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Cat among the pigeons


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Published in: Education
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Cat among the pigeons

  1. 1. Cat Among the Pigeons<br />(Julia Golding)<br />This book is a full of adventurous taste; the mission taste is very strong too. It is a classic book; main character is the hero, and the enemy, who creates problems for a person who can have a perfect life. The English difficulty is Average, not hard for English communicators. <br /> Ingredients:<br />1x Brave, intelligent and tough girl (Cat)<br />1x talented musician, African slave boy<br />11x kind, high-standard “Cat” helpers<br />1x Arrogant, self-centered slaver<br />1x Clever, self-centered person<br />1x full with famous acting setting<br />1x Tough, high-level peoples’ setting <br />358x pages of reading<br />5x Acts in different unique places<br />15x scenes of acts, with a different exiting actions by Cat<br />Instructions:<br /><ul><li>If you can read the book “The Diamond of Drury Lane”, it will make the story more clear about the characters background
  2. 2. Look carefully at the book cover, and the TITLE. Make sure you understand the title (Cat is the main character). And the picture of the book cover. Make sure you know the gender is.
  3. 3. Then read the book really concentrating, go through all the words you don’t know (min. if the word affects the meaning of the sentence), search the meaning and read it very clearly. Make sure you read the description in cursive, which is below each map, which is, appears in each new Act, it helps you understanding it better.
  4. 4. You may not think of anything else while reading it, if you did, read it again. You may listen to music meanwhile, but don’t concentrate listening to it. You may eat things, but no thinking too much about the taste. If you did not understand the part, you must miss something important.
  5. 5. Search in the Cat’s Glossary if you don’t understand some phrases that is used in the book. </li></ul>246380084455-5080084455<br />Picture of Author: <br />Picture of Book cover:<br />Julia Li<br />