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Jagoinvestor Financial Coaching Program


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Financial coaching is an opportunity for you to work on “yourself” and your finances with the help of a coach or a mentor. It not only strengthens your relationship with money but also gives you an opportunity to map out your finances. The purpose of coaching is to help you understand the ground rules of personal finance so that you get in control of your finances.
What you get ?

1. Relationship with money
2. 100 rapid fire questions
3. Cleaning your Financial Mess
4. High level Coaching Conversations
5. 100% Action Oriented
6. Financial Planning
7. Bonus Materials and Learnings

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Jagoinvestor Financial Coaching Program

  1. 1. Financial Coaching Program________________________________ Designed by :
  2. 2. What is Financial coaching all about ? Learn how to get in control of your financial life Think Beyond Numbers and Calculations. Be the Author of your own financial life Break the rules of traditional financial planning It is about being in action, taking responsibility & designing your financial life. The process with be thought provoking and action provoking
  3. 3. What you get on Joining ?1. Coaching Conversations that bring a change in your financial life2. 100 investigative questions that are thought and action provoking3. Basic templates that can help you re-calculate things on your own4. Action Support Document- For Execution5. Coaching calls to understand the ground rules of personal financeOther Resources:1. Book written on personal finance by Manish or any other book2. E-books3. Access to online project management software4. Personal finance Templates and 17 calculators
  4. 4. Promises of Coaching Program Changing your relationship with moneyFeel the GAP-What needs to be done in your financial life Clutter Free Financial life Getting all your Basics in Place Financial Goals and How to think about them New Financial Commitments- Action Support Document
  5. 5. Creating New Relationship with MoneyYou Learn : It is not about numbers it is about you You will start Experiencing Money from concern to Freedom. Learn to build the right philosophy around money You start seeing personal finance as a game.What we will do together1. Effective Coaching Conversations are introduced to you2. Get E-books
  6. 6. Feel the Gap- What is required to live a good financial lifeYou Learn: Slow down- where is your money and what it is doing for you ? You either have reasons or results in your financial lifeWhat we will do together1. 100 Investigative Rapid Fire Questions2. Excel Sheet that shows you where you are in your financial life and where you want to be
  7. 7. Clutter Free Financial LifeYou Learn: You will learn importance of simplification Remove things which are not on purpose You will focus on optimization and find areas where you can save moneyWhat we will do together1. Learn Ground rules so that you can protect your financial life from wrong products.2. Coaching call
  8. 8. Getting Basics in PlaceYou get your basics in place Life Insurance- Rightly Covered Health Insurance- Adequate Health Cover Emergency Fund- Making a provisionWhat we will do together1. Ground rule of Life Insurance, health insurance with spreadsheet2. Ground Rule of Emergency Fund
  9. 9. Financial Goals How to think about themYou Learn: How to perceive your financial goals Setting Realistic Goals What actions you need to take to build wealthWhat we will do together1. Spreadsheet: System of managing money2. Coaching call
  10. 10. New Financial CommitmentYou get in action Ready to play New innings of your financial life You will learn to make informed decisions and New investment promises You will adopt new investment style Increase your Focus on wealth creationWhat you will be doing / getting1. Action Support Document2. Coaching call on taking actions
  11. 11. Financial FreedomYou Learn: Learn the concept of financial freedom Active income vs passive income Understand Financial Freedom with numbersWhat we will do together1. Financial Freedom Spreadsheet2. Template- WILL Creation3. Personal finance software membership4. Useful Financial calculators
  12. 12. Who can work with usWe would like to work with those Who are willing to work on their financial life Who want to go beyond traditional financial planning style Who are open to new ideas and are coachable Who wants to make this year as their best financial year
  13. 13. Schedule a Call to know more !Mail to Thank You ! ,