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Managing competition in globalization of healthcare dr prem jagyasi


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Managing competition in globalization of healthcare dr prem jagyasi

  1. 1. Managing Competition in Globalization of Healthcare Dr Prem Jagyasi ChMC, MBA, PGDHHM, BEMS Chartered Management Consultant Medical Tourism Consultant Group Director – Marketing - Lifeline Healthcare, Dubai Chief Strategic Officer – Medical Tourism Association, USA*
  2. 2. Globalization of Healthcare Rise of Medical travel / medical tourism / global healthcare Challenges for GCC Industry Competition on wrong objectives Transforming one way street into in to two way global healthcare. Achieving Win-Win Managing Competition in Globalization of Healthcare
  3. 3. Globalization of Healthcare Medical Travel Medical Tourism Global Healthcare
  4. 4. Rise of Medical Tourism | Industry Driver & Lifecycle
  5. 5. Potential Target Markets USA Market • Cost Based Market • 45m without Insurance and 250m without sufficient Insurance • Malpractice Insurance is 25 time costlier than India UK Market • Need Based Market • Very High Waiting Time • 2.2 Practitioner per thousand below than Ideal 2.9 Canada Market • Need Based Market • 782,936 people were in waiting list in 2005 • Critical procedure waiting time is one to two year GCC Market • Need Specialized Care • Demand is Higher than Supply • Struggling Healthcare because of rapid development No Affordability + No Accessibility
  6. 6. Current Medical Tourism Industry Life Cycle EARLY STAGE •No competition •Early adaptors •Innovation EMERGE STAGE •Competition Starts •No Price War •New Entrance DECLINE STAGE •Supply > Demand •Substitute Exists •Volume Down MATURE STAGE •Fierce Competition •Excess Capacity •Price War Medical Tourism Global Healthcare
  7. 7. Competition on wrong objectives Competition on cost, not on value Competition to capture patients Competition to move economy from country to country Competition to make one way street Healthcare Services focus is shifting from local to international patients
  8. 8. Managing Competition on Global Level The total outcome should be measured by total value for patients, not by total cost The circulation of health professionals rather than circulation of patients Extreme exchange of Healthcare Resources
  9. 9. Managing Competition for Global Healthcare  Focus on Affordability & Accessibility  Avoid copying the healthcare systems of other non- similar economies  Focus on Preventions  More Outpatient & Day Surgical Services  No national geographic boundaries by Insurance providers. Provide accessibility within nation.  Common IT platform and integration across the country. Common Health Information Systems.  Active participation in Medical Tourism Industry  Provide support to private healthcare industry  Be prepared for Geriatric Care
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  11. 11. Managing Competition in Globalization of Healthcare Dr Prem Jagyasi Chartered Management Consultant Medical Tourism Consultant