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  1. 1. PhysicalEducatio
  2. 2. Basketball
  3. 3. 1) Identify one club in the NBA (America) – I want to know what you can find out aboutthem!!! Everything you can fit into one page!- Los Angeles Lakers:-- The Lakers hold the record for NBAs longest winning streak (33)- Their rival team is the Boston Celtics- Wilt Chamberlain played for Los Angeles for five seasons during the late 1960s and early 1970s.- Hall of Famer George Mikan (#99) led the Lakers franchise to their first five NBA- Bryant is tied for the most All Star MVP Awards in NBA History.- Bryant the NBA in scoring during the 2005–06 and 2006–07 seasons, setting numerous scoring records in the process.- After Abdul-Jabbar and Johnsons retirement, the team struggled in the early 1990s before acquiring Shaquille ONeal and Kobe Bryant in 1996. Led by ONeal, Bryant, and another Hall of Fame coach, Phil Jackson.- Los Angeles won three consecutive titles between 2000 to 2002, securing the franchise its first "three-peat".2) Within your country can you find out the following about Basketball:- Bahraina) What is the name of the Basketball league?- Bahrain Basketball association (BBA)b) Who plays in the league?- * Manama * Ahli * Muharraq * Hala * Najma * Isa Town * Nawaydrat
  4. 4. * Bahrain * Sitra * Hidd * Itihadc) Who has won the league?- Manama- Ahli- Al Hala- Muharraqd) Who have been the outstanding players?-e) What are the main cities that they play in?- Manama- Muharraq- Al Ahli- Isa townf) Which countries do they play against?- Kuwait- Oman- Qatar- Saudi Arabia- Yemen- Indonesia- Egypt- Brunei Darussalam- Malaysia- Hong Kong3) There is a Basketball world cup!!a) For Men name all the world champions and what year- Argentina 1950- United States 1945- Brazil 1959
  5. 5. - Brazil 1963- Soviet Union 1967- Yugoslavia 1970- Soviet Union 1974- Yugoslavia 1978- Soviet Union 1982- Unites States 1986- Yugoslavia 1990- United States 1994- Yugoslavia 1998- Yugoslavia 2002- Spain 2006- United States 2010b) For Women name all the world champions and what year- 1953 United State- 1957 United State- 1959 Soviet Union- 1964 Soviet Union- 1967 Soviet Union- 1971 Soviet Union- 1975 Soviet Union- 1979 United States- 1983 Soviet Union- 1986 United States- 1990 United States- 1994 Brazil- 2002 United States- 2006 Australia- 2010 United Statesc) For Men name all the Olympic Champions and what year- 1936 United States- 1948 United States- 1952 United States- 1956 United States- 1960 United States- 1964 United States- 1968 United States- 1972 Soviet Union- 1976 United States- 1980 Yugoslavia- 1984 United States- 1988 Soviet Union- 1992 Unites States- 1996 United States
  6. 6. - 2000 United States- 2004 Argentina- 2008 United Statesd) For Women name all the Olympic Champions and what year- 1976 Soviet Union- 1980 Soviet Union- 1984 United States- 1988 United States- 1992 Unified team- 1996 United States- 2000 United States- 2004 United States- 2008 United Statese) Name all the venues that have hosted men’s basketball world cups- Berlin- London- Helsinki- Melbourne- Rome- Tokyo- Mexico City- Munich- Montreal- Moscow- Los Angles- Seoul- Barcelona- Atlanta- Sydney- Athens- Beijingf) Name all the venues that have hosted women’s basketball world cups- Montreal- Moscow- Los Angeles- Seoul- Barcelona- Atlanta
  7. 7. - Athens- Beijing4) In China there is a professional league- Yes, The Chinese basketball association (CBA)a) Name all the teams involved * Bayi Rockets * Beijing Ducks * Dongguan Leopards * Foshan Long Lions * Fujian Sturgeons * Guangdong Southern Tigers * Jiangsu Dragons * Jilin Northeast Tigers * Liaoning Dinosaurs * Qingdao Eagles * Shandong Gold * Shanghai Sharks * Shanxi Brave Dragons * Tianjin Gold Lions * Xinjiang Flying Tigers * Zhejiang Golden Bulls * Zhejiang Lionsb) Which team does Yao Ming play for now- Yao Ming used to play with the Houston Rockets but retired due to a foot injuryc) Give details about the team from Beijing – is there one??- Yes, the Beijing Ducks. In the 2004–2005 season, the Beijing Ducks finished insecond place in the North Division, but lost in the quarter-finals to the SouthDivisions Bayi Rockets. Notable players include Mengke Bateer and Sun MingMing.d) In the 2008 Beijing Olympics list the positions in the men’s tournament1. United States (USA)2. Spain (ESP)Australia (AUS) 3.Russia (RUS)Argentina (ARG)e) In the 2008 Beijing Olympics list the positions in the women’s tournament- United states
  8. 8. - Australia - Russiaf) In the 2008 Paralympics list the positions in the men’s tournament- Australia- Canada- Great Britaing) In the 2008 Paralympics list the positions in the women’s tournament- United states- Germany- Australia5) Lastly – draw a picture of a Basketball court – all dimensions please!!
  9. 9. Bibliography- http://www.basketball-reference.com/teams/MNL/1957.html-