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New microsoft office word document

  1. 1. Zed Earth - World's FirstSelf Powered Homes  Zed Earth
  2. 2. We nearly called it BCIL Terra Rouge, that lovely term in French for red earth. This is BCIL's biggest offering so far with over 130+ homes nestling in a land sprawl of 20 acres. BCIL ZED Earth is a world in itself. This is BCIL’s most ambitious residential enclave so far. We have validation to claim that it will be by far the largest such ‘sustainable’ residential enclave in the world that relies so little on the world outside for energy or water or its waste management. Set on a land sprawl of 20 acres. To the north of Bangalore, pretty close to the Int’l airport, and on the 8-lane Dodda Ballapur Road. Forty minutes from heart of town, and 20 minutes from the massive Maanyata Tech Park, or the Apparel Tech Park. At least a dozen of Bangalore’s premier schools, the prestigious BMS IT College are within 15 minutes of the BCIL ZED Earth campus. Columbia Asia and a couple of other hospitals are within a half- hour. Offering a soft density of just over 6 homes to an acre, the campus is 70% independent from the State Grid for power for every one of its 130+ homes. Bangalore suffers 2-hour power shutdowns every day, and will remain power-deficit for at least the next ten years. The Campus does not need municipal water supply connection and offers 24x7 treated water supply. What’s more, there are no deep borewells at Red Earth that run the risk of drying up, leaving residents literally high and dry! You know the grim story of water shortages in every apartment block and residential enclave. BCIL Red Earth is designed to have no need for Sewerage Board connections of the State govt. Homes are designed to offer exquisite spaces, with high ceilings, interesting gabled roofs, terraces and backyards that offer promise of pleasant barbecue evenings, split levels that accentuate spaces, private nooks that are designed for personal comfort. Homes here are
  3. 3. engineered to offer you complete independence from the outside world for power, water and for waste management. BCIL’s very unique ‘Grow your Own Water’ technologies help to make Red Earth 100% water-positive. Your reason to wake up everymorning! In a setting that is quiet, densely wooded, celebrating the best values of floral and faunal biodiversity. As one customer says, ‘I know why I picked this place. I will have a reason to wake up every morning!’ You have a choice of sizes ranging from a warm 2400 sq feet, to an expansive 2700 sq feet and a really luxurious 3600 sq feet of spaces. Call in and ask for our floor plans. These rare designs offer sensitivity to natural lighting, your need to connect with the outdoors, little and large elements of design that naturally cool the homes. We have drawn the vast traditional knowledge systems of Indian architecture and ‘vaastu’, but have blended with contemporary engineering expertise and architectural needs of today’s world. The campus is carved into two large home bays. The first, ZED Earth WoodSide, offers 47 stand-alone, single-family homes over a spread of 7.5 acres. The second bay offers 80+ homes over a land expanse of 12 acres. Though it is hard to offer you a picture of how the campus will evolve, all we can say is that we have been inspired by the community values of the old ‘katras’ and small clusters of communities that our villages offered as architecture for thousands of years. What is unique to Red Earth is that every home opens on its backyard to a large green park. Each cluster of homes is no more than 8 to a dozen, offering you therefore the warmth of your own little community of neighbours, while the entire campus offers neighborhood values with the clever disassociation of green spaces that the Masterplan offers. A Quiet Revolution in Homes Here is a quiet revolution in the making. ZED Earth is the face of the future of construction. In creating the world's largest green residential enclave, it offers you the very best in urban sophistication. Ask our Client Counselors for exciting options on offer, at prices that will have you ask, ‘Is there a catch?’ Says another BCIL home-owner: “If every builder built the way you do, well, the city will have so much less as demand for power, waste to dump, and precious fresh water needed. This is the way to go into the future!’