Julia<br />Essay-What is Poetry?<br />What is poetry?  In my point of view, poetry is not worth learning for years and ye...
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  1. 1. Julia<br />Essay-What is Poetry?<br />What is poetry? In my point of view, poetry is not worth learning for years and years at school. But it is worth writing, reading and sharing. It’s mostly sharing your talent and your feelings to other people who likes it and feels the same as your lyrics. It’s an easy thing to read, every line is short and every word is fit perfectly in each line. Poetry can give you an illusion of real and fake, it can tell about someone’s life activity, or a feeling. Poetry is a way of expressing your feeling. You have to admit that sometimes you have lots of good words to describe your feeling; you will feel good while writing the poem. Because sometimes writing a poem forced by someone really frustrates you. Sometimes you find good poems written by others, they usually match with your feelings with some stuff. Normal people writing a poem on a subject usually go with there feeling. It is a very easy way to express your feeling. It’s a language combined with perfect words of choice. Writing a poem, you have to have lots of word knowledge. You need to match them. Just like doing Arcimboldo artwork. You need to choose the right shape with the right color. You have to make sure that the color are matched or absolutely contrasted, to make this perfect looked piece of art. Every word is chosen by a reason in poetry. The whole language and the words in the Poem are used in a nice way to describe it. Using verbs, metaphors, onomatopoeia, alliteration, similes and adjectives, which is also known as “Language Devices”. Poetry is a hobby that people like to do. Reading, Sharing and writing poetries are a hobby. It might be something that you like to do, reading other peoples’ poetry, because you can find a feeling that is related to yours. And you get exited, like I choose the poems that have good content, either because it has the same feeling as me, or it is written in a perfect language. It might be the reasons why people like to read Poems and study them. If you are in a Teenage life, you would think Poetry is just a topic we MUST learn for English classes. Sometimes, even I, 13 year old girl would think, why are we learning Poetry? I think that Poetry is just a thing to share, read and write as a hobby. Just like playing video games, it’s not a must; it’s just a thing you like to do.Poetry is an activity, not studying. I strongly think that Poetry is something to do, but not really for studying it really hard at school, and being forced by the teacher to write it and learn it. I think it is a freedom, a way to find your feelings, a way to enjoy the beautiful words that are created. And also enjoy listening to it. Poetry is a piece of lyrics with perfect choice of words to enjoy. <br />