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Animatronics Portfolio


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A sampling of my work for various creatures effects shops from 1999 to 2008.

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Animatronics Portfolio

  1. 1. BRIAN JAECKER-JONES Animatronics Mechanic / Mechanical Effects / SAG Puppeteer
  2. 2. Failure to Launch Amalgamted Dynamics, Inc., May 2005 Full size biting chipmunk and lizzard (not shown). Co- designed liner- cast-in-place head with jaw, nose twitch, blinks & ear moves. Tentacle neck with telescoping spine for extending neck during biting hits.
  3. 3. Failure to Launch Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc., May 2005 Spring steel backbone for sitting & standing. Machined components for mocking bird with tentacle neck & flex shaft driven flapping wings. (Not shown)
  4. 4. Orbitz Thunderbirds The Character Shop, March 2003 Machined parts and fabricated eye mechanisms for ten marrionettes. Identical heads with blinks, eye side to side and jaw. Puppeteered marrionettes on set.
  5. 5. Scary Movie 3 Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. June 2003 Six hero "Signs" alien heads. Machined parts and assisted with overall assembly. Alien tongue gag.
  6. 6. Cadbury Treefrog The Character Shop, March 2004 Designed and built rod puppet frog with jaw and blinks. Eyes rolled into head to create sucked-in eye blink effect.
  7. 7. Gus- Penn State Lottery Assisted with body movement R&D. Designed wrist rotate and functional tentacle fingers.
  8. 8. Zathura Robot Stan Winston Studios, November 2004 Two robot rod & cable puppets & legless robot suit. Designed & built interchangable rod arms & legs. Eight positionable axes per arm. Fiberglass over steel armatures.
  9. 9. Zathura Robot Stan Winston Studios, November 2004 Sprung shoulders & actuated rear doors. Steel frames with multiple picks. Puppeteering saw blade grab gag. Calf detail showing faux cylinders. Legs featured ball joint ankles and four pick points each.
  10. 10. Charlotte's Web Stan Winston Studios, April 2005 Machined parts & completed final assemblies for seven pigs in three stages of development. Servo & Spectra line pull-pull facial movements. Built insert legs with slaved gear wrist axis.
  11. 11. Vampire Bats Animal Makers, Inc., August 2005 Designed and built four flapping bats with internal DC gearmotor and reciprocating flapping mechanism. Waterjet cut and laminated nylon wing ribs with dental dam webbing for lightweight and flexible wings. Wing materials optimized to get most realistic motion for given mechanism range and sped.
  12. 12. "300" Creature Effects, October 2005 Oversized wolf beast. Designed parallelogram rig, rod legs and head/neck tentacle. Highly versatile parallelogram rig featured adjustable height, lockable 3 axis body rod pivot, spring centering & minimal weight and space requirements. Nine axes per leg. Straightforward welded shaft collar leg contruction for quick turn around, robustness and positionable joints.
  13. 13. "300" Creature Effects, October 2005 Dual stage head and neck tentacle. CNC plates on hydraulic hose. Maximized head rotate design options to minimize weight and maximize pulley size and head mount robustness.
  14. 14. Alice Cooper Guillotine Head Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc., January 2006 Blood dump tank for guillotine stage gag. Client required robust and reliable gag to improve on existing blood gag used daily. R&D and buld in three days.
  15. 15. Thrashing Queen- AVP ADI, 2003 Lead mech on construction of 1/4 scale thrashing queen, 1/4 scale rod queen and 1/3 scale rod queen puppet. Co-designed internal armature with quick- disconnect arms, legs and shared caripaces.
  16. 16. Hero Face Hugger- AVP ADI, 2003 Responsible for complete mechanical design and fabrication. Featured 3 axes per leg, with a total of 30 servo driven axes. Top view of mech during cabling. Also built six floppy and 3 rod puppet face huggers. Lead on two 1/4 scale and one 1/3 scale queen puppets.
  17. 17. Hero Face Hugger- ADI ADI, 2003 Leg detail closeup showing first knuckle and slave driven second and third knuckles. Rod mounted servo pack. Skinned hero puppet
  18. 18. Hero Face Hugger- AVP Amalgamated Dynamics Inc., November 2003 Mechanically complete hero face hugger.