ad   The  Library  needs  your  help  to     purchase  books,  improve  facilities,   Visit  any  Greene-­‐County  library  or   and  implement  fun  and   check  out  our  website  at   educational  programs  for  the   http://thelibrary.springfield.missou brighter  and  donate  to  the     children  of  the  Ozarks.    Please   Library  Foundation  today  to  help  us       inspire  kids  of  all  ages.                                         22    
  24. 24. Newspaper  Ad  for  Event   Solve this puzzle to find out more about an exciting family event happening on June 12 from 5:00p to 8:00p! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 T U V W X Y Z 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 3 15 13 5 5 14 10 15 25 6 21 14 1 14 4 7 1 13 5 19 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 23 9 20 8 20 8 5 12 9 2 18 1 18 25 1 20 20 8 5 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __! 4 9 19 3 15 22 5 18 25 3 5 14 20 5 18 (Answer: Come enjoy fun and games with the Library at the Discovery Center!)   23    
  25. 25. Radio  Script       0:00   Are  you  a  mother,  a  father,  a  grandmother,  or  even  an  uncle?  Do  you  have  a  child  in  your  life?  Do  you  want  to  help   make  their  future  better?  We  do!    We  are  Springfield  Greene  County  Library  Foundation  and  we  are  here  to  help  your   children  learn,  grow,  and  live.  Help  us  inspire  them  through  educational  programs,  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  facilities,  and   thousands  of  books,  all  made  possible  by  your  donations.  Visit  us  today  at,   0:30                 24    
  26. 26. Website  Design  Example  Layout   The  Library  Foundation   Home                Who  We  Are                      What  We  Do                  How  You  Can  Help                  News           Contact       Name:  Josh  Elsenratt     Occupation:  Business  Professional     Neighborhood  Library:     Brentwood     Why  the  Library?     It  is  a  great  place  to  take  my  child     to  entertain  and  educate  at  the     same  time.       The  Library  foundation                                Home                 Donors     Privacy     25    
  27. 27. New  Logo     We  decided  to  re-­‐do  the  logo  to  give  it  a  more  modern  feel.    Our  web-­‐designer,  Jesse  Nivens,  agreed  that  he  would  create  some   new  logos  for  The  Library  Foundation  as  part  of  his  services.    We  would  trust  his  creative  talent  and  design  capabilities  to  create   a  new  logo,  but  this  is  a  rough  representation  of  what  we  have  in  mind.  This  new  logo  contains  our  slogan  and  better  represents   The  Library  Foundation  as  an  exciting  and  creative  organization  worthy  of  donations.                           26    
  28. 28. Budget   Radio Station # of Spots Cost per spot Cost CPP KTTS(AM) 45 $ 85.10 $ 3,829.50 22 KTTS(PM) 45 $ 74.00 $ 3,330.00 22 KGBX(AM) 45 $ 57.50 $ 2,587.50 28 KGBX(PM) 45 $ 50.00 $ 2,250.00 28 TOTAL 360 $11,997.00   Print # of Ads Cost per Ad Cost CPP 417 Magazine 3 $ 2,079.00 $ 6,237.00   Parent and Family Magazine 3 $ 606.66 $ 1,819.32 Springfield Business 3 $ 1,711.00 $ 5,133.00   Newsleader 24 Varies $ 6,637.44 Inserts 60,000 approx. $0.04 $ 2,160.00 36 Fliers 10,000 N/A $ 66.75   TOTAL $22,053.51   OTHER Cost Transit (back of Bus) $ 3,450.00   Event $ 4,000.00 Billboard $ 1,200.00 Web design $ 5,000.00   KY3 in the Morning $ - Production Fees and Contingency Fund $ 2,298.01 TOTAL $ 15,949.49   TOTAL $50,000 27    
  29. 29.           Budget 10% 12% 417 Magazine   8% 4% Parent and Family Springfield Business   10% 8% Billboard   Radio Newspaper   Fliers 2% 7%   Transit 0% Event   Web Design 17% 22% KY3 in the Morning         28    
  30. 30. Pulsing  Schedule   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEPT   OCT   NOV   DEC                                                   Billboards                                                                                             417 Magazine                                                                                     Radio                                                                 Parent and Family                                                                     News-­Leader                                                 Springfield Business                                                                                     Transit                                                                                                                                             29    
  31. 31. Measurement   Through  communication  with  Michelle  Creed,  we  know  that  The  Library  Foundation  currently  receives  approximately  $53,000  in   donations  from  1600  donors  per  year.    The  Library  Foundation  hopes  to  raise  $150,000+  in  2010  with  our  marketing  efforts.    The   measurement  of  our  success  will  come  from  comparing  the  total  donations  and  the  total  number  of  donors  to  The  Library   Foundation  in  2010  with  those  from  2009.    To  further  measure  our  goal  of  achieving  more  awareness  of  The  Library  Foundation,   we  will  hold  another  focus  group  to  see  if  top-­‐of-­‐the-­‐mind  awareness  was  generated.       30