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Reusable Code - For Good or For Awesome!


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Yep, this makes absolutely no sense without the talky bits. Thankfully it was filmed, will link when it's uploaded (when I've finished presented this month).

Here's the summary:

What sets reusable JavaScript apart from other JavaScript? How can we make our code developer-friendly, fast, robust & compatible?

In this talk we'll cover testing, code structure, working with compressors, documentation, measuring performance, but concentrating on API design.

The API is make-or-break when it comes to reusable code. It's the API that lets other developers use your application, if it's difficult to use then they won't get the most out of what you've written.

We'll analyse existing APIs, looking at where they fail and where they succeed, looking at what patterns they use and how users react to them.

By looking at the wins and fails in the real world, we can discover what makes code a pleasure to use and reuse.

Published in: Technology
  • Awesome talk Jake! Here is the link to the video —
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