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Women deserve respect, love and care by Dr Prem Jagyasi


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When society confers equal rights of safety and security and grants freedom for everybody why there should be a hue and cry to provide additional protection to women? The answer lies in our societal outlook based on sexuality and gender bias where women are considered weak and undeserving; a society that has strongly supported the life of a woman always under the guardianship of father, brother, husband or son since ages. It failed to respect her wills and wishes restricting her in leading a dignified life. Protection of women was there but in the guise of subjugation.

In today’s hi-tech age, when women are moving neck-to-neck with men, the society is finding tough to cope up with these radical changes. It is not easy to get rid of pre-conceived notions centering on the stereotype feminine role ingrained in minds for centuries. It is true women are leaving impressive footprints everywhere. Men dominated workforce is slowly giving way to highly performing women force. The waves of women advancement have invaded all domains.

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