Character Journal Assignment<br />Statement of Intent<br />Explain at least ten things you have done to develop your chara...
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Character journal assignment statement of intent


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Character journal assignment statement of intent

  1. 1. Character Journal Assignment<br />Statement of Intent<br />Explain at least ten things you have done to develop your character<br />My character is Bruno from the novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas written by John Boyne.<br />He is a 9-year-old boy who is curious and fondness in exploring. In this novel, Bruno moved to Auschwitz e didn’t know about the Holocaust, so he started exploring down toward the fence when he met Shmuel (a Jewish boy) and led them towards being friends when he needed friends in the lonely place he have been living lonely. <br />I chose to talk about how curious my character is to show that this fact changed his life. He’s curiosity led him to things that wouldn’t even been happening, the chief/commander’s son goes into the Auschwitz gas chamber and dies. Sometimes it is good to be curios, but you just don’t know it can bring you to danger.<br />I chose to talk about the fact that my character made his own swing to prevent himself being bored out or having nothing to do. In this case I am trying to show to people that Bruno is a very opened child, he creates whatever he wants, as long he tries. He doesn’t give up and not being lazy for what he wants and not giving up in halfway. <br />I chose to talk about the day when Bruno first talked to Lieutenant Kotler and when he fell of the Swing, to show people that this is a part of Bruno’s life, and how he lives. <br />I chose to talk about Bruno’s best friend in Out-with, Shmuel. Because he is a very important character in this novel. Shmuel brought Bruno very close into this Holocaust event, between Jews and German. To show what Shmuel is and looks like, describing him.<br />I chose to talk about Bruno’s sister, because there is a relationship between this siblings. My character really do not like his sister, he thinks that his sister is a Hopeless case. I talked about what he thinks about his sister, to show this I wrote a Poem from Bruno’s point of view.<br />I chose to talk about the event of Bruno moving his house from Berlin to Out-with. This is an important event to my character, because it is a big disadvantage to him. My character, an explorative, social and curious boy comes to a dangerous place with no friends. To show this disadvantage to him, I wrote a diary about the unhappiest day in my character’s life. It is important to talk about this event, because this event moving to Out-with is the biggest decision that should not have been decided, this place they moved to affected Bruno’s life.<br />I chose to talk about the scene when Bruno escaped from the house and ran to the forest. The basic scene is what Bruno was thinking and acting in the forest. I did this to show the specific action what was happening when Bruno was escaping to explore.<br />I chose to describe about the wire fence as an artifact in the novel. Because the wire fence made Bruno more confusing about Jews and those things. I chose to do this artifact to show how Bruno and Shmuel were separated and making the novel more clear and understandable for the readers. <br />I chose to create a short story between Bruno and Gretel playing chess, to show the relationship between them. That Bruno is not very happy to make Gretel instruct him and also to show him that he is clever, as for he got the second in youth Berlin competition. <br />I chose to talk about the scene of Bruno started talking to Shmuel and making friend with him, and what they talked about. To show their relationship and how they became friends and how it led Bruno to danger. <br />(x10) [about your character]<br />