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Product Overview Hex New Jenny


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Product Overview Hex New Jenny

  2. 2. Simulator Training Cat® Simulator training provides a way for operators to gain familiarization and understanding of machine controls, and learn proper operating procedures before training on actual machines. The simulated environment affords a safe place to learn and make mistakes without harm to the jobsite, machines or personnel. Hydraulic Excavator training is set in a heavy equipment environment and progressively takes the operator from basic controls orientation through more complex training exercises. Cat Simulators provide hands-on learning in a safe and economical way to enhance traditional operator training programs. Experienced operators can also benefit from simulator training by refining skills to increase production levels. Measure Progress Trainees progress from entry-level control orientation through complex operator exercises. Difficulty increases as successive modules build on skills from previous ones. Instant feedback, unavailable in real-world training, measures improvement.Improve Operator Safety
  3. 3. Inside the Technology Experience More Hydraulic Excavator Features Multiple Languages English, Spanish, French & Chinese Discover Increased Situational Awareness with Track IR! View Authentic Machine Controls environments Track IR, an optical motion tracking such as controller tracks head motions with construction six degrees of freedom (position: X, on a large Y, Z; and orientation: Yaw, Pitch, Roll) screen. while operating the Hydraulic Excavator Simulator System. It allows hands-free view control and is used to track actual head movements to virtual head Adjustable seat movements for a deeper level of included (forward, training experience. back & recline). Feel the noise with Buttkicker! The sensation of feeling heavy equipment movements in the Hydraulic Excavator Simulator System is now possible through hardware called “Buttkicker. For ”Floor plate features fully example, feel the sensation of the functioning machine Excavator while tramming, pedals mounted to during engine load or during a sturdy steel plate. bucket slam! It’s accomplished through the sounds emanating from the virtual machine. Virtual, but Left control pod houses keyboard. Companion tablet eBook extends tactile, when transmitted, the Lid/arm rest flips open to access. training experience at the addition of Buttkicker gives more Component housing resides under seat. simulator or in the classroom! authenticity to the overall training experience.
  4. 4. Hydraulic Excavator Simulator Training Module ContentsHydraulic Excavator simulator training provides an excellent foundation for an operatortraining program. New operators can begin training before they drive actual machines, whileexperienced operators can refine skill sets. The Hydraulic Excavator training modules coverthe following topics:Machine Walkaround. Learn pre-operation Truck Loading. Load dirt into bucket andmachine inspection procedures to ensure dump contents into articulated truck fromproper operating and safety conditions. ground level using “over the rail” technique.Controls Familiarization. Learn and Bench Loading. Learn to load articulatedunderstand hydraulic excavator operator truck from bench position.controls. Setting Trench Box & Pipe. Learn to loadBucket Placement. Position excavator and secure the trench box to the machine,bucket in space. move into position and properly lower the pipe into the trench.Raking the Green. Position excavatorbucket to follow trajectory in a straight Production Cycle. Exercise builds online. previous modules to teach user to complete a full production cycle, including unloadingOver the Moon. Position excavator machine from trailer, digging trench, settingbucket to follow arc movements of the stick/ trench box and pipe, backfilling trench andboom/bucket combination. reloading machine onto trailer.Loading & Off-Loading Machine From Quick Coupler. Learn to change tools usingLow-Boy Trailer. Learn to load and unload the Quick Coupler feature on the machine.machine properly from trailer following allsafety procedures Open Training. Allows instructor to expandTrenching. Use bucket to excavate trench. functionality of simulator to customize training for each student according toBackfilling. Learn to properly backfill individual needs.a trench.
  5. 5. Training Results MeasuredEach training exercise measures and records the operator’s simulation sessionsso instructors, administrators and the student can see the results. Instructors canidentify inefficiencies or weaknesses so the operator can focus on training to correct Learn to trench, load,or strengthen the areas. Repeating the exercises before moving on to actual machinetraining better ensures that the operator, job site personnel and the machine are unload and moreprotected from mishaps. with simulatedThe following are some of the results measured in the Hydraulic Excavator: modules that provide an excellent foundation for an• Execution Time overall operator• Fuel Burned training program!• Maximum Speed• Number Of Bucket Collisions With Ground While Tramming• Number Of Other Collisions• Number Of Bucket Slams• Time Spent Tramming• Time Spent Off Course• Time Spent With Tracks Slipping• Average Bucket Positioning Error Vertical• Percent Deviation From Projected Path• Number Of Boom Hydraulic Slams• Number Of Stick Hydraulic Slams• Average Distance Between Bucket And Truck Rail• Average Attack Angle• Time Spent Digging Over Final Drive• Average Bucket Fill Factor• Productivity• Number Of Times Bucket Passed Over Truck Cabin• Average Dumping Distance Of Material
  6. 6. Hardware SpecificationsFind a location for your simulators that will allow enough space for the footprint. Youmay set the simulator against a wall as long as the operator has access from one side.• Boxed Size: 77” x 53” x 36” (49677 x 34193.48 x 23225.76mm) .32• Requires 100V - 250V ~ 50/60Hz power supply• Requires one receptacle per simulator with the use of a UPS power strip.• Requires 6 amps as measured at 120V/60Hz Monitor Recommendation The LG 42” LCD 1080p monitor is recommended to support the simulator software graphics. Environment No specific environmental requirements other than heat and air-conditioning. Considerations should be taken for multiple simulators in the same area. Weatherizing Simulators are a PC based system. Follow PC requirements, including avoiding excessive heat, moisture and dust. Portability Cat Simulators can be easily mounted into a portable truck/trailer environment for transfer and use.
  7. 7. Dimensions fromoutside control pods. Seat Height from top of Floor Plate. Practice difficult maneuvers until fully mastered in the safety of the simulated environment. Virtual environments are modeled after real world worksites.
  8. 8. Comprehensive Companion TrainingSpecial companion training material is available for the Hydraulic Take Hydraulic ExcavatorExcavator Simulator System in an eBook. The completely interactive training beyond theeBook is featured on a tablet, with additional copies avaialbe for teaching basics with companionin another electronic format. A wealth of topics are covered in thematerial: material that covers machine operation,• Machine Introduction simulated exercises,• Simulator System Use• What the Operator Should Know safety information• Objectives and more!• Step-by-Step Training Methods• Definition and Explanation of each Exercise & Result Measured• Video Examples of the Correct Way to Perform Simulated Exercises• Calculators, such as Fuel Use and Trenching Production• Operation Tips• Helpful Images• Safety Information
  9. 9. Training Records Management Powered by SimU Campus™ Find out how operators perform on the simulators with SimU Campus™ training records management software. This program runs behind the simulator and provides a method to record and report user performance during each simulator session. The SimU Campus management software can be used with all Cat Simulator models. It runs on the same computer as the simulator software, making it easy to get user results. The software allows instructors to customize training to best fit their needs. It includes benchmarks based on expert data compiled from experienced Cat heavy machine operators and allows instructors the option to change or use these default measurements as their user benchmarks. Test operators and find out whether they pass or fail immediately.SimU Campus Benefits• Create a unique “account” for each simulator user, with a unique user login name and password.• Use the simulator in practice mode until ready to record in exam mode.• Print detailed reports for the class, individual student, specific exercises and more.• Save performance results as an individual record within a database under user accounts.• Restrict access to simulation results in the database according to need. A student can only review his/her simulation results, but instructors can review class results. An administrator can view all accounts.• Organize users into “classes” to utilize a single computer for different simulation software applications.• Manage simulator usage by authorizing different classes to use different simulators on the same training computer.• Allow simultaneous operation of multiple simulator training stations.• Network one instructor or administrator computer to allow data captured from multiple simulation stations.
  10. 10. ContactJenny AguilarAccount Managerjaguilar@catsimulators.com1.309.266.2647Simulator ModelsSimulators are also available for the M-Series Motor Grader,Off-Highway & Mining Trucks, Small & Large Wheel Loaders, Wheel Tractor-Scraper andTrack Type Tractor.www.catsimulators.comFind more information about training simulators on the Cat® Simulators website. In additionto all simulator product information, the site offers a variety of educational information suchas Case Studies, Safety Briefs, business challenges and solutions, and articles aboutorganizations that utilize Cat Simulators as part of their training program. Plus you can takea short Survey (the topic changes regularly) or sign up for our e-Newsletter, Simformed,which features new product information, video demo links, tips and more. Share your ownsimulator training experiences or be featured in a video testimonial. It’s all available on ourwebsite. © 2011 Caterpillar All Rights Reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, "Caterpillar Yellow" and the “Power Edge” trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission. Third party trademarks are the property of their respective owner.#CatPOHEX_2