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Creating a Digital Strategy and Activation Playbook


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I build digital marketing plans. In my experience I have found that playbooks work best for the client/brand and agency teams. It is a tangible deliverable that begins with insights and ends with an actionable plan to execute on.

This is an overview the following:
1) POV on digital marketing
2) What is a digital strategy
3) Digital playbook: strategy
4) Digital playbook: activation

Digital playbooks are not a one size fits all plan- (hence the strategic component.)

If you never read this deck I'd ask you to remember 4 things. The best playbooks in the world will never be successful without the following:
- A strong, skilled team to build & execute your plan.
- Flexible planning/budgeting.
- Use measurement and analytics to drive future strategy.
- Ensure your playbook can adapt to market changes.

Cheers to smart marketing!

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Creating a Digital Strategy and Activation Playbook

  1. Author:  Jess  Seilheimer  @Jaeselle   Lets  Be  Strategic  Crea&ng  a  Digital  Strategy    &  Ac&va&on  Playbook  
  2. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   2  2  2  2   POV  on  DIGITAL  MARKETING   WHAT  IS  A  DIGITAL  STRATEGY   DIGITAL  PLAYBOOK:  STRATEGY   DIGITAL  PLAYBOOK:  ACTIVATION   1   2   3   4  
  3. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   3  3  3  3   POV  on  DIGITAL  MARKETING   WHAT  IS  A  DIGITAL  STRATEGY   DIGITAL  PLAYBOOK:  STRATEGY   DIGITAL  PLAYBOOK:  ACTIVATION   1   2   3   4  
  4. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   4  4  4  4   Digital  is  evolving  faster  than  any  other  channel  in  history.  
  5. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   5  5  5  5   Digital  has  led  to  1000s  of  communica:on  vehicles  and   channels  demanding  our  aXen:on  
  6. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   6  6  6  6   Point  of  view  on  digital   “I  need  more   digital   marke&ng   tac&cs”   Digital  is  a  persistent  layer  of  our  daily  lives   Marke&ng  for   a  digital  world  
  7. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   7  7  7  7   Digital  creates  universal  connec:vity   Consumers  self  select  their  own  experiences;     Marketers  can  connect  with  them  and  create  rela:onships   Web   tablet   E-­‐commerce   Mobile   Social  media  
  8. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   8  8  8  8   The  role  of  paid,  owned  and  earned  media  sit  across  all   pla`orms  
  9. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   9  9  9  9   OLD:  Conven&onal  marke&ng:  big  ideas,  big-­‐bang  launch,  big  budgets   Insight   Big  strategy   Test  with     Consumers   Focus  groups   Adjust   Campaign   website,     ads,  etc.   Big  launch   Measure   New  big   strategy   NOW:  Digital  marke&ng:  microstrategies,  big  insights,  rapid  itera:ons   Insights   LiXle  strategy   Interac:ve  cycle   Plan   Design   Launch   Measure   Insights   LiXle  strategy   Adjust   Interac:ve  cycle   Plan   Design   Launch   Measure   Learning  curve   Insights   LiXle  strategy   Adjust   Learning  curve   A.  Con&nue   B.  Try   something  else   Digital  marke:ng  is  agile,  planning  should  be  flexible   Build.  Test.  Refine.  Lather  Rinse  Repeat.  
  10. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   10  10  10  10   The  digital  marke:ng  con:nuum  never  ends     Listening  to   consumers   Marke:ng   that  works   Marke:ng   people  want   Marke:ng   that  connects   people  to   brand   experiences  Marke:ng   that  ac:vates   a  customer  to   do  something   Iterate  &  refine  Measure    
  11. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   11  11  11  11   Wait.     I  can’t  just  do  four  .30  sec  spots  a  year  anymore?  
  12. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   12  12  12  12   POV  on  DIGITAL  MARKETING   WHAT  IS  A  DIGITAL  STRATEGY   DIGITAL  PLAYBOOK:  STRATEGY   DIGITAL  PLAYBOOK:  ACTIVATION   1   2   3   4  
  13. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   13  13  13  13   A  plan  to  accomplish  something  that  provides  a  consistent   customer  and  brand  experience  enabled  by  technology  
  14. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   14  14  14  14   A  plan  to  accomplish  something  that  provides  a  consistent   customer  brand  experience  enabled  by  technology   Who,  what,  why,  where,  when  
  15. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   15  15  15  15   A  plan  to  accomplish  something  that  provides  a  consistent   customer  and  brand  experience  enabled  by  technology   Ac:onable  and  measurable  
  16. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   16  16  16  16   A  plan  to  accomplish  something  that  provides  a  consistent   customer  and  brand  experience  enabled  by  technology   Relevant  and  meaningful    
  17. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   17  17  17  17   A  plan  to  accomplish  something  that  provides  a  consistent   customer  and  brand  experience  enabled  by  technology   Easy,  portable,  likeable  and  sharable  
  18. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   18  18  18  18   §  .   it’s  NOT  another  “strategic  statement”–   (you  have  plenty  of  those  in  your  marke:ng  plan)     …but  it  takes  insights  and     strategic  planning  to  build  it.   So  we  are  clear….  
  19. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   19  19  19  19   Start  by  applying  a  digital  lens  to  your  exis:ng     brand  strategy  
  20. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   20  20  20  20   How  do  I  create  a  plan  for     1  channel  with  infinite  possibili&es?   Chances  are  you  have   “digital  marke:ng”     listed  in  your  tac:cs.     That  means  “plan”.    (There’s  that  word  again).  
  21. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   21  21  21  21   Unfortunately,  there’s   not  an  app  for  that.  
  22. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   22  22  22  22   POV  on  DIGITAL  MARKETING   WHAT  IS  A  DIGITAL  STRATEGY   DIGITAL  PLAYBOOK:  STRATEGY   DIGITAL  PLAYBOOK:  ACTIVATION   1   2   3   4  
  23. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   23  23  23  23   A  lot  of  strategy  is  “fluffy”.     A  digital  playbook  delivers  strategic  ac:va:on.       ü The  who,  what,  why,  where,   and  when  to  ac:vate  and  how   to  measure  your  strategy      
  24. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   24  24  24  24   Mandatories  for  building  a  digital  strategy   Research  and  insights   •  Target:     Digital  Customer  persona     •  Category:     Compe::ve  digital  audit       •  Brand:     Digital  audit-­‐  what  assets   exist  &  how  do  they  work?     Who  &  what  to  do   How  &  where  to  get  it  done   How  to  measure   Strategic  framework  and  ac:va:on  plan     •  Customer  Experience  planning:     A  clear  path  of  the  customer  aptudes,   behaviors  and  journey  across  digital   channels  &  pla`orms     •  Strategic  value  proposi;on:     How  your  brand  meets  the  customer   needs-­‐  enabled  by  digital  channels       and  pla`orms     •  Ac;va;on:     A  distribu:on  of  brand  tac:cs  across  of   digital  channels  and  pla`orms   •  Map  of  the  connected  customer   experience  &  digital  ecosystem   Analy:cs  learning  agenda   §  Metrics:     An  analy:cs  and   measurement  plan  
  25. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   25  25  25  25   Research  &     Insights  tools   Recommenda:on     Tools   Ac:va:on     Plan   Insights     to  build  a  plan   Strategic  &  Tac&cal     Recommenda&ons   Digital  Ecosystem   INVESTIGATE   IDENTIFY   STRATEGIZE   COMMUNICATE   OPTIMIZE   Customers  needs,  behaviors?   How  to  ac&vate,  execute  and  op&mize?  How  to  win?   Analy:cs  and     measurement  plan   Customer  Experience  Plan   Metrics   Analy&c  learning  agenda:     KPIs  &  measurement   The  playbook  and  deliverables  
  26. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   26  26  26  26   Digital  strategy  &  ac:va:on  playbook  
  27. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   27  27  27  27   Collectingdirectionalinformationtobuildaplan • Social media listening: methodical research across social channels for specific themes to garner a baseline perception of customer attitudes, issues and opportunities Digital personas: identifies the needs, attitudes, behaviors, digital media consumption & device usage of customers Competitive digital audit: identify and conduct full analysis of competitive messaging & tactics • Competitive scorecard: evaluates competitive tactics • Perceptual Map: identify white space to play and win: snapshot of category activity across digital channels and customer journey • Brand Digital Audit: snapshot and analysis of current digital ecosystem • Social media listening: methodical research across social channels for specific themes to garner a baseline perception of your brand to identify issues and opportunities Perceptual  Map       Research  &  Insights  Tools   Customer     Digital  persona   Compe&&ve     Digital  audit   Brand    Digital    Audit       target  category  brand   Perceptual  Map      
  28. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   28  28  28  28   StrategicRecommendationsandActivation • Customer Journey framework: identify customer behaviors across customer journey/buying process (discover, engage, explore, share) • Digital Value Proposition: identify digital strategy and brand objective (content, service, utility) matched to the customer need for each phase of customer journey • Customer Experience framework: recommended tactics across customer journey of (discover, engage, explore, share) • Digital Ecosystem: outlines connected customer digital experience across all digital platforms • Tactical weighting framework : recommended emphasis, focus, spend across paid, owned and earned tactics • Analytics & Measurement framework: KPIs, metrics and reporting structure to gauge performance Digital  behavior     framework       Strategy  &  Ac&va&on  Tools   Customer     experience   (tac&cs)       Digital     Ecosystem       Analy&cs   Framework       strategy  ac&va&on  analy&cs   Tac&cal  weigh&ng     (paid,  owned,     earned)       Digital  Value     Proposi&on           Customer    Journey      
  29. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   29  29  29  29   One  size  does  not  fit  all   Which  tools  should  I  use?   •  A  digital  playbook  is  a  custom,   stepped  approach  to  address   and  ac:vate  marke:ng  needs   •  Depends  on  your  exis:ng  brand   objec:ves,  research,  strategies,   assets  and  ac:va:on  plans     •  Each  tool  has  its’  own  dis:nct   framework  and  direc:onal   output     •  Something  you  should  discuss   with  your  digital  strategist.  
  30. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   30  30  30  30   POV  on  DIGITAL  MARKETING   WHAT  IS  A  DIGITAL  STRATEGY   DIGITAL  PLAYBOOK:  STRATEGY   DIGITAL  PLAYBOOK:  ACTIVATION   1   2   3   4  
  31. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   31  31  31  31   Remember  those  digital  marke:ng  tac:cs  in   your  marke:ng  plan?   Welcome  to  your  digital  ecosystem.  
  32. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   32  32  32  32   At  the  end  of  the  day…..   Digital  playbook   Digital  ecosystem   Direc:onal  informa:on   Successful  execu:on  
  33. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   33  33  33  33   Output:  Digital  ecosystem   FPO/example   Mobile   Media   Media   Media   Media  
  35. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   35  35  35  35   Put  enough  budget  aside  for  analy:cs.   Measure  everything.  
  36. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   36  36  36  36   1.  Build  a  strong,  skilled  team.   2.  Pursue  flexible  planning/budge:ng.     3.  Measurement  should  drive  future  strategy.   4.  Ensure  your  playbook  can  adapt  to  market  changes.  
  37. Developing  a  Digital  Strategy  and  Ac:va:on  Playbook  |  Jess  Seilheimer  |  @jaeselle   37  37  37  37   I  believe  in  sharing  what  we  learn  with   others  and  hope  you  found  this  insigh`ul.   Ques:ons?  Tweet  @jaeselle  
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