Case study on klm airlines


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Case study on klm airlines

  1. 1. Presented by Group-9 Case Study on KLM Airlines
  2. 2. Reasons to Choose KLM Efficiency of implementing Way of implementing of CRM (Height of people, luggage experience ) Level of Customer Satisfaction Cost & Returns Loyalty Programmes Employee satisfaction
  3. 3. Suggestion to KLM  Focus of employee: Happier the employee, better the services  Automation of Services: Electronic order placing system  Service recovery in emergency case  Flight delay  Free hospitality  Another mode of transportation  Automation in Greeting at special days
  4. 4. If I was a rival Airline  Ticket Booking:  Analysis of KLM strategies  Product and pricing Analysis  Provide extra benefits to customers E.g. Delivery of tickets to home etc.  Improvement in the way of gathering customer data  Implementing CRM efficiently  During Journey: Getting reaction of customers  Electronic feed back form
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