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Humanities poster


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Humanities poster

  1. 1. 9 HUMANITIES A UNITSJulia LiI think I am a seeing learner and a touch/experience learner. 1- Behavior CampaignSometimes I have a hard time listening and understanding others, soseeing it over and over again is much easier for me. Although in some 2- The Renaissancemath equations or formula, I might not understand, but if I see anexample and experience it, I might get the logic and understand it 3- The Lithospherebetter than others. (Earthquakes & Volcanoes)I think I’m a bit of Risk-taker. I like to take risk that makes myself 4- The Age of Explorationspecial. For example in grade 8 activity week I bungee jumper,because I thought it would be cool and nobody did it. I am also a bit 5- Introduction toof Thinker. I usually think before I say something, and I do think a lotabout my personal things before I go to sleep. Business BISS 2011