Open Source and Commercial Support


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Keynote presentation about open source and commercial support at the first Middle East Sakai meeting in Abu Dhabi

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  • For endorsing the notion of community source development at Higher College of TechnologyFor advising us and introducing us into the specifics of higher education in Abu DhabiFor iniating the Sakai pilot and hosting this inaugural Middle East Sakai eventFor speaking on behalf of the Sakai foundationWhose enthusiasm fueled very smooth cooperation between Edia and HCT
  • When I was talking to the dutchembassador…
  • When I was talking to the dutchembassador…And we offer a number of tools
  • When I was talking to the dutchembassador…
  • Invented by higher education itself!
  • Now that we know why, how does it work?
  • Now that we know why, how does it work?
  • Now that we know why, how does it work?
  • I didn’t plot moodle and intructure out, but instructure is far on the left side and moodel is left of sakaiwich is at the right side.
  • Open Source and Commercial Support

    1. 1. Open Source & Commercial Support Drs. Jaeques Koeman CEO, Edia
    2. 2. Thank you• Dr. Tayeb Kamali• H.E. Gerard Mulders• Dr. Jace Hargis• Dr. Maggie McVay Lynch• Saleem Raza
    3. 3. • Founded in 2004• Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands• Software development and service provider for education
    4. 4. • Supporting community source software
    5. 5. • Adopted Sakai in 2004• Sakai Commercial Affiliate
    6. 6. • Host of 2011 EuroSakai conference in Amsterdam
    7. 7. Not selling a product
    8. 8. We help implementing a strategy for the future of IT services in Higher Education
    9. 9. We are part of an ecosystem
    10. 10. Designed by Higher Education itself
    11. 11. Choosing Open Source andPartnering as an IT Strategy Brad Wheeler Associate Vice President & Dean Office of the VP & CIO Indiana University 2004
    12. 12. Community Source Projects“Community source describes a model for thepurposeful coordinating of work in acommunity. It is based on many of theprinciples of open source development efforts,but community source efforts rely moreexplicitly on defined roles, responsibilities,and funded commitments by communitymembers than some open sourcedevelopment models.” …. from 2004
    13. 13. Higher Ed agenda towards opennessIndependency instead of monopolizationControl your destinyInnovate!
    14. 14. Meta-university collaborations Charles Vest, president emeritus of MITEmpowermentCommunal construction of open materials and platformsOpen Educational Resources, Open acces,Administrative systems, collaboration and learning environments
    15. 15. Combined with…• Possiblity for collaboration at scale• Internet reducing coordination & distribution costs tremendously
    16. 16. Creates…
    17. 17. Collaboration Math:1 + 1 = 3?2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 5?
    18. 18. Closer look at community source
    19. 19. Open source: Free as in Libre• "Free software is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer." —Richard Stallman
    20. 20. Community source• Committing resources• Baseline development based on a shared roadmap• Governance by committing institutions• IP held by independent foundation• Public license
    21. 21. open source community• Led by Martin Dougiamas – Company holds IP – Hierarchical governance – Limited influence on road map – Large community of contributors
    22. 22. open source product• Company offering open source version of product – Company holds IP – Non-public governance – Unknown roadmap – Open source version as marketing, or at least not competitive with commercial version – Small community of contributors
    23. 23. community source• Coordinated by Sakai Foundation – Holds IP – Non-profit – Committed resources from members – Coordinating role in development and distribution of technology and knowledge – Transparant governance/ road map
    24. 24. Risks with open source ‘Bending’ open source Closing the source code
    25. 25. IP and Licensing matter a lot!
    26. 26. Coordinating open source versusSupporting open source
    27. 27. Commercial Higher Ed Coordination Coordination Closed IP Open IP Community/Open Creating Licensing Source Software Fees Projects Bundled IP & Support Unbundled IP & Support + Commercial SupportSustaining Maintenance Partnering Options Software Fees Organizations
    28. 28. Software coordinating entities
    29. 29. Software supporting entities• Higher Education institutions• Commercial support organizations – Moodlerooms (Moodle) – Netlog (Moodle) – rSmart (Sakai) – Unicon (Sakai, Jasig) – Edia (Sakai, Jasig, DuraSpace)
    30. 30. It worked!
    31. 31. LMS market in transition
    32. 32. LMS market transition• Closed source products decreasing market share• New ‘cloud-based’ solutions (Edmondo, Instructure) gain share• Open source products (Sakai, Moodle) gain share
    33. 33. Education technology headline of the week:Blackboard acquires open sourceproviders (Moodlerooms, Netlog) A big YES for open source business models ;)
    34. 34. Why is Sakai community source successful
    35. 35. • No license costs: a huge selling argument• Unbundling IP and support• Flexibility of the software• Committed resources• A healthy ecosystem of commercial support organisations
    36. 36. Commercial supporters• Drive and possibility to spend resources on the project• Are driving adoption of the product• Develop new functionality to the product• Help localization/internationalization• Sharing best practices
    37. 37. Typical services• Evaluation• Technical implementation• Integration and migration• (Cloud-based) hosted solutions• Support – Technical/functional helpdesk – Training for instructors – Knowledge transfer
    38. 38. Sakai pilot @ HCT• Evaluation• Technical implementation• (Cloud-based) hosted solutions• Support – Technical/functional helpdesk – Training for instructors – Knowledge transfer
    39. 39. CERT & Edia• Exploring the foundation of Middle East open source support center • Starting series of pilots @ Abu Dhabi Women’s college • Knowledge transfer to CERT • Towards a center of Sakai expertise in the region