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Renaming	  Photos	  in	  Bridge	       Step-­‐By-­‐Step	  Screenshots	                      	  
Locate	  Memory	  Card	  in	  Bridge	  Usually	  found	  by	  clicking	  “Computer”	  and	  then	  look	  for	  White	  or...
Locate	  Pictures	  on	  Memory	  Card	  ODen	  in	  DCIM	  folder,	  then	  sub-­‐folders	  based	  on	  which	  camera	 ...
Select	  Pictures	  you	  wish	  to	  Use	  •  Use	  “Cmd”	  key	  to	  select	  individual	  photos	  1	  at	  a	  Kme	  ...
Choose	  Batch	  Rename	  Ø  Tool	  Menu	       Ø  Batch	  Rename	  (or	  push	  Cmd+ShiD+R)	  
Select	  Copy	  &	  Create	  LocaKon	  Ø  Check	  “Copy	  to	  Other	  Folder”	  	       Ø  Click	  Browse	             ...
Choose	  Naming	  Criteria	                                                                   For	  10-­‐99	  photos	  LeD...
Check	  Preview	  to	  Ensure	  all	  is	  good	                           Watch	  your	  spacing	  to	                   ...
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Renaming in bridge


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Short screenshots on how to rename in bridge.

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Renaming in bridge

  1. 1. Renaming  Photos  in  Bridge   Step-­‐By-­‐Step  Screenshots    
  2. 2. Locate  Memory  Card  in  Bridge  Usually  found  by  clicking  “Computer”  and  then  look  for  White  or  Black  icon.    
  3. 3. Locate  Pictures  on  Memory  Card  ODen  in  DCIM  folder,  then  sub-­‐folders  based  on  which  camera  you  were  using.  
  4. 4. Select  Pictures  you  wish  to  Use  •  Use  “Cmd”  key  to  select  individual  photos  1  at  a  Kme  •  Use  “ShiD”  key  to  select  photographs  that  are  in  a  line  (click  1st  photo,  hold  shiD,   click  last  photo  •  Drag  box  around  photos  to  select  
  5. 5. Choose  Batch  Rename  Ø  Tool  Menu   Ø  Batch  Rename  (or  push  Cmd+ShiD+R)  
  6. 6. Select  Copy  &  Create  LocaKon  Ø  Check  “Copy  to  Other  Folder”     Ø  Click  Browse   Ø  Browse  to  locaKon  of  desired  folder  and/or  create  one  using  “New   Folder”  buUon.    
  7. 7. Choose  Naming  Criteria   For  10-­‐99  photos  LeD  side  indicates   choose  two  digits.    what  type  of  info     is  going  in   For  100+  choose   Three  Digits   Second  Column  is   If  you  have  lines   where  you  insert  Ktles,   you  don’t  need,  or   your  iniKals,  and   need  more  lines   choose  starKng  number   click  “+”  or  “-­‐”  here.    
  8. 8. Check  Preview  to  Ensure  all  is  good   Watch  your  spacing  to   make  sure  you  have   spaces  between  name/ iniKals/numbers