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  1. 1. Stage Ideas The flag of the kingdom that is attacking the boats, will look something similar like this. With a chinese character on it. And the 2 colors will be in the opposite position. And there will be around 2 of them The sea where the straw boats will be placing is something like this, kind of foggy, sorta dark night, and also land around them. For the people shooting the arrows, It is going to something like this wide but longer and smaller. People there are a lot of people. But there are levels, otherwise they will be shooting each other. But the people will be around that population shooting arrows. I decided to have black stick figures and arrows shot in the air and to- warding the ships. and thousands of people are surrounded the boats. TheThis story seemed to be true, this isan example of a normal boat withover 5,000 arrows on it. But in myscene there will be less arrows andarrows coming on it and 30 people
  2. 2. If you can see the Chinese character well, it is “ ”, the side shooting arrows will have around 2 flags in this letter and in this font with the white circle, but on red and yellow squaring framing. This is going to be an idea of what people were wearing at that age, even thou it is going to be very small, but i have to get the basic structure and the color. In the scene, there is fog, since if I’m doing fog in a drawing, the whole thing won’t be clear, so I will just do a bit at the top to get the idea, and it was night time, so I might smudge some dark blue color.The Ground color will be this, it willlook like this, since it looks likeground dirt from here, when it isyellow grass. Because in war times,they were like fighting on ground dirt,because grass couldn’t survive
  3. 3. The focus of this picture is the sea, the color of the sea, but in my design the color might be slightly darker. This is the ground, the ground will beexactly like this except it will be drier
  4. 4. How the scene effected my character My character is an intelligent man. He planned out and knew the weather, heknew that on that particular midnight, fog is going to appear. The reason why I hadto do fog and make the whole scene, is because if it wasn’t there, my characterwould fail his mission. When his mission is to get a bunch of arrows. The people with archery and fighting the straw boats also effected mycharacter, it made the straw boat feel so attackable and scary, when over 10,000arrows shooting together. But that was his purpose, to get all those arrows. It mademy character feel so weak, but when he lived and succeeded, it made him the mostintelligent man in the world.BibliographyInternetDan Qing, Chen, Sina, Copyright © 1996-2011 SINA Corporation, All Rights Reserved,March 13th, 2011, Stevebullock, Paid for by Friends of Steve Bullock, PO Box 1330, Helena, MT 59624Joe Mazurek, Treasurer, March 13th, 2011,, Sina, Copyright © 1996-2007 SINA Corporation, All Rights Reserved , March 13th,2011,, Noaa, Not Found, March 13th, 2011, (Yoka) , Net Ease, ©1997-2011, March 13th, 2011
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