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Nasal polyp kmct


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Nasal polyp kmct

  2. 2. • Non neoplastic masses of edematous nasal or sinus mucosa
  3. 3. TYPES
  4. 4. Bilateral ethmoidal polyp
  5. 5. Aetiology Chronic rhinosinusitis Sampter’s triad Cystic fibrosis Allergic fungal sinusitis kartagener’s syndrome Young’s syndrome Churg strauss syndrome nasal mastocytosis
  6. 6. PATHOGENESIS Aetiology Collection of extracellular fluid Edema of nasal mucosa
  7. 7. PATHOLOGICAL CHANGES Atmosph eric irritation Ciliated columnar epitheliu m (normal) Metaplas tic change to transition al and squamou s type
  8. 8. • Sub mucosa- large intercellular space filled with serous fluid • Infiltration with eosinophils and round cells
  9. 9. COMMON SITES Uncinate process Bulla ethmoidalis Ostia of sinus Medial surface and edge of middle turbinate
  10. 10. SYMPTOMS Nasal stiffness—Nasal obstruction Loss of smell Head ache Sneezing Watery nasal discharge Mass protruding from nostrils
  11. 11. SIGNS Anterior rhinoscopy--smooth glistening grape like mass Nasal cavity--purulent discharge Long standing cases---broadening of nose and increased intercanthal distance
  13. 13. TREATMENT Antihistaminics Medical treatment Steroids
  14. 14. Polypectomy Intranasal etmoidectomy Extranasal etmoidectomy Trasantral etmoidectomy FESS Surgical treatment
  15. 15. ANTROCHOANAL POLYPI Antral Nasal Choanal
  16. 16. AETIOLOGY • Common in children and young adults • Nasal allergy +sinus infection-most common cause • Usually single and unilateral
  17. 17. SYMPTOMS Nasal disharge Thick and dull voice Unilateral nasal obstruction
  18. 18. SIGNS anterior rhinoscopy Large polypgreyish mass+nas al discharge small polypmasked Soft&can be moved up&down with probe
  19. 19. Posterior rhinoscopy Globular mass filling the choana/oropharyn x Large polyp-hang ddown beneath soft palate&present in oropharynx
  20. 20. DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS A blob of mucus Hypertrop hied middleturb inate Angiofibro ma neoplasm
  21. 21. INVESTIGATIONS • X-ray of paranasal sinuses • X-ray of softtissue nasopharynx
  22. 22. TREATMENT Avulsion through nasal/oral route Caldwellluc operation Endoscopic sinuss surgery