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We all know “health is wealth” but do we really care about it? Health insurance is the other way of taking care of your health, since it manages many things during critical health conditions. Health insurance looks after many issues like medicines, hospitalization and other medical expenses.

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Health insurance

  1. 1. Health Insurance 2/26/health-insurance/
  2. 2. Some major steps while buying health insurance policy • First of all you have to decide the family member for whom you want buy the health insurance policy• Plan out the amount coverage that you require under a certain policy, since the policy varies person to person. • Check out if you can buy individual policy, for example policies related to the critical health illness rather than buying in the bunch of policies. 2/26/health-insurance/
  3. 3. Your checklist for buying health insurance• There is not much documents required for health insurance, mostly you have to submit the bank draft and premiums.• In case policy holder is more than age of 45 years than one has to present the medical certificates and respective diagnostic tests. 2/26/health-insurance/
  4. 4. Awareness while buying health insurance policyBuying health insurance policy is a great responsibilitysince you are going take care of your loved ones. If youhappen to have some family doctor or any doctor whois looking after you in past, then please find out if the policy covers same or not. Be aware! About claiming on critical ailments right from the initial days and about specific disease that are not covered by the health insurance at all for instance AIDS, dental surgery, cosmetic surgery and cancer. 2/26/health-insurance/
  5. 5. Important steps after buying health insurance Here is the health insurance in your hand, nowwhat’s next. After buying the health insurance plan, its update is very important. Just like any other insurance the timely renewal of health insurance is compulsory to maintain the validity of your policy. Hence, from beginning you have to be very conscious about policy since the expenses would be on your way annually. Gradually once you startfeeling the needs of making claims, try to understand the entire procedure. 2/26/health-insurance/
  6. 6. Learn how to make claims for your health insurance1) Prepare the checklist: your checklist must enclose the following original documents a) Expenses of check-ups and treatments, withcomplete enumeration of multiple bills that you have gathered. b) The original copy of the discharge card with complete update certifying the duration of sickness 2) Make sure to claim for health insurance within a month of the patient’s discharge. 2/26/health-insurance/
  7. 7. For More details on finance visit: 2/26/health-insurance/